If you happened to do what all of us do and went out to the shops today, went to work, or took the kids to school, picked them up, played out, went to get some milk, went to the gym, or maybe even felt sick so you stayed in, you may of went to the chip shop for dinner or into town to do some shopping, went to play football, went to boxing, travelled to the airport to get away for a break, you may of just sat indoors but did you know that you was absolutely poisoned, was this why I could not keep my eyes open this afternoon, is this why my head hurts now.

Truth be told I am the only person that brings air quality reports to this city and here Liverpool is our worst reading I have ever seen in the city whilst monitoring them for you over the past two years…..

Whatever this was I could not keep my eyes open this afternoon it put me to sleep. For weeks after the last time this happened nationwide I have heard of people who had bad throats and chest brought on by colds….

A cold is your body filtering the crap we have induced out of itself.

Keep monitoring your health over the coming weeks as I am sure the GP’s are going to be rushed off their feet after the incubation period expires, however long that may be.

Above, you see the chart spike during the day? The MAX reading for the day on the top line we got a score of 323. When the chart turns red this put us well over the 300+ marking which then infers when lining it up against the KEY that tells us what warnings should be made public and the levels of precaution we should take in such events, must raise the question why was it that every person was not advised to stay indoors, close windows and maybe even wear breathing aids?

This is the key you can compare todays AQI reading in Liverpool to and you can then question the Liverpool Echo yourself. Where was they today when this happened?

After the red sun was seen around the UK, skies turned red, Idiotic news agencies told the masses it was from the Sahara desert, I told everyone.

Do not listen to these clowns I warned everyone not to take that as the reason we are seeing red skies and suns because I would of seen it at least 50 times in my 33 years on this planet.

Now this is really starting to piss me off as a reporter who is clearly more honest and open without an agenda which is something I can not say about my local newspaper the Liverpool Echo who once again have failed to deliver any warnings to the people of Merseyside yet they still claim to be the bastions of truth in the city.

The red sun came I said this looks like radiation and it has more of the look of planet mars in the sci-fi action horror film Total Recall.

Why did I make that comparison? Here look for yourself.


YouTube player

So after the press bs printed about the sands, I had counter reported them all saying no way is this sand you utter lying bastards.

This is not funny now this is outright evil. I made a few live streams which I will put in a playlist below for you so you can see I was right and I even made a report a week later saying I was right to report red sun as nuclear clouds….

YouTube player

I’m only on the Liverpool Echo News back once again here as the council give me the ability to take these readings which I am highly thankful for given some of the results I have documented over the past 24 months since I became aware of how easy it is to do.

Its all on my website on widgets anyone can look any second of any day and there is an air quality page in the Enchanted Liverpool menu tabs too.

But the Liverpool Echo once again let our kids, our elderly our city waltz around outside willy-nilly without saying a word once again and that is the third major time in a row I have caught them red-handed flat out saying nothing.

I am so livid with them again they are the biggest letdowns in the city and the sooner their sales slump and they get out of our city the better.


Somebody, please look at who owns them and what agenda’s they are set out to push. I mean if I go on to explain emotional control methods and the effects of emotional control and how it is in FACT one of the key elements of life but how many of us know that? Seriously? They use these tactics to keep our city in a low vibration. Crime, Crime, Crime, Crime, Crime.


Here is a dose of daily doom and gloom from the Liverpool Echo News establishment:

It keeps us in a lull it keeps us educated in crime, it keeps our kids reading crime shootings this that the other every minute of the day.

They have subliminally played a huge part in keeping the vibrations of this city as low as they can and that is why all they have on the front of the website and papers every day is the stuff that makes this city subliminally low and it will never change until they are out of it and we are having positive well-researched news, not like the social engineering they peddle out.

Fully Exposed | Manchester Bombing Crisis Actor Andrew Wholey & The Liverpool Echo Super Fail – BBC News Crisis Actor Phone In – Click Image

This is NOT the first time they have let us all down with air quality reports.

The first time I noticed I was on my journalism course I was fuming that no one helped me get the report out I was in contact with the echo linked to them through my course giving them any brain farts I had but did they want this on nooooo I stormed around that college that day it was on September 11, 2016.

Today, the readings spiked suddenly mid-afternoon and I could not keep my eyes open it put me to bed.

This is an information war and they are indeed one of my biggest enemies this is why I have no respect them because I’m in an information war with them.

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