This morning I got up to look out f the window thinking a military helicopter had flown over where I live, I did see it but I never got a good look at it so I just pondered on it. It was travelling away from the Mersey, inner city and could have been heading towards Aintree Race Course or John Lennon Airport but it was not heading in that direction.


As I was writing an email to Merseyside police regarding my Alice Day campaign I realised the last numbers in my phone number 314431 Which to me is just a blatant 444. So, instead of looking at bad meanings I went for a more light heated numbers explanation and it is then I interpreted it as a message of some sort . This from my Facebook page today. Angel Number 444 asks that you pay attention to your intuition and inner-wisdom as your connection with your angels and the angelic realm is very strong at this time.. Angel Number 444 is a message that you have nothing to fear in regards to your life, work and Divine life purpose.


I had just been the shop and my purchases cost £4.88 and after my earlier Facebook post about my phone number being 444 I was thinking £4.88 is another 44444 with the £4 and 88 being 44 44. Then the same helicopter flew over my head as I was thinking about these 4’s. I am still not sure if it was military or somebody being picked up from Aintree Race course but it was seen flying over Liverpool in the opposite direction towards the the River Mersey by another person at around in a 3rd sighting at 14:00. This came in a  week of people telling me of unusual activity at Liverpool docks at night when military equipment was seen to be getting loaded onto ships. This was said to be a large scale operation and information on the cargo’s destination was kept quiet. This had bugged me for a few days as I waited for further developments. Just seven days before we had two RAF jets fly over the city waking up many of us in the night and the dubious explanation for them landing at John Lennon airport was they had ran out of fuel due to bad weather and needed to refill. With Liverpool’s strategic value in times of war this activity around our city this week is a huge concern.


With the Syrian Conflict and Members of Parliament having a cabinet meeting to decide if we should begin military action in The Middle East I found myself checking the gematria on the word War which brought up a host of usual Satanic suspects.

Please note before we move on, we will come back to the airstrikes strikes in Syria which were carried out overnight on Friday 13  by a joint task force made up from UK, US and French military. The Syrian army claimed they had shot down 13 missiles during the bombing. I warned on March 23, 2018 how the day marked the opening of the yearly war season which will last until October, this came after I noticed a few things in the Trebes, supermarket hostage situation in France as I observed the scenario. When reports broke of the bombing campaign beginning in Syria I knew I had nailed another topic weeks in advance. I will explain that to you at the very bottom of the article as we have so much information to get through..

April 12 which is 4/12 or 12/4 in American format.

4/12 is 4444 with the 12 breaking down to 3, 4’sand the other 4 representing April.

April 12 is the 102nd day of the year (103rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar.

In freemasonry they do not recognise the zero so 102 becomes 12, 12 is 444.

Friday April 13 – Saturday 14

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Watching the air strikes on the news gobsmacked!. The reporters are telling you flares ar  lighting up the sky and 13 missiles have been shot down by the Syrian air defence systems.13 missiles shot down on Friday 13th as UK, London and Washington, under Vatican orders (The Crown) carry out alleged, believed or reported air strikes which broadcasters on the idiot news tell us sound like rumbles of thunder that can be heard from the East, West and South of Damascus. Damascus is now allegedly the epicentre of chemical weapons creations which I find hard to see as anything other than utter daylight bullshit.

My first thought was oh great, what a way to deal with a biological weapons chemical plant! let’s take military jets armed with smart bombs and fire them at a huge chemical bomb labs. adding fire to the periodic table fiasco from hell is not such a smart bombing,surly? Who advises these maniacs? How did they decide the wold was ready to go into conflict over the still unproven chlorine attacks with Assad’s regime seemingly being punished without fair trial with airstrikes which are said to of taken place last night. We are not only seeing world peace about to go up in flames they have started it by adding fire to god knows what other elements and compounds they say are being created at these alleged chemical warfare factories, well played.

What about Damascus? Considering it was turned into a ruinous heap last year and must be the most monitored place on the planet its pretty outrageous and stupid to suggest anyone would go and set up a chemical weapons lab there with all these so-called intelligence agencies watching every grain of sand using billions of pounds worth of tax payers money spent on enough technology and resources to be sure enough to know what even the ants are thinking on Mount Qasioun. Am I missing something?

Reports on Saturday state all three chemical sites bombed were evacuated three days ago (33), is this a joke? Did they send them an email prior to bombing? Have America blown up their own weapons factory? Have they blown up any factories? 3 sites have been bombed but whats that? It has just cost about £750 million to even ship all the cargo, weaponry and personnel there? It then cos about another £100.000 per bomb dropped out the sky to blow up and kill people or hit fake manipulated targets in mountains that no one ever really gets to actually see’s anyway. We are told 13 bombs were shot out the sky at least, what a waste of money.

That in itself is world wide treason against the people the refugees who are homeless skint on their arses with nothing. The kids who have had free school dinners taken off them, to Alfie Evans and his parents, to the the victims of abuse who have been let down by the authorities there to help them but are in-fact the ones carrying out the abuse and statistically failing when documenting complaints of victims leading to scandals exposing the non-existent safeguarding of people in vulnerable situations. They can’t look after their own people and they go bombing everyone else’s, all based on lies, no one has ever seen any chemical weapons just like we still haven’t been 45 minutes from biological warfare with Iraq. Do we consent to this?

I find it alarming to think that after the three sites they say have been bombed, we now face a backlash from Russia who were swift to announce. the Western world has failed to listen to their warnings and they will be expected to retaliate. All this over three possible bombed mountain hill sides and 13 missiles shot down? Is it worth going to all out war? Syria are in on this hoax scam war and so is Russia, France, UK USA, Turkey, Israel, Iran and China. When Donald Trump made his announcement of the strikes he was talking more like Fonzey from Happy Days than a respectable president of the most powerful new world order puppet country in the world.. Theresa May spoke like she had the consent of the nation to send us to war with an army of lies, that is all we have our lies. That is our attack, it is fork tongued, double pronged bullshit and lies. There has never been a truthful war in all of the entire history of the  human race , not one and that is a FACT.

When asked if he expects retaliation Live now from Arlington, Virginia, a US military general has just said we are ready for that, we have a great presence in the region and world wide. He denied 13 missiles were shot down, like they are the only army on earth who have technology, Syria deployed SyADD missile defence system out there so either they are lying all together all in on the lie because they have just said the chemical sites were evacuated around 3 days ago?

Weapons inspectors where just hours away from visiting the alleged chemical weapons sites which were then ironically reported to have been blown up. Russia states Syrian intel is claiming 71 out of 103 missiles were shot down.

This is ridiculous because 7+1 is 8 which represents October (Saturnalia Hex Worship) and the 103 is 13  which is the same number of bombs we are told were originally shot down on Friday 13.. October 13 is the beginning of the witching season. The time between April 13 and October 13 is 183 days which is another 444 or 111.  We get this by breaking the 8 down to 44 and adding the 1 and 3 to make another 4 leaving us with 444. The 111 is created by adding the 8 to the 3 and placing the 1 alongside the 11 I gained by adding 8 to 3. April 13 to October 13 is exactly 6 months (33) and 26 weeks apart. 26 is 13+13.

WW3 my arse, world superpowers war on humanity more like it…. Seriously, did you consent to this?

Wait til you see what runs from March 23 to October…. I can’t make this up if I tried.

Saturday April 14, 14 is 77: Good morning war drums I thought I mentioned you in an article just three weeks ago, yes that’s it now I remember the opening of the yearly season of war on March 23 when there was a staged attack at a French Supermarket in Trebes, and the France puppet Macaroni Cheese said what France have said after all of their faked attacks: “This is an act of war”. I knew right away what the clowns were doing so I went and published an article on my website as part of documentation of evil dickheads and demon lovers like these people who run this world. On my article I was talking of March 23rd being the opening of the yearly season of war which will last until October. The attack on the supermarket was staged by the PTB and held clear foreshadowing hallmarks pointing to a future war being imminent. The event was The Day Of mourning and was in honour of Mars. I knew it meant war so this is why I published my report on March, 23, 2018, and wrote:

Trebes – Day Of Mourning Ritual Three Evils 69 Season Of War Begins | Published March 23/24

After sitting back with my feet up on March 22nd, Skull & Bones day thinking even these lunatics can’t be so daft as to launch another 322 terror fiasco, I knew they would not pull any stunts although it was best to remain observant. Everyone now knows there is attacks on March 22 when the Hilaria circus comes to France, Belgium, or London for that matter. Yes you get the irony we have taught you well. Another media scripted, state sponsored joint terror hoax would of created a social media information frenzy but it never. The big event did not take place. But still I just knew there would be other events to talk about this week. They would use other dates I have spoken about quite a lot over the past few weeks and with all that is going on in the world at the moment, the Trebes Hostage incident today gives me a great chance to talk about some synchronicity’s which are very interesting indeed.

I first paid attention to March 23rd in 2016 when the Brussels bombings took place. It was part of a sequence of days in the same week as the much spoken about 3/22 date which is the Hilaria as mentioned before. It is when we look at the Hilaria and see what happened in Belgium that we see how these attacks line up to satanic and occult calendars which will lead us into the devil in the details when analysing Trebes.

March 22 – Hilaria (7 days after Ides of March) – Skull & Bones (322 3/22 22/3)

“The Tree Entered” (Arbor intrat). A pine tree from a wood sacred to Cybele is felled following the sacrifice of a ram at its roots. The tree was carried in procession through the city as if in a funeral to the Temple of Cybele on the Palatine Hill.

This explains why we had to look at images of these funeral cars driving past the bombed airport on March 22, 2016. They were pictured and published by the media on purpose.


So now that you can see the Hilaria festival lining up to the 322 in Belgium, how can we line the Day of Mourning up to current world events? The answer is war. Today Terry May with its usual nobly knee’s and smudged lipstick on to its teeth look, addressed the European Union asking allies for allegiance in the push to take Britain into a cold war with Russia, a world super power with fearsome nuclear capabilities.

The tit-for-tat blame game coverage of the Salisbury incident has been nothing but shocking. The rhetoric is propaganda that is coming from members of parliament who are using media outlets who are clearly performing to the script laid out by Downing Streets dirty book of deception. March 23 was the day the drums of war were sounded.

March 23 – A day of mourning – The Salii, dancing priests of Mars (god of war) performed their sacred dance and the mourning and fasting continued. Salii has also been viewed as as marking the opening and the closing of the yearly war season. The opening would coincide with the day of the Agonium Martiale on March 19, and the closing with the day of the Armilustrium on October 19.

On March 23, 2018, Donald Trump appointed John Bolton as his new National Security Adviser. The former UN Ambassador will take up his role at the White House amidst a wave of controversy surrounding his pro-war views. Bolton advocated the war on Iraq when working under the Bush regime and has shown support for preemptive strikes on North Korea. His appointment is a real cause for concern and the fall out is already in full flow with talks of the Iranian nuclear deal being under threat with observers predicting Iran will now back track and begin to take steps to defend itself against imminent military action from the U.S.

Image result for trump bolton

March 23, Day of Mourning is followed by another red letter day in this sequence of dates. March 24 is also a Pagan/Roman festival which is known as the Day of Blood, oh what a lovely tea-party. Sunday is the Day of Joy with Monday being the Day of Rest on the Roman Festival calendar.

Image result for day of blood roman festival

March 24 – “The Day of Blood” (Sanguis). Frenzied rites including scourging and whipping. Castration rituals would take place on this day. The tree is symbolically buried.

March 25 –  “The Day of Joy” (Hilaria) celebrating the resurrection of Attis. This was the hilaria proper (as opposed to the mournful tone of the previous days).

March 26 – A day of rest.

March 27 – “The Washing” (Lavatio). Added by Marcus Aurelius.

Trèbes was originally known as Tresmals (Three Fords) but in 1110 residents petitioned for the name to be changed to Trèbes (Three Goods) since Tresmals also parsed as “Three Evils“. Here is a first duality reference, good and bad. You can see how these things are hidden in plain sight. It is best to keep your eyes open for more events from now until April 19.

Trebes is a word that throws up more alerts than I don’t know what so let us get into the alpha numerical values of the word which has been shoved in our faces all day.

Full Reduction 24 – The Christ in the Gospels achieves 33 miracles of which 24 were cures. 24 also represents the wheel of the rebirths. It is the cyclic mechanism of the nature, 4, linked to the cosmic differentiation, 20, in the harmonious balance of the creation – 2 + 4 = 6.

Single Reduction 33 – The number that needs no introduction when concerning these events. Associated with the Scottish Rite of 33rd Degree Freemasonry.

Reverse Full Reduction 39  Bilderberg Group has a core of 39 members made up of 3 groups of 13. The core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the policy committee who answer to the round table of 9.

Reverse Ordinal 93 – The number 93 is of great significance in Thelema, founded by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law (also known as Liber AL vel Legis)

English Ordinal 69  69/96 as above so below mirror. This is seen on every Masonic Lodge entrance and is symbolic of the Royal Arch. The numbers 96 and 69 are symbolic of heaven and hell.

Jewish Ordinal 66 –  The numbers 6, 66, and 666 are what constitute a pathway for hex-craft or spiritual magick.

Chaldean 21 – Is also 777 which is another code used by Freemasons. There are many reasons we see these hallmarks time and time again and 7’s or 77 tells us False Flag attack. 

ALW Kabbalah 111 – Another number of Holy significance which is mocked by Satanists. We see a lot said about 11:11 or 11 for today I will relate 111 to the Holy Trinity as I have covered many meanings throughout this website.

Trebes is a French town located on an important crossing between the canal and river Aude. This is significant as pointed out on other articles when looking at the theme of water, it gives us another attack set in a place which is depicted as looking over water with a tower and just like in the image we see above, there is also an as above so below theme just like we see in Liverpool with the Liver Buildings, London with The London Bridge and New York where we remember the TWIN towers rising above the big apple (Garden Of Eden). The point is a lot of these rituals need water. The image to the left shows Trebes water front along with the others.

The single tower we see above Trebes could well be representing singularity just like the Freedom tower which was placed in the haunting shadows of the WTC Twin Towers. A stark reminder that we are being controlled by a system operating under one world orders, after years of birthing pains, is it now rearing its ugly head into the next stage using its military complex?

Trebes is a medieval town just as is Salisbury I wonder what the similarities between the two areas are, does Google earth show us anything? Can we find anything else within the word Trebes?

Definition of Bes – a grotesque god depicted as having short legs, an obese body, and an almost bestial face, who dispelled evil spirits.

Bes in American. (bɛs ; bes) Egyptian Mythology. a god of pleasure and a protector of women in childbirth and of children. Word origin of ‘Bes’

Bes. [bes] noun, Egyptian Religion. 1. the patron deity of music, dancing, and children, represented as a hairy dwarf having a tail and wearing a lion’s skin.

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