The mystery of flight MH370 has been in the news over the past 48 hours with reports it has been traced full of bullet holes by an independent crash investigator from Australia who was using Google Earth. But another mystery is unfolding concerning a strange voicemail sent to a mans phone during a solar flare storm. Below is a video of the voicemail which seems to be a sequence of codes from the black box of MH370.

Another strange thing is, the cryptic corker is broadcast in military code-like form and is then decoded into a potential message from the flight deck stating “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human”. The message then gives a list of coordinates. A black box on a plane records the flights last moments of data including audio. This is an SOS call from a flight. The coordinates given point directly to where MH370 vanished. The codes are also translated into a warning about a possible rapture event on April 18, 2018.

Other deciphered messages state “They are taking over 41818” which is broken possibly down to represent April 18th 2018.

People have been gripped by the post on social media by a man known as TY and they are suggesting the date could be the date of the rapture after reports of supernatural or extraterrestrial involvement intensified when one person translated another part of the code to “The reason I am sending you earth being this message is because I am hiding myself from your ancestors”

This has all coincided with the reports from Australia that flight MH370 has been found on Google Earth with images published by various news outlets showing what appears to be a plane under water. Even more mystery surrounds the latest information with suggestions in world press that the plane is “riddled” with bullet holes.

Peter McMahon, 64, an Australian mechanical engineer has worked in crash investigations for more than 25 years, claims he has now discovered the missing passenger-jet 16 kilometres south of Round Island, north of Mauritius. It is understood this is an area that has not been covered by search teams yet.

This begs the question that if something which was not human was on board flight MH370 on March, 8, 2014, and the recording from the black box was indeed sent to a member of the public’s phone in the form of a voicemail is not a hoax, then was the military aware of a non-human life-form on board the flight at the time and did they take the decision to shoot the plane out of the sky?

This is all very surreal so we will have to see how this one unfolds but I have attached the money shots below.

Watch the video and read all the information in the screenshots of which there are over 35.

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