Unicorns have everything a child’s imagination can feed off, they hold mystery, are magical and they often come with a visually unique beauty that is enticing to the eye so why have I grown to suddenly hate the sight of these so-called amazing objects of desire for every parent to have for their kids at the moment and what did I see during an everyday visit to home bargains?

This footage was filmed less than a week after I was in another shop and a woman come charging into the place asking staff if they had any “Unicorn stuff”. I looked at her like she was crazy and severely lacking any mental capacity to realise how childish she just made herself look in public. She was with her friend so I was having to process seeing two grown women running around a shop on what seemed to be life-saving unicorn hunt.

The truth of reality is, it was the woman who burst into the Home Bargain last week like her life depended on it who wanted the unicorn so she could feel like she fitted into the social media society and to be able to post photos of her kids unicorn and it is simple as that. Well played, the great end result, photo likes on Facebook, You just achieved yourself some vital social credits and secretly advertised you and your child to a secret game called laugh at all the idiot parents who are none the wiser

Now we begin to look at why we see Unicorns left right and centre and why I see poorly educated and poorly represented members of society raiding home bargains for unicorns. I will explain why I see the problem but the ones lapping it up don’t.

It is understandable that the children do not see Unicorns in the way you are about to be shown and that is why this information is targeted at the parents of the children who are being forced into choosing whether they feel like a boy or a girl at the age of 3 as the mass gender manipulation operation takes on another form with the Unicorn being one of the key symbols in this push to transform people into this uni-sex society what is being rolled out to a mass extent.

To gain an understanding of hidden meanings I am going to have to go back to the origins of Unicorns and teach you how all things that are good in this world have been taken and repackaged something that is evil in nature and hidden in plain sight.

We are looking at a horned creature here, in Mythology the horn is associated with the devil and many deities who depict him.

A deity is a God or a mythological creature that is worshipped by cult religions around the world, often satanic in nature, the same mystery teachings followed by such secret societies who carry on the traditions that all lead back to child abuse and satanic ritual sacrifice to these gods. We have the same thing here with the precious little Unicorns every one is going bat shit crazy over.

The Unicorn is both feminine and masculine in appearance, its beauty is that of the feminine side yet its masculine power and muscle complexion give us a duality. It is both male and female in nature, just as is the Baphomet and other dark deities which are shown to us on a daily basis in many forms.

Here is the Baphomet shown in its male/female form, this is the reason we see the transgender campaigns being run worldwide, it is because those who are behind it adhere to these belief systems.

You can see this has breasts yet it has masculine features as well as the head and feet of a goat as well as wings. It also has the phallic symbol in its stomach area, this depicts its penis which was chopped off in the story of Nimrod and this song below tells that story in esoteric ways. It also shows you the way a Unicorn is the name of a sexualised woman. It is also the name of a person who sleeps with couples.

The phrase same “shit different toilet comes to mind”, is why I say repackaged, it is the same thing in a different light. Look at William Shakespeare’s work and then the storyline of every movie or play since. Shakespeare’s work was based on a set of emotions and screenplay rules in which every movie script has been taken from since, it was a template. Revenge and lust are just one of the many blueprints which he set out hundreds of years ago. The movies in modern-day may change and have totally different genres but they all still adopt the same principles as Shakespeare laid out all those years ago.

With these repackaged mystery teachings and ways they are hidden in plain sight it is no different. It is just done in a sneaky way in which you are not supposed to see it but your subconsciousness processes it right away and it is stored in your psyche forever. That is what we have going on here with our children and the Unicorns being shoved into their heads, no child put them on the shelves, no child mass-produced them on a global scale, no child produced cartoons, clothing ranges, songs and toys, so who did and why?

It is because they are being shown esoteric symbols and those who put them there know exactly what they are doing, we will discuss subliminal messaging in cartoons later on, let us not lose focus of where we are with the subject right now.

Here we have a horned god which can also have wings, this is Satan. The term Riding The Goat (Baphomet) is a satanic phrase used by sick individuals who are performing ritualistic child abuse on victims. The term Riding the Unicorn is used in the same horrific regard.

Unicorns originally had wings, it is a creature with the wings of Pegasus and the horn of a Unicorn, such beasts are idolised in Alchemy which is a dark form of magical science which often involves creating creatures and evoking spirits to animate them.

Here we see the form of a winged unicorn and an explanation of how they were used to represent evil in Biblical terms.

Here is more mentions of Unicorns in the Bible. They are written of 8 times in scripture.

Here is some content from the Demonic Bible, the screenshot does link through to the original source where you can see the information showing that demon number 67 known as Amdusias, or Amdukias, first shows up in the form of a Unicorn before taking the shape of a human before appearing in front of an exorcist.

Other horned deities include Cernunnos the Horned God of Nature.

Take this for example we see a lot of triangles in the occult world, be it the pyramid on the dollar or celebrities forming the shape of a triangle whilst looking through it one eye, we are bombarded with them.

Here is the Unicorn showing us another triangle which represents 666.

So you can see the numbers game at play hidden within the shape of a Unicorn from the frontal view I will expand on it swiftly before we move on with more information.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words so I do not have to write war and peace to show you, look for yourself.

Here we see it is the symbol of Scotland, I find it fitting that we have a child dead in Scotland in the news recently after reportedly being raped and murdered by a 16 year old boy.

Press were present at the funeral of Alesha MacPhail, they took photographs and footage. I noticed straight away she had Unicorns on her coffin, a six year old girl who had been sexually assaulted and killed, most people who conduct in child abuse secretly follow the same disturbing religions and the thought paths they come with. Do you see the pattern?

UnicornUnicorn Alesha MacPhail

Scotland is the home of The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry was born right there in the Highlands.

Freemasons are known to be followers of Lucifer and they practice enlightenment, the rituals are performed on black and white (duality) chequered floors, the black represents darkness and the white is the light.

Here is the most Freemasonic families I can think of, The Rockerfeller family member David, speaking about a hunt for the Unicorn Tapestries. The video is called Prince William and the Unicorn.

Was it any wonder that this week we seen Theresa May cleverly placed in front of a Unicorn during her speeches on Brexit.

Here it is on the Royal Coat of Arms, as you can see we do not just get shiny happy go lucky Unicorns in fact they have been around for centuries depicting evil, not this new age LGBT Unicorn trap for the minds of your children.

And below is the Scottish version. Unicorns all over them but you noticed that every day of your life didn’t you? They are the symbols of the United Kingdom, that word again, Kingdom.

And this brings us to the story of the Lion and the Unicorn and how did this end up on our Royal Coat of Arms?

This is symbolic of a battle between the Lion and the Unicorn for the Crown, they primarily symbolised the Cult of Alton (Unicorn) and the Tribe of Judah (Lion) both were exiled from ancient Egypt.

This the winner of the battle is shown by a reversal on both crests, this is, as always, the battle of Good versus Evil. The Unicorn is depicted in scripture and mythology as a symbol of both good and evil, more duality. The Unicorn represents both Christ and Satan as does the Lion, this is why we hear references to the blood of a Unicorn in modern day popular culture such as the Harry Potter movies, it represents the blood of Christ and that of a child (adrenochrome). The entertainment industry is ran by paedophiles whether you know it or not.

Now I have shown you one of your all-time favorite movies talking about it do you now believe me if I tell you it it is talking about the blood of Christ.

You have seen the movie with Tom Hanks in? Angels and Demons? Well, this is just information decoded in the same way they do in that film, how can this be so far from your understanding? Surely you can see where things originate from and then realise that is what they are, not what they are repackaged into and made to look or be like now.

Have you ever questioned the meaning of something like this before in your life?

You just heard the movie which so many of you love telling you a Unicorns blood is said to give immortality to those who drink it, this is the exact same thing we see with paedophiles conducting satanic rituals to harvest the release of a drug called adrenochrome which they say is the chemical that gives them eternal life and makes them live longer. It can only be harvested at its peak from killing babies. This is what they are talking about when they mention drinking the blood of a Unicorn to give eternal life or even bring you back from the brink of death in the Harry Potter movie. Do you doubt it? How when you have never heard of it?

It is said in the video above that Unicorn blood has a short window where it works so they have to keep on slaying Unicorns to keep themselves vibrant and healthy. Just the thing we hear of Hollywood celebrities and the Elites of the world doing?

You are letting yourself and your child down by buying into the secret advertising and mockery that is all around you and your family on a daily basis and what did you know? Seriously? This is a huge problem worldwide and for most people to not even be able to think outside of the bubble they are in is scary to being surrounded by them knowing they are the ones who are taking us into this new age. Do you consent to this????

If so you are also a let down to actual child abuse victims who have and still gone through the exact things covered throughout this article. You have played down the source, the route of the evil which is the cause of it all okay? Do you understand the information I am giving you is way beyond your thought capacity which is why I am going through the effort to tell you something you did not know? These people are ‘Riding The Unicorn’, it is a drug that they need to keep getting, like chasing the dragon.

In other pop culture, we revert back to none other than Lewis Carol, the prolific paedophile who created Alice In Wonderland. Alice is the name given to a secret paedophile pride day known as Alice day which has been celebrated by these perverts since the early 1990’s, click the image to read my article on Alice Day where I cover many other paedophile logos they use to communicate in secret without any of you knowing. I found this to be one of the most horrific things I had ever heard n my life so I spent the first 4 months of 2017 campaigning to raise awareness to parents of the dangers children are faced within the shadows. This campaign ran from January 1st to April 25th, last year.

So what has Lewis Carol and Alice got to do with Unicorns? Why should we be alarmed when we see secret meanings being played out in kids cartoons and films? It is simple, they are created by paedophiles and why would you want your children watching the brain wave of a person who wants to abuse and kill children? Why would you knowingly do that? Now that I have told you what is going on do you see why you are allowing it to happen by being blinded to the true nature of things?

Here is Alice In Wonderland Creator Lewis Carol using the Unicorn in his novel Through The Looking Glass which features Alice. Lewis Carol played on a nursery rhyme which follows the traditional legend of enmity between the two heraldic animals, the lion, and the Unicorn.

The lion and the unicorn
Were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn
All around the town.
Some gave them white bread,
And some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake
and drummed them out of town

Wikipedia says: The legend of the two animals may have been intensified by the Acts of Union 1707 and it was one year later that William King (1663–1712) recorded a verse very similar to the first stanza of the modern rhyme. This seems to have grown to include several other verses. Apart from those above only one survives.

Other verses were added later.

They read as follows: “And when he had beat him out.

“He beat him in again

“He beat him three times over

“His power to maintain.

UnicornsLet me tell you now, the world we live in does not revolve around taking selfies and putting puppy dog ears and noses on your face whilst sitting at the traffic lights in control of a dangerous motorised vehicle. It is not justifiable to be alive and loving life because you have the ability to watch Love Island and post statuses about it every 5 minutes along with another 30 million people whilst proclaiming to be unique. There is no way on this earth you can possibly of known any of this with the paradigm most people live in, your daily routine does not give you one hour a week let alone day to step outside of the box what you are trapped in to even seek other answers or meanings. You are shut down from seeing the world around you and it is that reason why me bringing information to people in that mindset is like banging my head against the wall while you process what I am saying by going on the attack with opinions on a subject you have no knowledge of what so ever. You will soon see what I am saying more and more and if I have at least shown you how to think in other ways for twenty minutes then that is great. Nature will water the seeds I have planted.

Here is some more mockery of Jesus in this cartoon I found about Unicorns, you can see the characters are floating up a magic waterfall to another world in the sky (Heaven) before returning with a baby Unicorn (Jesus). Look at the name of the girl, Moon, this is Moon Worship, yet more occult references. Moon starts the cartoon by putting hair over her face to mimic a Jesus-like beard before asking “Who am I”, to which her mother replies, “I don’t know, and Moon says “Neither do I”. Notice Moon is wearing a headband in the shape of Devil Horns.

“Neither do I” is a reference to the mind control program that is placed on victims of the now well known MK Ultra operation. This involves the fracturing of a subject’s mind until they no longer identify with themselves and are then a mind control slave. MK Ultra which is symbolised by the Monarch butterfly was spawned from the brains of mad Russian and German scientists who were gathered up by US Intelligence services after world war two and moved to the States where they were tasked to work on ways to crack mind control and mass human hypnosis. Branches of this project then span off and the C.I.A was formed meaning it was essentially established by Nazi’s.

In the video above, in metaphorical terms, we see a virgin with a Unicorn, below is an article (click image to view) from an erotic literature novelist who explains how the virgin and the Unicorn is symbolic. She speaks about how the Unicorn is a mix between an adult and a child and also how it has intimate moments with the virgin. Now, do you see where the phrase ‘Riding The Unicorn’ comes from?


The last point I will leave you with after showing you tons of info pointing back to duality and promotion of the cross-gender society being shaped today, here is how they are using the children to embed a whole new generation of gender-confused children and if you can not see what is wrong with that then I do feel for the future of humanity. They are rolling it out and because you are triggered by trends you are now openly allowing it to happen. I have spent the day trying to work whilst answering stupid comments from people defending Unicorns as if their whole belief system depended on it. Truth be told, most of you myself included knew fuck all about Unicorns, so we have just all learned together okay, well wasn’t that interesting, do you catch my drift now? If you have made it this far down you must have.


There are 3500 words on this post so far and not many good ones about these Unicorns so to go and try telling me they are just a Unicorn when I have just dug up enough reasons to show they are not without me even carrying on, this is enough for you to go off and research all sorts of keywords and cryptic corkers to last you at least 6 months taking it all in learning how it all works, so that is why I will stop now unless I forget something which I have open in my notes then I will update this article.




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