Nikolas Cruz (C) appears via video monitor with Melisa McNeill (R), his public defender, at a bond court hearing after being charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S., February 15, 2018. REUTERS/Susan Stocker/Pool

Start of 2018 Winter Olympics February 9 – 40th day of the year – 2/9 9/2 = 119/911

In Pagan/Celtic religion, today’s date is Eyvlnd Kinarifi`s Day, February 9, is a day of remembrance because he was tortured to death by Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to the new religion.

In history, on this day in 1951 there was emphasis on the Korean War: The two-day Geochang massacre began as a battalion of the 11th Division of the South Korean Army killed 719 unarmed citizens in Geochang, in the South Gyeongsang district of South Korea.

We have seen South Korea in the news heavily this week with many occultist references seen by viewers from around the world who have been bombarded with subliminal messages during the build up and opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County, South Korea.

The event runs from February 9, through to the 25th with a few Pagan festivals coinciding with the games it is worth keeping an eye on these dates in regards to any bad situations arising.

2018 Winter Olympics venues and hidden secrets.

It is no accident that this structure is shaped like a Baphomet style pentagon and it is also by design that its lighting theme is purple but what is the meaning of this? Why do I point these out? I will explain to people who would not usually read an article like this but for those who are aware I will still make it interesting for you too. Let’s go….


The merging of red and blue & the spiritual/satanic meaning of purple

We are approaching one of the most sacrificial times of year with the three hearts of Lupercalia prominent. The 13th of February (Parentalia) the 14th (Feast of Vali) and the 15th (Lupercalia) are key dates to look out for.

Feb 9 – Eyvlnd Kinarifi`s Day –  February 9, is a day of remembrance because he was tortured to death by Olaf Tryggvason for refusing to convert to the new religion.

Feb 10 – Prominent star is Venus – The morning star also known as Lucifer.

Feb 12 – First blank date on the Pagan calendar over the time in question – This may be significant because during 2017 a lot of attacks happened on “Blank Dates”. I coined this phrase in 2017 after noticing most highlighted events in 2016 all happened on dates in-line with a specific festival whereas in 2017 they mostly happened on the blank dates in-between festivals and key dates.

Pagan & Satanic Ritual Dates – The Attack Map – Illuminati False Flags & Hoaxes

Feb 13 – Parentalia – Roman festival for honouring one’s dead parents. Families gathered among the tombs of loved ones and made offerings or sacrifices of grain and wine to their souls. The Parentalia was the first of three Roman festivals in February for appeasing the dead which started on the Ides and lasted until the 22nd. It typically fell on February 13 or 15, and was followed by the Feralia and Caristia. During this time all temples were closed, marriages were forbidden, and public officials suspended business for the duration of the festivals.

Feb 14 – Feast of Vali (Valentines day) – Sacred to Vali and best known as Valentines day by the Western world this has proven itself to be one of the most sacrificial dates of the satanic calendar over the years with anything from plane crashes and other human sacrifices such as the drawn out Oscar Pistorius affair or mass shootings like the Facebook Live scenario of 2017 when a 2-year-old boy was amongst reported victims in another dubious event to mark the Feast of Vali. Along with Christmas, Easter, Mothers day, Halloween, Bon-fire night and other dates people blindly celebrate, Valentines day is a perfect example of repackaged ancient traditions which can be traced back to Babylon and its mystery teachings. Today we see people sending loved ones romantic gestures such as gifts and cards with love hearts a common theme. But in Roman times it was celebrated by naked Roman soldiers chasing women through streets whipping them with the raw goat and dog skins they had obtained at the earlier sacrifice. Roman Emperor Claudius II was the reason the date was renamed Valentines day after he killed two men called Valentine on February 14. The Catholic church commemorated their deaths by officially recognising it as Valentines day. In A.D. 496, Pope Gelasius effectively banned Valentines day as they knew it and combined the catholic version with parts of the Pagan celebration, removing bloodshed but keeping the fertility rituals.

Feb 15 – Lupercalia – The Lupercalia like most of the dates discussed here requires human sacrifice and was a very ancient, pre-Roman pastoral festival, held on February 15 to honor Faunus, pagan god of fertility and forests. Lupercalia subsumed Februa, an earlier-origin spring cleansing ritual held on the same date, which gives the month of February (Februarius) its name. As well as human blood offerings a male goat is also sacrificed at the Alter of Lupercalia as well as  a dog. The ritual was observed by Jupiter’s high priest. It is also a celebration of how Rome got its name when Romulus killed his Twin brother Remus on one of the seven hills of Rome. The twins were raised by a wolf called Lupa. This date also falls one month before the Ides of March  which is when Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back as Rome was liberated in 44BC. Two months later on April 15 it is the start of the Willow Tree month along with the Fordica festival when a pregnant cow was sacrificed, the calf fetus burned and the ashes saved for the Parilia festival. Fordica was marked with the Hillsborough disaster in a modern-day ritual leaving the highly masonic number 96 etched into all our memories.

Feb 16 – Chinese New Year begins – Chinese new year starts on the 16th running until March 2nd and don’t we just know it in Liverpool with a host of Masonic buildings already lit up in red around the city. From, February 9 to October 28, you would be forgiven for thinking Liverpool City Centre has been turned into Amsterdam’s red-light district. It not only keeps up the Asian theme (which relates back to the Dragon bloodline), it also points us back to the fire at the Liverpool Echo Arena car-park on New Years eve. This is something we are going to look at further down the article so be sure to read it all. You can click the image below to see more of the buildings featured in this blood-red theme.

Feb 17 Quirinalia – Yet another Roman God of war being celebrated on this day as Quirinus is honoured by Pagans.

Feb 18 – Start of Ash Celtic Tree month – see below for more tree references and meanings.

Feb 19 – Start of Wolf month – 19th Feburary – 20th March – The Blustery Winds Time. Direction: North by North East. Element – Water with Air. Plant -Plaintain. Mineral: Jade. Function – To understand.

Feb 22 – Feralia (2/22)  – Feralia was a Roman feast honouring the “infernal powers”. It typically fell on February 22 and was the last day of the Parentalia, a week-long festival that honoured the dead. The Feralia was also religious holiday sacred to Jupiter, whose surname was Feretrius. Also, is a powerful demon in Danilo and Fernando’s story. This date falls one month before March 22 also known as 322 which is celebrates the Hilaria festival and was marked by the Brussels bombings and the 2017 Westminster attacks in London.

Feb 24 – Regifugium – Regifugium or Fugalia was an annual observance that took place every February 24. In Latin, the name of the observance transparently means “flight of the king.”  What exactly this observance was occasioned by is a matter of some controversy. According to Varro and Ovid, this was a festival commemorating the flight of the last king of Rome, Tarquinius Superbus, in 510 BC.

Feb 25 – End of Winter Olympics – Sunday.


Parkland Mass Shootings February 14

Nikolas Jacob Cruz is the latest person to be thrust into the limelight after one of these predictable media fiascos. Look at him, draped out in orange which seems to be the new black, we all know it is a code for 33 and he shot 33 people, typical. He is also in chains depicting the serpent and slavery in the same way we watched Theresa May parading about the place wearing chains around her neck in the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire and Manchester Arena bombings last year.

Nikolas Cruz appears via video monitor with Melisa McNeill (R), his public defender, at a bond court hearing after being charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S., February 15, 2018. REUTERS/Susan Stocker/Pool

There is more to all of this than meets the eye so we will start with the shooter himself Nik Cruz and I bet you can’t guess where we end up when we look into his name? Just kidding, you probably can,….

Nikolas means Devil whilst Jacob is a reference to Jacob’s Ladder from the Book of Jacob and Cruz translates to Cross, I don’t have to drop the Holy Cross hint but I will for good measure I like to show my working out.

That was pretty short and sweet for once so enjoy it because now I will explain how on earth I worked that one out…

Define Old Nick. Old Nick synonyms, Old Nick pronunciation, Old Nick translation, English dictionary definition of Old Nick. n. The Devil; Satan. n informal a jocular name for Satan n. the devil; Satan. Noun 1. Old Nick – chief spirit of evil and adversary of God

So to help you see how they play around with words as well as numbers let’s look at Satan who has been known as Old Nick in the United Kingdom for hundreds of years.

An anagram of Satan is Santa, as in Santa Claus.

Another name for Satan Is Lucius, Lucas is an anagram of Claus. Lucius is Lucas so Lucas is Claus meaning the Santa Claus translates to Satan Satan. You can look into the true meaning of Christmas and the story of Krampus to gain more information on Satan Lucius and his evil little helpers.

So when we get reports Nikolas running into a school on the Feast of Vali and allegedly shooting 17 (1+7=8=serpent or 44) people dead and his middle name Jacob is also biblical we just had to look into Cruz which unsurprisingly confirmed a three-pronged occult name with hidden meanings to them all.

Cruz is a surname of Iberian origin, first found in Castile, Spain, but later spread throughout the territories of the former Spanish and Portuguese Empires. In Spanish and Portuguese, the word means “cross”, either the Christian cross or the figure of transecting lines or ways.

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Jacob’s Ladder (Hebrew: Sulam Yaakov סולם יעקב) is the colloquial name for a connection between the earth and heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau, as described in the Book of Genesis. The significance of the dream has been somewhat debated, but most interpretations agree that it identified Jacob with the obligations and inheritance of the ethnic people chosen by God, as understood in Abrahamic religions. It has since been used as a symbolic reference in various other contexts.

Here is some gematria around the name Nikolas Jacob Cruz.

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Numbers in the Bible have significance. Seven, for example, is regarded as the number of spiritual perfection and of God. Thirteen is often associated with rebellion, bad luck and Satan. Six is particularly the number of man and his works but can be flipped to 9 which is then Satan’s number.

As usual when analysing these events we see tens if not hundreds of masonic codes secretly embedded to act as a hallmark from those who set up so-called attacks which fall on the same dates like clock work each year, call them adverts from the salesmen of the Devil.

Let’s look just how deep these codes can be found, if you search for answers you find more questions. (I am now reading this in November and after all the School Shiootings In America in 2018 after landing on Sandy Hook  when I published this article on Feb 10, 2018, WOW it gets better further down)

From and including: Friday, 14 December 2012 (Sandy Hook)

To, but not including Wednesday, 14 February 2018 (Parkland shootings).

Result: 1888 days

It is 1888 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 5 years, 2 (7) months excluding the end date

Alternative time units

1888 (666 88) days can be converted to one of these units:

163,123,200 seconds = 666 (1+6+3+1+2+3+2=18=3×6=666)

2,718,720 minutes = 666 (2+7+1+8+7+2=27=3×9=666)

45,312 hours = 96 94+4=9 3=1+2=6) 96 as above so below

1888 days = 25 = 7

269 weeks and 5 days

517.26% of a common year (365 days)

1888 in Roman Numerals


As of the start of 1888, the Gregorian calendar was 12 days ahead of the Julian calendar, which remained in localised use until 1923. In Germany, 1888 is known as the Year of the Three Emperors. Currently, it is the year that, when written in Roman numerals, has the most digits (13)

4 May 2013 – The bomb squad was called to Miami Dade College’s North campus after an armed man was fatally shot by police Saturday afternoon, police said. It is unclear whether or not the man shot at police.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 5901 NW Pine Island Road, Parkland, FL 33076, USA to Miami Dade College North Campus, Westview, FL 33167, United States 44 mins 4.04 miles (44 44).

666 and 888

666 the number of the beast and its contrast with 888, the number of Jesus, we all know too well how Satan and his followers like to take all that God has created and twist it which is why we see 888 coded into attacks to

There are many explanations for just one number or set of numbers but it is good that you begin to understand how to see this so I am explaining in a way which will exercise your brain as we go along.

The 666 people live their lives without God, wholly according to Adamic fallen human nature. In doing this, willingly or unwillingly, they are in Satan’s grip. The 888 people are a total contrast. They follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

‘This is wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man’s number.

His number is 666

888 secretly occurs in the Bible verse immediately following the one containing 666, quoted above.

You are not going to believe what happened in Miami Dade later on in the year when we had the MDC Bridge collapse and my work on this page had even more significance I can now show how the MDC code popped up again later on and it is proven by the timestamps on both articles publication. A huge WTF moment but again I was emphatically right. And now does he grenade incident at a school in the area ring even more alarm bells with you? I pulled all of these out and named this place in this article which you can see was published on the 10th of January and the updates have been unreal. This nails it and told me I was once again on the right path at the start of the year. All we heard about was North Korea, whose colours are Red and Blue which was a discussion throughout 2018 also. Here is the bridge collapse which was published by me on March, 16, 2018. I work late This was the Ides of march event. I had named the Ides of March this article here that you are reading now it was published on February, 10, 2018. We had events and fires in Liverpool this year with The Liverpool Echo car park fire, the Littlewood’s Building fire, Ken Dodds death, Alfie Evans sad story that gripped the nation. We had fires all year after me telling thousands upon thousands of live stream viewers about the Beltane Ritual during the Alfie Evans balloon release, people came back weeks later in shock on the 1st of May when a fire raged at a cylinder plant in Liverpool once again under yet another full moon which has also been another theme that each and every event all year has been based on a lunar cycle it has been a year of moon rituals and that is more than easy enough to present to you in another article sometime. This bridge collapse is just one of the many times I have done something like this and been right over the target with my work now you can see how it all comes together.

Ides Of March Miami Bridge Collapse Coded At Valentines Day Shootings

A brief intro on the Miami Dade bridhe collapse reads:


Once again we have an incident taking place on a date which was earmarked for a major news event by this website prior to the collapse of a pedestrian bridge which was still under construction in Miami Dade. Tonight’s disaster gives Enchanted LifePath TV & Radio News a fairly high strike rate at picking dates in 2018 using a much tried and tested formula for spotting these trends. The Miami bridge collapse happened on Ides of March which is also the Bacchanalia festival. Not only that, I named Miami Date in the codes that I brought up from the Valentines day school shootings when it traced back to Miami Dade Campus which was 44 mins away by car and 4.04 miles away giving us a double 44/ 88.

Back to before the bridge incident work now I have finished that update to the MDC part, spooky or what.

Next we look at something strange I spotted which brought more findings.

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Looking at a map of the area around the latest Florida false flag I can see EDC,  ECD3 and/or ECD37 in the area to the left of Douglas High School, you may also notice it also says RED 33 with the C being a 3 in disguise. It is worth noting the number of people alleged to have been shot by Nikolas Jacob Cruz is 33. Red 33 on Valentines day?

EDC3 – EDC37 – Every Day Counts – Red 33

Electric Daisy Carnival, commonly known as EDC, is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world, based on attendance, with its flagship event held annually in Las VegasNevada. Click here to visit EDC website.

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Enhancer of mRNA-decapping protein 3 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the EDC3 gene.

EDC3 is associated with an mRNA-decapping complex required for removal of the 5-prime cap from mRNA prior to its degradation from the 5-prime end (Fenger-Gron et al., 2005)


ECD3 is the 15th Gene in humans 15=6=33

EDC-37 is measured with embedded electromagnetic particle velocity gauges.

Like other high density HMX based explosives, EDC-37 initiates with wave profiles having a little increase in particle velocity at the shock front (heterogeneous initiation), and also a second wave which starts small at the impact surface, grows as it travels, and reaches a large amplitude when it overtakes the shock front (homogeneous initiation). This latter characteristic indicates a time delay between formation of hot spots and release of hot spot energy.


EDC also at Walmart?

Sheriff Scott Israel and his brother Ira Israel – The gift that keeps on giving

As findings go on this page this next load have to be the most priceless of all, the irony holds no bounds as the usual people at the forefront of the event are either linked to actors or proven to be actors themselves. When will we see just one event that does not follow these common characteristics by the book? The truth is we wont, because this is how it happens, these are the people who play it all out. Step forward Sheriff Scott Israel and his screenplay writing brother who also has a master’s degree in Kabbalah, and has “thriving careers, and mental and emotional wellness”. I wonder what a interests he could possibly have had in the Douglas High School incident? It don’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out with the media emphasis on gun control highlighting mental health issues around PR patsy Nikolas Jacob Cruz.

Disgraced Sheriff Scot Israel is at the center of a storm after four of his deputies refused to enter the building as the reported shooting was taking place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines day.

Deputy Scott Peterson has been suspended without pay after he responded first to the incident and was seen to be holding back from trying to stop the attack taking place as he waited for back-up outside wasting vital seconds to save lives as the media version of events unfolded.

YouTube player

With reports of live CCTV cameras at the scene being rewound by 20 minutes only adds to suspicions of sabotage and more suggestions of the shooter being allowed to carry out the possibly staged attack.

Seeing Sheriff Scott Israel in the news so much with a name like that raised alarm bells with me so I decided to look into him a little, and rightly so. As the saying goes you can’t make this shit up and this backs up every claim of crisis actors and media links that have been reported by the alternative news and truth community at every event over the years. I understand it is just one of thousands of examples but they all back add up.

Meet Scott’s brother Ira Israel…

Here is some more number work around the Israel family.

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As I explained earlier Scott Israel is another example of somebody involved in a mass media event who has ties to actors or people with occult beliefs, Ira Israel ticks every box on that Zionist checklist with flying colours.

Here is a screenshot of Ira Israels’s IMDB profile which shows just how decorated and well-connected this man is. You can click the image to be directed to the page it is taken from.

Stats show that 100% of these mass shootings or terror attacks have actors playing victims and suspects.

The fact Ira has such a pedigree with a Master’s degree is Psychology means I am certain he will have a role to play in the narrative of mental health which news outlets are pushing not just in the States but here in the United Kingdom also.

Truth be told, the American government have been using staged events as a form of mind control to sway public perception which then leads to a calculated response from everyone who falls for the problem, reaction, solution trap that is set by the media. This then ensures the people will offer emotional consent to the law makers who want to move in the bulldozers on our privacy and human rights. These traitors to reality are at large and they are the most spineless people on earth.

Looking at Ira & Scott Israel as an example begs logic for belief.

Oh what a lovely tea party, here is a screenshot of Ira’s book cover which is published by New World Library.


The merging of red and blue & the spiritual/satanic meaning of purple

March 24 came along and I then hit on a sneaky little WW3 theme and a hidden reference to an Elf which would then come back later on in the year in regards to Alfie Evan’s with teh name Alfie coming from Elf and Alder being the Elf King as you are going to see very soon but for now it was the Trebes, France supermarket hostage situation that set me on the WW3 path. There was tons of codes in this event with the towns name translating to the lesser of three evils, Tre – Bes, I then found out Bes was another name for a dark diety known to be in the form of an Elf, all of this will make so much more sense if you read all of these articles and look at the dates they were published. It is very very freaky. But brilliant work and I am saying that myself.

Here is the intro to this article.

After sitting back with my feet up on March 22nd, Skull & Bones day thinking even these lunatics can’t be so daft as to launch another 322 terror fiasco, I knew they would not pull any stunts although it was best to remain observant. Everyone now knows there is attacks on March 22 when the Hilaria circus comes to France, Belgium, or London for that matter. Yes you get the irony we have taught you well.

Trebes – Day Of Mourning Ritual Three Evils 69 Season Of War Begins

But the thing is this next article explains the war path in slightly more detail after more sequences came into the picture with more of my research. This is really worth reading also as it shows you even more information around the drums of war and evn more dates later on in the year that did come back again which I will be showing you shortly. Huge note on the time period and my work again later on in the year and why I was able to revert back to this article and it is even more highly spot on work based on events that are in a sequence of rituals proven by this webpage.

WW3 Syria clue? March 23 Day of Mourning Season of War until October?

Reverse Speech Discovery “Oh God Are You Alright?” #WW3

Later on in the year another date I had spoken about many times before in a Liverpool sequence was Craetion Day and look what happened on creation day in the City of Liverpool this year.

Dodd Married his long term partner Anne Jones in a last minute bid to beat the tax man  just 48 hours before he died on March 9. (39 93 Thalema Aliatair Crowley) Ken died on March 11 also known as creation day on the Liverpool sacrifice date map. 3×11=33. He told the Lord Mayor he wanted to do a “Big Show” for the charities in April or May (high sacrifice months). He added: I will be there, I shall return”. Was Ken leaving us little cryptic corkers by any chance? Let’s take a look. Here is my article and video from when I went to Ken Dodd’s funeral.

So Ken Dodd was born on November 8 1927 and died on March 11 2018. Well there’s a surprise,… Not. He was born on an 88 day and died on a 33 day. Why the hell would I say such a thing? its simple this is how the crafty bastards work. November is the 11th month and the 8th day give us an 11-8 11×8 is 88. March 11 gives us a 33 with 11×3 with march being the 3rd month. You get it.

The day Dodd was born, November 8, 1927, also marked the return to public speaking of one Adolf Hitler, then 38, following his ban after his attempted ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ four years earlier.

KEN DODD: My Big Fat Freemasonic Funeral – The Untold Story

Ken Dodd, who was a trustee of Alder Hey promised he was okay during a health scare as you will have seen in the video and article above. I was very old  I said he would be back later on in the year with “His biggest show yet in April or May” I thought why say that at that age. I now look back on the year and that is one phrase I never forgot and that leads us straight to what happened to Alfie Evans in April and May and how I stumbled on the Alfie Evans 444 after my change at the shop was £4.44 and the time on way home after seeing military aircraft in the sky at 4:44pm then discovering Alfies in numerlogy was 444 in the Satanic form so that is how I endd up doing this and covering the story live at Alder Hey……

Alfie Evans Alder Hey 444 Sacrifice Ritual Attempt In Liverpool? Friday 13


There is much more to add to this page now it is late and I will finish the story of 2018 over the weekend and maybe even call out a few dates for you to end the end the year on with another No Way, would you put it past me after all of this?

Enchanted #WeAreTheNews

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