Over the past few years it seems a certain attitude has developed in society and online.

One in which people seem to of forgotten how to act appropriately in any given circumstance.

Sexting is now a widespread trend and sex appeal is at fever pitch levels with people adhering to an online self image in the need to project a certain “wow” factor about themselves.

It is said that the secret to happiness is being beautiful, (albeit quoting Australian comedian Jim Jefferies) but does being beautiful warrant online sexual harassment?

It is not uncommon for females of all ages who have an online presence to be sent indecent images randomly or during a conversation and the men doing it have often had no consent from the lady beforehand and this is wrong.

Females do not have to put up with this behaviour and awareness of the law must be raised so this does not continue.

Serial Cyber Flashers?

One offender may have committed multiple sex crimes each day by subjecting different cyber victims to unwanted images of their private parts.

Those committing sex crimes against thousands of women often get away with it because women may of emotionally grown used to it and do not report such incidents to police.

It is mentally ‘the norm’ in society and this is where awareness comes in to the picture, excuse the pun.

Having contacted Merseyside Police to ask what the laws would be around online indecent exposure I was told it would be chargeable under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.

This would then allow the police to make an arrest and the courts would then decide if it was a sexual offence in which the person could be placed on the sex offenders register.

It would be a good way to teach people how they are acting stupid and seem to have no rational thinking when engaging in conversations with females online, of whom, a lot of the times they do not know or have no prior relationship to.

Woman have the right to prosecute males who have sent them explicit images with no consent and based on how it made them feel at the time of receiving the images or videos they may decide to press charges against those concerned.

What is even more worrying, is some girls may even actually be able to prosecute tens of offenders a day, people need to realise it needs to stop.

Raising awareness so females do not have to deal with such invasions of privacy would help in a way that could result in court cases for those who have committed offences against them and therefore would send out a message to the public on how they can not act like animals or they will be held accountable.

One court case would set a level of awareness that would make people think twice about sending sexual images without consent.

Source: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/27/section/1


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