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Covid19 World Lockdown Riddle Solved? Terrestrial 5G Masts – GoogleX Data Grab – LEO 5G Infrastructure

BLL7777 UFO Was Loon Terrestrial 5G Network Balloon & Drones, COVID19 GoogleX Lockdown Data Grab? (video) People burning 5G masts down now face a new battle against terrestrial floating masts that are 62000 feet above the earth with one over Ireland right now for instance. Balloons and drones can maintain connectivity in the event of damage to the 5g infrastructure here on earth. I just stumbled on this as I jumped up to check all the radars and photograph the moon after nearly being asleep. This video shows how they…

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Coronavirus: Crisis Actors, ID2020, Event 201 | COVID19 Ovid’s Exile

“The time they convinced the world that being human was a threat to life…….” – Quote: Enchanted LifePath Latest Live Stream COVID-19 Motive? Problem, Reaction, Solution Explained – 9/11 Size Changes – Event 201, ID2020 Coronavirus: Crisis Actor Pandemic Sweeps The World With Fake Fear Propped Up By Theatre & Propaganda Puppets For decades, two main reproductive strategies have been recognised by biologists. These are refered to as the “r/K Selection Theory” The r strategy is an adaptation to excessive resources with breeding patterns leaning towards quantity over quality. If…

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Was The Manchester Arena Bomb Pre-Planted, Pre-Recorded Or Fake | No Crowd Exposes Lies

Does this report from CBS News about the alleged Manchester suicide bombing line up to a pre-planted bomb theory?, why do the attacks always have to be suicide bombings? Simple answer is, this narrative pretty much closes the case. If a bomb was detonated on a timer, why would it be a suicide vest or bag, this is just a bomb, probably pre-planted before the attacks leaving huge holes in the Salaman Abedi story being pushed in our faces. When I looked at the Domodovo international airport in Moscow, in…

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#TruthBomb | Manchester Arena Sprinkler System No Show Raises Questions About Bomb Validity

  After scanning countless videos of the fall-out footage taken at the Manchester Arena, I am still struggling to see any truly convincing evidence which is documented in the public domain, showing that an actual bomb went off and/or any structural damage or injuries consistent with a bomb remain to be seen. PROOF THE BOMBING WAS STAGED OVER VARIOUS TAKES THIS IS EXCLUSIVE INFORMATION One sign of a bomb would be the sprinkler systems fitted throughout the arena which will work inline with the emergency interface which will all act…

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April 21 Green Moon Played Down, But Was It An Attack Omen For 111th Day Of Year | Build-up To May 1

As I was working away on a video edit for my YouTube channel, a friend messaged me on the Enchanted LifePath Facebook Page to ask me if I had heard anything about the ‘Green Moon’ on April 21, 2017. He told me it was being played down by a few news outlets and not being ran by any mainstream news platforms, this made me think there must be a reason this is being cast into our minds, so I took five minutes to go find all I needed to present to…

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Unreal Family Of Crisis Actors Award Winning Performance Live On TV | Cleveland Killer/Victim Hoax? (Video)

Click Link To Visit Facebook Page: Enchanted LifePath TV Alternative News & Media LTD I have seen these crisis actor clowns at play far too many times, leaving me with a natural instinct to not only spot a lie, I can spot the facial expressions, the odd quotes, or scripts they follow, the narratives, the body language and above all the deception behind each staged event. From Paris to Berlin, Orlando or the quite laughable Virginia fake reporter live shooting fiasco. I have covered so many now it is too easy…

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