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Where do I start with this one? Go with See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and we have to stop right now. But I can’t do that with a crisis actor cryptic corker like this to be decoded and you just can’t make it up, the decode I mean, not the shootings in Vegas and laughable mainstream news coverage, which is just role-play theatre designed to influence emotional control and push political agendas leading to more laws for the perpetrators of the attacks and less freedom for us the people. This is a classical False Flag event with every possible outcome being combed over by sharp eye investigate journalists and collective truth seekers as we begin to tear apart the lies we see on television after the events in Las Vegas last night. With possibilities of the shooters identity varying from Steven Paddock who died in 2013 to Mike Cronk being a John Titor style time traveller who has shapeshifted into Dan Bilzerian to warn us he is the Anti-Christ and to recapture Back To The Futures Flux Capacitor from his evil clutches, or Mike Cronk being the shooter.

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Other explanations which make more sense than mainstream clown news include Dan Bilzeriac, known as a modern day Bruce Wayne meets Hugh Hefner, being part of an attack on Trump supporters, waging war on Vegas with his arsenal of guns along with his Baphomet Beach Buggy and machine gun drones (which he keeps in his Bat Cave) to avenge his fathers feud with the FBI. One thing is certain, this is the most insane crisis actor story ever!

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Mainstream news outlets like to make stories up. My truth stranger than fiction version of events is that Mike Cronk and his Monkey friend Rob (who is alleged to be dead) were possibly the two men spotted on the rooftops and stage at the shootings in Las Vegas. This is why Mike was interviewed with no top on and his mate Rob said to be dead. The footage in the video below was captured a twitter user. Having seen one person running across the stage well hidden by the bright stage lighting. The next thing I noticed was another person 

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Mike Cronk who is pictured on social media with his girlfriend, C Jill Meszaros, had to change out of his camouflage attack gear into his Coconuts jumper before doing news reports in the typical sense that the killer always returns to the scene of the crime.

Mikes hands reveal no blood when he holds the microphone after the reporter strangely gives it to him. The reporter is literally telling us he is the shooter with “blood on his hands”. 
This was one of the script writers

movie cliché tricks played on the public on by Mike Cronk October 1.

C Jill Meszaros had to leave the concert early due to feeling sick an hour into the night after being too hot as we are told by Mike in his interview which he laughs his way through with ABC News. C Jill Meszaros is a member of the Alaska National Guard and can shoot a gun, at bears….

Why did they pick the name Cronk? They Like sending messages and recycling names, take a look at this.

Rob The Dead Friend Aka Robbie Williams And His Monkey Who Massacred Guests At The Mandalay Bay Hotel In The Song Me & My Monkey.


But in a bizarre twist, rumours about the real identity of Mike Cronk being a man called Dan Bilzerian have emerged, but who is Dan Bilzerian?  He is actor an actor/Poker superstar/Instagram sensation with 24 million followers. Now known as Desperate Dan we can see he is an ego maniac who looks like john Rambo here in military gear. He has also appeared in a series of YouTube videos shooting terminator style guns of which he is fascinated by them with his own collection dwarfing the weapons cache found by police after the attacks in Vegas. He can also be seen talking about being a marine but that was just insulting to the marines who called him a compulsive liar. He made an appearance in Olympus has fallen.



The next video was uploaded to YouTube.

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The Video below tells of Dan’s Father Paul Bilzerian being in a constant run in with the FBI, the same thing was said about the so called attacker Steven Paddock who is said to of committed suicide 

Notice the number 13 on Steven Paddocks neck?


Synchronicities with Dan Bizerlian continue 


Tell me a story and I will tell you the truth…….

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This is the Las Vegas Illuminati Card, Dan Bilzerian (36 – 666) is good at playing Poker Face. Here is T-shirts and merchandise seen at the Route 91 Concert when the attacks took place. One of the T-shirts has Ace Of Spades and Jack of Spades just like we see on the Las Vegas Card above. He is known as Hugh Hefner Bruce Wayne, Hugh Hefner


The Las Vegas attacks took place on Treason May’s 61st Birthday, just as The Grenfell Tower Fire took place on Donald Trumps birthday on June 14th, 2017.

The image below looks more like a festival than the aftermath of a modern day Game of Thrones style bloodshed massacre.



The Running Man 

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