60 birds have been found dead with their hearts removed leaving residents of Bairro Alto, in Curitiba, Brazil, confused without explanation after the mysterious discovery at a chicken coop.

The shocked owner found the dead animals with precise cuts on the chest, back and neck. The birds did not show any signs of bleeding.

The owner, Sidnei dos Santos, explained there was no signs of intrusion and how the birds usually acted as an alarm, making noise if anybody was near-by, but even that did not happen.

Santos said: “I have no idea what might have happened.

“I had never seen such a thing.¬†If they were two, three chickens, I could say it was a dog, but there were a lot of birds.

“They always made noise when people were around”

The incident took place on March, 12, 2018, and was logged on the Mass Animal Die-Off website.

It was reported by local news outlet Massa News.

The story is sure to get the Brazilian version of Moulder & Scully opening their book of mysteries and creating a new category called “what the duck” with the mass bird deaths being nothing short of quackers.

Possibilities of who did this and why vary from the typical blaming of aliens, to the slightly more logical reason being local satanists or witch doctors with witchcraft still practised in the country.

Scientists running experiments may also be another plausible explanation but the fact it was done underhand and not officially would rule that theory out. Was this the work of a local mad man and if so how did he remove each heart without spilling blood?

Was this part of a ritual which required animal hearts to be ripped out? When looking into heart removal rituals there are enough to suggest that could be another cause for this incident.

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