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I have seen these crisis actor clowns at play far too many times, leaving me with a natural instinct to not only spot a lie, I can spot the facial expressions, the odd quotes, or scripts they follow, the narratives, the body language and above all the deception behind each staged event. From Paris to Berlin, Orlando or the quite laughable Virginia fake reporter live shooting fiasco. I have covered so many now it is too easy to see the signs, the desperation for the pay cheque gets worse each year.

Tonight I recorded a family of suspected fake crisis actors, alleging to be the family of alleged facebook live shooting victim, Robert Godwin, 74. One of the family members slipped up live on air mentioning a vacation instead of police investigation, this was the cherry on top after two years of documenting many of these pathetic idiots taking the masses for a ride.

I have now placed most of my crisis actor videos in a playlist for you featuring one of my best moments when I called and asked for 500 crisis actors, the lady on the phone was like putty in my hand thinking of cash, she sang like a canary, told me all I needed to know to go on and present one of the funniest but most important moments in the fight to expose the lies portayed by mainstream news.

As a supporter of the Media Reform Coalition it is my duty to highlight such topics and bring them to the attention of a public who are under constant brainwashing attacks without them realisng.

Please pay attention to the playlist below, starting with the Cleveland shooting and manhunt over Easter weekend  of 2017.

Unreal Family Of Crisis Actors Award Winning Performance Live On CNN | Cleveland Killer/Victim Hoax?

#Cleveland Crisis Actors #CrisisActors

Crisis Actors & Media Hoax False Flag Attacks Exposed

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