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Emma Stevie Parsons Green Crisis Actor & Make-up Artist Caught Out #WeAreTheNews

Who Is She? Who Is She? Where Did You Find Her?

She is Emma Stevie, the Parsons Green bombing crisis actor and fake witness. Emma is also a film production standard make-up artist graduate from the Delamar make up academy which is based at the famous Ealing Film Studios, Essex. Emma once met one of the most highly regarded make-up artists in the world, Mary Greenwell, who Emma dubbed the ‘Godmother of Make-up’ in her blog after meeting Mary who was Princess Diana’s make-up artist. Mary has such a high profile she has no problem attracting the attention of A-list celebrity clientele such as Vogue, Kate Moss,  Mario Testino, Cate Blanchett and Giselle Bundchen to name a few.

Emma Stevie is obviously well thought of in the make up industry and she did very well at Delamar academy which was founded in 1986, this helps us build a character profile. She must be good, out of all the creative people who attend the academy she was the one who got to meet Princess Di’s make up artist, a moment she describes in her blog as “comparable to an art student meeting Vincent Van Gough, or an Apple store worker meeting Steve Jobs”.

Emma’s article about meeting Mary Greenwell started with a bang and panic stricken faces as she wrote:

It would seem this blog starts with quite a bang! I don’t know how am going to get better content! *panic-stricken face* – I might give up now!

Emma appeared on live televised news reports, conducting interviews with various news outlets claiming to be an eye witness to the alleged Parsons Green tube station bombing on September, 15, 2015. Many witnesses spoke of bangs and panic stricken faces in the stories spilling out of the day.

Emma did what all crisis actors do best, she lied to the public… And she is awful at doing it showing no emotion towards alleged victims because there was no victims. Watch the video and try to not question her story and body language yourself, take note the news channels are also saying  the bomb “ROCKED” Parsons Green….. I picked up on how she acts like a total weirdo at the end of the blood thirsty interview describing how a little boy was being crushed and stamped she then pulls a stunt which I dissected frame by frame.

Emma ‘The Nutcase’ Stevie cuts the girl off who is more of  a Facebook friend walking around with a selfie camera catching crisis actors for interviews whilst calling herself an RT reporter. It is laughable but it gets even more laughable when Stevie is faced with a question she never expected. Emma then dramatically waves up the street whilst shouting “oh helloooooooo” before saying “I have just seen my friend I have got to go byeeeeeeeeeee” and just (pardon my language but this is the phrase the sentence needs) fucks off down the street leaving the makeshift reporters eyes rolling in her head thinking what on earth has that bat shit crazy bitch just done? And the reason this is so hilarious is because when I slowed this clip down frame by frame and zoomed in all over the street and revealed  that there was no one in sight for miles I had again proven her to be a liar. Watch this video below and at the end put it on slow motion her voice is hilarious also durrrrr caught in the act or what? This officially ends her but wait for her Hillsborough references after going on and on and on about crushes but that is coming in a few moments not in this video below this was as she was building up to saying “it was like Hillsborough” and laughing but I will show you that further down the page. This girl seems to be 50p short of a trip to poundland in the brains department. To call her a bit of an attention seeking narcissist is an understatement to say the least.

After telling more lies than one can wish to imagine on the news platforms, Emma Stevie then took to the melodramatic morning television shows, the same programs which are the main source of information to millions of people around the United Kingdom because they are in an information bubble which revolves around Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Kyle, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks during the day before moving into the prime-time soberness, seeing the same shows like clockwork with Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street and EastEnders trapping households in front of the agenda and away from the truth. A choice of reality television programs are aired to further numb the hive mind on a daily basis. If the people only see X-Factor or Big Brother day in day out how are they finding time to learn anything else? People do not have one hour to learn but they have hours on end to waste brain cells. This is where productions such as Good Morning Britain, or This Morning with hosts like Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are pivotal in being the forefront of the calculated and scripted emotional control placed over most of the nation every single day.

Emma Stevie received a bad response to her actions with YouTube viewers posting concerns about her legitimacy. Emma asked the person who uploaded the first video in this post to remove it as no permission was given by her. Click image to read more comments.


In a response on twitter Emma spoke out against critics describing them as trolls who think she is a crisis actor in this Tweet:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Here is a video of Emma Stevie talking on Good Morning Britain hosted by Piers Morgan. Emma is sitting next to Peter Crowley, excuse me for mentioning the Alistair Crowley links here with Peter but I will save that for my decode video which I am currently working on. Peter Crowley is an alleged victim of the Parsons Green Bombing, claiming he was sitting two meters away from the bomb as it sent a “Wall of Flame” (as the mainstream media keep quoting it, not flames, flame) down the carriage and engulfing people as they vanished into the explosion in a movie like scene described by Peter live to the UK.

Take note, here we have a crisis actor faking a story of being injured sitting next to a movie production standard make-up artist who has also managed to appear on so many broadcasts it will have boosted her career 100% over night. In the eyes of people who can not see this deception Emma Stevie can do no wrong and I am sure the GoFundMe accounts are flourishing for alleged victims and witnesses as with all of these staged events.

Here is a video tour of Delamar academy, it shows how easy it is for the trade to mimic injuries, hair, prosthetics and more. All that you need to for the ultimate crisis actor make-over.

Here is the video where Emma finally says that Hillsborough reference she was dying to make in every interview she conducted. There was a human stampede she tells us during another build up, she then compares it to the events in Sheffield on April 15, 1989. All of this playing to a narritive I would like to add. How much thought doe sshe pack into a few seconds? “It was like Hillsborough, people stacked, just layers of bodies and people”.

These people are very good at utilising skills to transform what we see into what we think we see, not all of them it would be unprofessional and make no sense to paint a whole industry with the same brush, but we can begin to understand how these terror events are just theatre on a world stage.

Crisis management companies and actor agencies are providing actors to filming sets which are then portrayed as real by the complicit mainstream media and emergency services in the biggest ongoing public fraud have ever seen. The scary thing is most of the public are unaware this is happening as the emotional conditioning shaping the nation takes hold.

I contacted a well-known ‘Crisis Management’ company and asked for 500 crisis actors. The receptionist thought the company was about to get a big order. She more than flattered herself into revealing an awful lot about how it all works. Below is the video of the call I made to the company in question. Crisis Cast.

So now you have a good idea of how other services and agents gel together to form these staged events. With the masses watching on not noticing the common traits at terror attacks and without understanding the political game being played in the shadows they are free to do it again each time they get away with it.

The scam does not stop, it grows. Advertising revenue generated from website visits, video views, television and radio broadcasts with advertising deals making huge income for the industry including news stations, film production, costume design, the list is endless. Go fund me pages are instantly supported with thousands of pounds in donations to victims with fake injuries. Phone ins, newspaper sales, remembrance concerts, terror merchandise such as bee related clothing and tattoos as we seen during the emotion control after the May 22, Manchester Arena staged event ensuring business is booming during media lead state sponsored terror attacks and hoaxes. Of course plenty of overtime is booked in by all in question with the emergency services being paid very well in 2017 with all this extra leg which is an insult to the British Tax payer on every level.

An injured woman is led away after an incident at Parsons Green underground station in London, Britain, September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

The media are trained liars, the picture above shows this. They have an agenda to follow. How can anybody including journalists not look at this girl pictured below in head bandages and not think she had come out of cosmetic surgery or a beauty parlour rather than a bomb. Minutes after her movie role opportunity she was pictured without her bandages using her mobile phone.

This can not fail to register with you as the article is justifying the claims it is making. How can she need so much medical attention to her head but be able to stand around making calls if she has just near had her head and ears damaged by a bomb?

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