Members of the public have spoken out against the live export industry and called for shipments of live cattle from the UK to be banned.

A recent report from Enchanted LifePath TV regarding the latest protests at the Port of Ramsgate has created a reaction from members in support of KAALE, Kent Action Against Live Exports.

14329998_1169469219765846_4925182088567657276_nSpeaking on the Stop Live Exports From The Port of Ramsgate Facebook page, concerns were raised and calls to ban the shipments were repeated.

One supporter said: “Ban live animal exports,  it’s a cruel barbaric and inhumane way to treat these poor defenseless creatures and all in the name of money for the heartless meat traders.

“Please get educated read the logs and detailed reports on the length of time and conditions these animals have to endure, stop this cruelty stop the trucks”.


Members of KAALE also stopped shipments at Sheerness and Dartford on Saturday when Dartline caved in was a huge success.

A protester said: “No animals due that day but enough chaos created that they pulled the plug.

“It makes me feel sick thinking about the  cruelty animals go through being exported live. In the recent heat, horrible”.

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