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Samoa Ministry Of Health Seizes MMR Vaccines After Double Baby Deaths

MMR Vaccination Program Suspended In Samoa As Stocks Are Seized By Ministry Of Health The CEO of the Ministry of Health in Samoa has announced they have seized all stocks of MMR vaccines after the deaths of two babies both aged 1. Both infants died within minutes of being vaccinated at the Safou Hospital in Savali’i were they were from. The Director General of Health in Samoa, Dr Take Naseri, acted swiftly by suspending all MMR vaccination programs and seizing all vials of the under fire combination of chemicals. The…

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If you happened to do what all of us do and went out to the shops today, went to work, or took the kids to school, picked them up, played out, went to get some milk, went to the gym, or maybe even felt sick so you stayed in, you may of went to the chip shop for dinner or into town to do some shopping, went to play football, went to boxing, travelled to the airport to get away for a break, you may of just sat indoors but…

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Was The Manchester Arena Bomb Pre-Planted, Pre-Recorded Or Fake | No Crowd Exposes Lies

Does this report from CBS News about the alleged Manchester suicide bombing line up to a pre-planted bomb theory?, why do the attacks always have to be suicide bombings? Simple answer is, this narrative pretty much closes the case. If a bomb was detonated on a timer, why would it be a suicide vest or bag, this is just a bomb, probably pre-planted before the attacks leaving huge holes in the Salaman Abedi story being pushed in our faces. When I looked at the Domodovo international airport in Moscow, in…

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Unreal Family Of Crisis Actors Award Winning Performance Live On TV | Cleveland Killer/Victim Hoax? (Video)

Click Link To Visit Facebook Page: Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD I have seen these crisis actor clowns at play far too many times, leaving me with a natural instinct to not only spot a lie, I can spot the facial expressions, the odd quotes, or scripts they follow, the narratives, the body language and above all the deception behind each staged event. From Paris to Berlin, Orlando or the quite laughable Virginia fake reporter live shooting fiasco. I have covered so many now it is too easy…

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#1 Trending Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm – Illuminati Mock The MK Sheeple

Katy Perry has reached number one on YouTube Trending today after releasing a new single called Chained To The Rhythm, this song is packed with subliminal admissions from the illuminati backing dancer which mock the trends they set which are followed by the public, This song not only tells them they are zombies, chained to the rhythm like slaves to the empire, describing people as being easily lead by such trends and opinions and she proves it by stating in the song “This is your favourite song, put it on…

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