A man is being hailed as a local hero after exposing a Liverpool based company for printing The Sun newspaper in the city which has refused to have any association with the tabloid after their sickening coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989.

Sam Walker filmed himself whilst questioning staff at NewsPrinters on Coopers Lane, Knowsley, who sheepishly confirmed the paper was printed by the company who have operated within the city since 2007.

Mr Walker posted two videos on Facebook which have received a combined 40.000 views so far as astonished viewers comment to say they had no idea this was taking place in the area.

Sam posted the videos on Facebook with the first having comments which left people in no doubt as to what was going on.

In a powerful statement Sam posted: “This is something the S*n newspaper has tried to hide from the people of Liverpool for years.

“I went up to the S*n newspaper head office today (in Liverpool).

“The S*n newspaper tried to destroy the reputation of scousers by lying and saying we robbed dead bodies at the Hillsborough disaster!!!

“Now this dirty newspaper continues to take the piss by secretly printing their newspaper in our city.

“This is their main printing office.

“out of all the cities they choose Liverpool to print their paper”

Sam ended his post by saying he thinks a huge protest outside NewsPrinters is appropriate given the S*n being the most detested thing in the city.

The shocking discovery is already sending waves of emotion around the region with people reacting to the footage with disbelief.

In his second video Sam confronts management level staff further asking the question “The sun newspaper is printed here isn’t it?

The NewsPrinter representative replies by nodding his head and muttering a yes like gesture to again confirm the paper which broke the heart of a city is printed right on its doorstep.

Sam continues “Do you think it is OK to print the S*n newspaper in Liverpool when it is not sold here” to which staff replied “No comment, you will not get any comments from us”

NewsPrinters are responsible for over 29 million copies of papers every week and boast on their website that they are proud to print the totally outcast-ed paper which is known as The Rag on Merseyside.

News Printers confess to being proud to print The S*n

The company claims to be printing over 1.5 billion tabloid newspapers each year and they have twice been voted printers of the year.

Other clients include Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and the London Evening Standard.

It is thought NewsPrinters have ties to News International which is part owned by Rupert Murdoch.


The news has come as a huge shock to the people of Liverpool who have flocked to support Sam and thank him for bringing the information to the attention of a non-the-wiser general public.

Others showed their disgust at the companies activity branding it a direct insult to the victims and families of the Hillsborough disaster.

Opinions remain divided on awareness of NewsPrinters connections to The S*n in the area with members of the public posting comments on social media to say they have known about it for a long time.

The Liverpool Echo commented to Enchanted LifePath TV during a call to the cities biggest paper to say they would not be covering the story as it was considered to be “widely known public knowledge that The S*n is printed on Merseyside”.

The Echo editor told Enchanted LifePath TV the story was “not news”.

Although NewsPrinters state on their website that they work with regional news outlets, the Liverpool Echo is not printed by the company.

A poll has been created to find out how many people knew of links between NewsPrinters and The S*n in the Merseyside area.

Sam Walker is hoping to organise protests against NewsPrinters in the coming weeks.

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