Manchester Arena Bombing: The Shocking Footage They Forgot To Show You (EXCLUSIVE)

Leaked footage shows no children and only adults in what seems to be a staged separate drill as the bomb hoax event fallout was taking place resulting in confusion and a stampede when nobody could gather their thoughts. Medics walk around treating no one and alleged victims with potential make up artist blood on clothing appear in no pain.

The evacuation it seems when listening to witness reports was directed away from this area meaning no one actually seen this. The footage unlike images analysed is not blurred out and still shows no children, no pink balloons or any pink clothing. No sign of 20.000 screaming people including high pitched young girls.

Strangely you can also see medics walking (or strolling) around in no rush to help anyone as are victims who are seemingly walking around with no entry points to what can only be make believe wounds. There is also no kids in the mainstream news & media released photograph of the area. The room does not appear to have 119 injured people in or 22 deaths with a total of 35 people in the image after a headcount and all of them are also adults. This was a venue packed with young and 20.000 teenage girls. Where are they? What is the medic doing as he walks past the camera? Cash rewards remain unclaimed to anyone who can point out a child in either the leaked footage or the photograph of the alleged blast area.

A £50 per person reward was raised to £1000 for just one young Ariana Grande fan to be identified in the image or video. No body has again been able to claim the reward which had stood for over 12 months before being raised. Was this a well orchestrated media and government funded hoax to trigger racial and religious divisions within the UK? To lead the military into joint operations in Syria as they seek to topple the Assad regime using covert emotional warfare tactics on the general public who will then consent to any action the government take?

Serious discussions are missed by mainstream media who are complicit in these events and perception swinging propaganda operations used not only against other countries but right here in the UK on us the people. Ask yourself one question, 17 years after 9/11 have you seriously ever seen one terrorists? Yourself with your own eyes have you? I still have not…

Read More About Various Incidents And People Linked To This And Other Events On This Very Informative Article On My Website

The Wrangler – Inside The Mind Of A Crisis Actor

THE WRANGLER: Inside The Mind Of A Crisis Actor – How To Stage A Media Hoax


Watch Video With New CERN DIscovery On YouTube

Shocking New Discovery Made In New Enchanted LifePath Video. This Is HUGE. CERN Appear On Crisis Cast Role Play Management Website Client List. New Video With Shocking New Find As Well As Plenty Of Crisis Actors Including A Hillsborough Reference!!! #WeAreTheNews

In this video I show you Mason Wells who was allegedly blown up in the Brussels Airport bomb. We watch Mason dressed like a Mummy in bandages but able to talk, smirk and sigh. His hearing is not effected meaning he also talks in a normal tone. He was also at the Boston Marathon bombing and close to the Paris attacks at the Bataclan on November 13 2015. He has been present at 3 terror attacks.

We also look at Parsons Green witness Emma Stevie who is a movie production standard make-up artist from The Delamare Make Up Academy in Essex. Emma was a key crisis acting witness at the event at Parsons Green trainstation last September. I show you her academy as well as how she helped with the make up on another alleged victim/crisis actor Mr. Crowley, an obvious Alistair Crowley reference. Together they tell Good Morning Britain viewers a very suspicious version of events which leads us into Emma Stevie’s persistent Hillsborough references and her very odd exit from an interview with a clumsy RT news selfie stick reporter.

All that before moving on to Crisis Cast Role Play Management who provide crisis actors and services to a host of high profile clients including the newly discovered clients none other than the mad scientists at CERN. Crisis Cast also show you on their website various ways in which media and role play management are immersed to provide real time staged incidents which merge with reality.

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Well if that does not open your eyes then it is a good job I have the rest of the article to change things isn’t it, Sssssssomebody Stop Meeeeee.




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A man caught up in the Manchester Arena bombing has described how he turned over bodies to look for his wife and daughter.

Andy Wholey from Whiston was standing in the foyer waiting for his wife and 14-year-old daughter when the bomb was detonated and threw him across the floor. Watch his video interview on the Liverpool Echo website via link then continue to read.


Fully Exposed | Manchester Bombing Crisis Actor Andrew Wholey & The Liverpool Echo Super Fail – BBC News Crisis Actor Phone In

A Liverpool man who has claimed him and his daughter were blown up in the Manchester Arena bombing hoax has been caught fluffing his imaginary version of events numerous times leaving him looking like a liar to the people of Liverpool and more importantly to the city of Manchester.

Would the real Andrew Wholey please stand up – Is the great liar of Liverpool an attention seeking clown? – Yes

22:10pm Arrives at Manchester Arena and text wife/daughter to say he will meet them in the box office area but learned later he had no reply as both phones were off as batteries had both ran flat.

Later he states a family member had located them by phone at Next, before they all got to hotel, how did the phones charge up again?

22:33 Blown through two sets of doors by the bomb.

No injuries at all can be seen on Mr Wholey, who confirms this himself by saying he is fine.

22:45 wakes up after bomb blast and runs into the seating area to look for family.

Says no paramedics were at the scene and his brother says there is nothing on TV about the bomb.

22:50 Claims he is pictured helping a young female who has severe facial injuries as he is turning dead bodies over to find family members.

The man in the picture is NOT Andrew Wholey and is clearly a bald, slimmer and taller man with no young females visible in the image.

23:50 Andrew Wholey is live on BBC News..

Leaving Mr Wholey just five minutes to contact the BBC and explain his story and get live on air.

Having made at least three interviews in local press and a phone call to the BBC just one hour and twenty minutes after the bombing took place, Andrew Wholey has now dug himself into a hole with his lies.

It is now believed stories were made to seek rewards and commercial gain as well as free entry to the One Love gig.

The man who has been hailed as a hero harassed celebrities and mainstream media outlets using his daughter as an emotional heart-string to help his attention seeking desire to be seen in the public eye.

In a confused mess Andrew holey told BBC News during a phone call at 23:50 he was blown 30 feet through two sets of doors after which he then got up and looked for his wife and daughter before finding them outside the arena and taking them back to the Travelodge Manchester Central Arena Hotel, Great Ducie St.

But in an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Wholey told a reporter on film that he met his wife and daughter outside Next at the Arndale Centre before taking his family to the hotel. In another version of events he tells the same Liverpool Echo reporter he met his wife back at the hotel which is a fifteen minute walk from the Manchester Arena an hour after the bomb went off.

This time line of events leaves Mt Wholey with no more than five minutes to contact BBC News, be able to get through to the news desk, tell them his story and have it verified before going on air in a call to tell the public his version of the night.

Quotes from Wholey which were published in a Liverpool Echo article said: “I didn’t want them to get caught up in the crowds and me not be able to see them so I told them to wait.

“I found out later that their phones had died and they didn’t get my message.

“At 10.30pm I heard Ariana singing her encore, and at 10.33pm I heard the loudest noise I have ever heard in my life.

“It wasn’t like how you hear it on TV, it was like a massive vibration and the whole building shook.

“I was thrown across the floor and through an open door.

“I knew straight away it was a bomb.”

TRUTH: This Is Not Andrew Wholey

Wholey and his lies got much worse in the interview when he claimed to be a man seen crouching down in the picture of the arena bomb scene which was released to the public (below), Andrew Wholey is again proven to be an unscrupulous liar when the image is analysed it is 100% clear that the man in the picture is NOT Andy Wholey.

This is being described as an embarrassing fail for the Liverpool Echo who published this picture with an article and a seven minute interview in which Wholey even makes his partially blind daughter tell lies to add to the drama and emotional control.

Andrew Wholey’s real intentions around his bid for publicity In the days after the Manchester Arena incident were soon on display.

Wholey took to begging celebrities for gifts and freebies on social media platform twitter claiming him and his daughter were almost killed in the bombing, this is not inline with what he says in each of his interviews as his daughter was never in any danger.

Wholey can be seen posting numerous tweets to celebrities such as ex Liverpool football club player Luis Suarez, now with Barcelona, he tweets Liam Gallagher saying he helped little girls in the bomb area, Justin Beiber and the organisers of the One Love concert to state he should be a V.I.P, and Joan Grande, the mother of Ariana to ask for a signed picture.

As early as 2014 he had been tweeting celebrities to arrange a meeting with his daughter using the issue of her imminent blindness in hope of the stars granting his daughters wishes of seeing them before she no longer has eyesight.

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Just as you thought I can not have any more snippets to open your eye’s to the lies and deception you are faced with on a daily basis, here is a picture of the inside of the alleged Bataclan attacks in Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, I remember it well, they use dummies on the set of the shootings and smeared them and the floor in fake blood. It was a Friday, yep Friday 13. Unlucky for the media hoaxers. And yes my memory is this good so these crisis acting clowns have got an awful lot of tidying to do. I wonder if half of the idiots have got such a good memory because I can pull stuff up on them all year me. It has been quite refreshing to revisit some of the insults to our intelligence as they deny us of what we see with our own eyes. My advice to you is save this image zoom in on it do super special auto fix on its grainy crap quality to make it clearer and see for yourself, but most importantly, do not believe what you hear from trained media and government liars ever again in your life. Not a word. Now look at this.


Do you think I am making this up as I go along, well here you go here is a nice treat to help the point I am making feel that little bit more visual, it is a company who specialises in stunt and corpse dummies, and for a couple of hundred pound and upwards you can buy one of these and go staging fake media hoaxes and tart them up as international terror events.


Or you could just buy a load of them and fill a prop room up with the dummies and take photographs and release them to the public who you are counting on being too embroiled in the latest episode of Britain’s Got Talent to even notice the shit you have been fed from event to even for almost all your life, shall we look at the Warrington bombings? Maybe next time, for now you go do some digging into all I have presented and please prove me wrong. I am still waiting for somebody to claim that cash reward for identifying a young Ariana Grande fan of any sort in the blast area footage or images, I will be waiting forever.

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