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During the past three years I have covered alleged terror events with a sceptical opinion of the narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, the emergency services, the Government’s of the world, the alleged victims and friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors who then work hand in hand with the fore mentioned establishments and people to create events known as terror attacks played out on the world stage.

These people are actors, liars deceiving the world to extreme levels with the end game agenda being a total police state, one world united against fake terror governed under one set of laws.

This article is going to focus on the Crisis Actors we have seen and documented during attacks in Britain, some of the actors were involved in more than one event which means we will look into mainland Europe and other countries including The United States of America, Russia, France, Belgium and Germany during this investigation and presentation which is based on information easily obtained in the public domain. Highlighting harder to spot first time factors which reveal the true details of events which then leads us to a lack of details after terror attacks. We will look at how crowd funding is used to filter money to the actors who we will see making extravagant purchases after playing key roles in hoax terror attacks.

I will link crisis actors and their fake created families through business records, universities, social media accounts, press releases from newspapers or television and radio broadcasts. These people make huge mistakes when conducting interviews on various platforms and the pressure is on to get the lines right to ensure they are paid and can get more work, there are people who can spot this a mile away. I am one of them but I have gained a lot of very clever friends during my time building Enchanted LifePath, this presentation is not just my findings and research I have had a lot of help from my friends on this one. It is time to stop these impostors from hiding in the shadows.

It is down to me to present the abundance of information I have at my fingertips to you in a way you can understand, this will teach you to relate minor details to each event which you will pick up on, this is what I like to call constants in a sea of variables.

What I mean by this is once your eyes and ears are trained to spot the same themes being used again and again, the lies being broadcast and pushed in your face, you will be able to see it all around you from one day to the next, you will begin to question the fabric of the reports you are seeing in the news, you will learn tricks these people play and how to highlight them, one of the easiest things to do which always shows us the real story is slowing footage down or taking screen shots of events as well as gathering interviews and spotting the timing errors, like Andrew Wholey made (at the same event, someone we will be looking into shortly) when placed on the spot with national television cameras in his face.

They have just a few moments to get it right, it is after we have seen all of the initial wave of interviews we can begin to put the pieces of the jigsaw together and expose the human errors as the plot unfolds leaving you searching for answers only to find more questions.

I need you to take in every detail on this page, watch the videos, study faces, listen to the reports and statements carefully.

Now is a good time for you to listen to a call I made to a well known crisis actor company based here in the UK with links spreading as far as Dubai and a host of partners and clients whom we will use to build the bigger picture as we continue to progress through the article. This phone call was a real eye opener to the truth community viewers at the time it was placed, which was the day before the Munich attacks on, July, 22, 2016. I called the company and told them I needed 500 crisis for a production and needed information about how it all works, the lady thought the she was about to talk her way into a big deal so she went on, and on, and on, and on. Revealing more than company bosses would of liked they have since removed the telephone number from the website. Please watch this unedited version of the call as I have used it in videos in the past in which they have had music playing etc. This is very clear, please watch the video and take in what she says,. taking note of the establishments she names before we move onto to exposing more of these unbelievable bastards.

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Who Is She? Who Is She? Where Did You Find Her?

She is Emma Stevie, the Parsons Green bombing crisis actor and fake witness. Emma is also a film production standard make-up artist graduate from the Delamar make up academy which is based at the famous Ealing Film Studios, Essex. Emma once met one of the most highly regarded make-up artists in the world, Mary Greenwell, who Emma dubbed the ‘Godmother of Make-up’ in her blog after meeting Mary who was Princess Diana’s make-up artist. Mary has such a high profile she has no problem attracting the attention of A-list celebrity clientele such as Vogue, Kate Moss,  Mario Testino, Cate Blanchett and Giselle Bundchen to name a few.

Emma Stevie is obviously well thought of in the make up industry and she did very well at Delamar academy which was founded in 1986, this helps us build a character profile. She must be good, out of all the creative people who attend the academy she was the one who got to meet Princess Di’s make up artist, a moment she describes in her blog as “comparable to an art student meeting Vincent Van Gough, or an Apple store worker meeting Steve Jobs”.

Emma’s article about meeting Mary Greenwell started with a bang and panic stricken faces as she wrote:
It would seem this blog starts with quite a bang! I don’t know how am going to get better content! *panic-stricken face* – I might give up now!

Emma appeared on live televised news reports, conducting interviews with various news outlets claiming to be an eye witness to the alleged Parsons Green tube station bombing on September, 15, 2015. Many witnesses spoke of bangs and panic stricken faces in the stories spilling out of the day.

Emma did what all crisis actors do best, she lied to the public… And she is awful at doing it showing no emotion towards alleged victims because there was no victims. Watch the video and try to not question her story and body language yourself, take note the news channels are also saying the bomb “ROCKED” Parsons Green…..

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In this next video we prove Emma either has serious mental health issues or she is outright acting for the camera and even acts her way out of the interview in a blink and you will miss it moment once again captured by simply slowing footage down. With the footage at half speed or even as slow as a quarter of the normal recording speed Emma’s interview in the video above becomes quite concerning as it highlights her facial expressions and body language as well as caching a very strange moment when Emma leaves the interview by cutting herself off as she is talking by waving down the street at somebody shouting “Hello” before telling the amateurish RT News reporter she has just seen her friend and has to go.

When we watch the footage we clearly see there is nobody in the street she could of been acknowledging as the camera pans around onto her as she walks up an empty street having just conducted one of the most disgraceful post terror event witness interview I have ever seen. Please watch the next short video to see for yourself how bat shit crazy this girl actually is.

After telling more lies than one can wish to imagine on the news platforms, Emma Stevie then took to the melodramatic morning television shows, the same programs which are the main source of information to millions of people around the United Kingdom because they are in an information bubble which revolves around Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Kyle, The Simpsons and Hollyoaks during the day before moving into the prime-time sombreness, seeing the same shows like clockwork with Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street and EastEnders trapping households in front of the agenda and away from the truth. A choice of reality television programs are aired to further numb the hive mind on a daily basis. If the people only see X-Factor or Big Brother day in day out how are they finding time to learn anything else? People do not have one hour to learn but they have hours on end to waste brain cells. This is where productions such as Good Morning Britain, or This Morning with hosts like Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield are pivotal in being the forefront of the calculated and scripted emotional control placed over most of the nation every single day.

Emma Stevie received a bad response to her actions with YouTube viewers posting concerns about her legitimacy. Emma asked the person who uploaded the first video in this post to remove it as no permission was given by her. Click image to read more comments.

In a response on twitter Emma spoke out against critics describing them as trolls who think she is a crisis actor in this pathetic Tweet:


Here is a video of Emma Stevie talking on Good Morning Britain hosted by Piers Morgan. Emma is sitting next to Peter Crowley, excuse me for mentioning the Alistair Crowley links here with Peter but I will save that for my decode video which I am currently working on. Peter Crowley is an alleged victim of the Parsons Green Bombing, claiming he was sitting two meters away from the bomb as it sent a “Wall of Flame” (as the mainstream media keep quoting it, not flames, flame) down the carriage and engulfing people as they vanished into the explosion in a movie like scene described by Peter live to the UK.

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Take note, here we have crisis actor Peter Crowley faking a story of being injured sitting next to a movie production standard make-up artist who has also managed to appear on so many broadcasts it will of boosted her career100% over night. In the eyes of people who can not see this deception Emma Stevie can do no wrong and I am sure the GoFundMe accounts are flourishing, if not free trips to football stadiums or music gigs for alleged victims and witnesses as with all of these staged events.

Below is a post taken from Peter Crowley’s Facebook page after the Parsons Green bomb if that’s what you call it pay attention to his hair line in the images which are embedded straight from his profile using the embed options allowing us to take note of the date.

The image above is a post from taken five months prior to the Parsons Green hoax. It is from his Facebook page showing his hair-style is no different and can be easily manipulated by special effects experts with the skills of Emma Stevie.

Here is a video tour of Delamar academy, it shows how easy it is for the trade to mimic injuries, hair, prosthetics and more. All that you need to for the ultimate crisis actor make-over.

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These people are very good at utilising skills to transform what we see into what we think we see, not all of them it would be unprofessional and make no sense to paint a whole industry with the same brush, but we can begin to understand how these terror events are just theatre on a world stage.

Crisis management companies and actor agencies are providing actors to filming sets which are then portrayed as real by the complicit mainstream media and emergency services in the biggest ongoing public fraud have ever seen. The scary thing is most of the public are unaware this is happening as the emotional conditioning shaping the nation takes hold.

So now you have a good idea of how other services and agents gel together to form these staged events. With the masses watching on not noticing the common traits at terror attacks and without understanding the political game being played in the shadows they are free to do it again each time they get away with it.

The scam does not stop, it grows. Advertising revenue generated from website visits, video views, television and radio broadcasts with advertising deals making huge income for the industry including news stations, film production, costume design, the list is endless. Go fund me pages are instantly supported with thousands of pounds in donations to victims with fake injuries. Phone ins, newspaper sales, remembrance concerts, terror merchandise such as bee related clothing and tattoos as we seen during the emotion control after the May 22, Manchester Arena staged event, ensuring business is booming during media lead state sponsored terror attacks and hoaxes. Of course plenty of overtime is booked in by all in question with the emergency services being paid very well in 2017 with all this extra leg which is an insult to the British Tax payer on every level.

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The media are trained liars, the video above shows this. They have an agenda to follow. How can anybody including journalists not look at this girl pictured below in head bandages and not think she had had come out of cosmetic surgery or a beauty parlour rather than a bomb. Minutes after her movie role opportunity she was pictured without her bandages using her mobile phone. This can not fail to register with you as the article is justifying the claims it is making.

If you would like to find out who she is and the alternative identities she has then watch this next five minute video.

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The next people we are looking at will still be fresh in the memory of most readers of this page, cast as the homeless men who helped save the day in a small section of the lies placed into the publics perception, not allowing the public to gain there own perception of events.

These men are Chris Parker and Steven Jones. You are the news.

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The man in the video above is Steven Jones, he is one of the two homeless men present along with his friend Chris Parker (below) claiming to of been helping out as panic set in around the Manchester Arena in the media and state sponsored terrorist attack which is said to of been carried out by Salman Abedi who attended the University of Salford.

Having been raised to the heights of national hero Chris Parker was quickly brought down to earth after having £52.000 in go fund me donations held back until after a pending court case where he stands accused of stealing a mobile phone from a young bomb victim who mainstream media claim can not be named because of legal reasons due to her age. He also stands accused of stealing the purse from Pauline Healey, 51, as her granddaughter is said to of been dying yards away.

It seems Chris has fallen foul of the crisis actors axe after making numerous blunders during his television interviews including one we you we just heard in the video above when Steven mentions a fireman helping him with a child. This can be validated as a lie after fast emerging reports from firefighters who were not allowed to attend the scene of the alleged bomb at the Manchester Arena for up to 90 minutes as the initial chaos unfolded.

One firefighter said: “I have never seen such frustration in 23 years as I did this morning when I came on duty. How does anyone deal with this anger and frustration of being held back from doing your job?”

Another commented: “The station is half a mile from the incident.”

Based on this testimony from respectable fire fighters, we can not believe the statement from Steven as he was talking about an immediate situation reaction. His insistence that he held a seriously injured woman in his arms as she passed away must also be brought into the spotlight, these are big claims to be making in such a public manor when they can be easily proven to be false, it does not stop there.

He also claims he helped pull nails out of a young girls face, again this came in the initial response to the alleged bombing. A nail in an injured girls face would require trained medical assistance and the FACT, it is well publicised that ST. Johns Ambulance were present on the scene within minutes of the alleged blast as Ariana Grande closed out her performance at the Arena on May, 22, 2017.

Stevens actions would of placed the girls face in danger of infection from his unclean hands which would of been covered in more germs than anyone can wish to imagine, not to mention further bleeding and future scaring from his callous irresponsible actions, I would like one person to provide CCTV or mobile phone footage of Steven or Chris doing any of this. We do know none of it happened of course, don’t we? Let’s enlighten you further, no cryptic corker intended.

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Fully Exposed | Manchester Bombing Crisis Actor Andrew Wholey & The Liverpool Echo Super Fail – BBC News Crisis Actor Phone In

A Liverpool man who has claimed him and his daughter were blown up in the Manchester Arena bombing hoax has been caught fluffing his imaginary version of events numerous times leaving him looking like a liar to the people of Liverpool and more importantly to the city of Manchester.

Would the real Andrew Wholey please stand up – Is the great liar of Liverpool an attention seeking clown? – Yes

22:10pm Arrives at Manchester Arena and text wife/daughter to say he will meet them in the box office area but learned later he had no reply as both phones were off as batteries had both ran flat. Later he states a family member had located them by phone at Next, before they all got to hotel, how did the phones charge up again?
22:33 Blown through two sets of doors by the bomb.
No injuries at all can be seen on Mr Wholey, who confirms this himself by saying he is fine.
22:45 wakes up after bomb blast and runs into the seating area to look for family.
Says no paramedics were at the scene and his brother says there is nothing on TV about the bomb.
22:50 Claims he is pictured helping a young female who has severe facial injuries as he is turning dead bodies over to find family members.
The man in the picture is NOT Andrew Wholey and is clearly a bald, slimmer and taller man with no young females visible in the image.
23:50 Andrew Wholey is live on BBC News..
Leaving Mr Wholey just five minutes to contact the BBC and explain his story and get live on air.

Having made at least three interviews in local press and a phone call to the BBC just one hour and twenty minutes after the bombing took place, Andrew Wholey has now dug himself into a hole with his lies.

It is now believed stories were made to seek rewards and commercial gain as well as free entry to the One Love gig.

The man who has been hailed as a hero harassed celebrities and mainstream media outlets using his daughter as an emotional heart-string to help his attention seeking desire to be seen in the public eye.

In a confused mess Andrew holey told BBC News during a phone call at 23:50 he was blown 30 feet through two sets of doors after which he then got up and looked for his wife and daughter before finding them outside the arena and taking them back to the Travelodge Manchester Central Arena Hotel, Great Ducie St.

But in an interview with the Liverpool Echo, Wholey told a reporter on film that he met his wife and daughter outside Next at the Arndale Centre before taking his family to the hotel.
In another version of events he tells the same Liverpool Echo reporter he met his wife back at the hotel which is a fifteen minute walk from the Manchester Arena an hour after the bomb went off.

This time line of events leaves Mt Wholey with no more than five minutes to contact BBC News, be able to get through to the news desk, tell them his story and have it verified before going on air in a call to tell the public his version of the night.

Quotes from Wholey which were published in a Liverpool Echo article said: “I didn’t want them to get caught up in the crowds and me not be able to see them so I told them to wait.

“I found out later that their phones had died and they didn’t get my message.

“At 10.30pm I heard Ariana singing her encore, and at 10.33pm I heard the loudest noise I have ever heard in my life.

“It wasn’t like how you hear it on TV, it was like a massive vibration and the whole building shook.

“I was thrown across the floor and through an open door.

“I knew straight away it was a bomb.”

TRUTH: This Is Not Andrew Wholey

Wholey and his lies got much worse in the interview when he claimed to be a man seen crouching down in the picture of the arena bomb scene which was released to the public (below), Andrew Wholey is again proven to be an unscrupulous liar when the image is analysed it is 100% clear that the man in the picture is NOT Andy Wholey.

This is being described as an embarrassing fail for the Liverpool Echo who published this picture with an article and a seven minute interview in which Wholey even makes his partially blind daughter tell lies to add to the drama and emotional control.

The video below shows Andrew Wholeys real intentions around his bid for publicity In the days after the Manchester Arena incident, Wholey took to begging celebrities for gifts and freebies on social media platform twitter claiming him and his daughter were almost killed in the bombing, this is not inline with what he says in each of his interviews as his daughter was never in any danger.

YouTube player

Wholey can be seen posting numerous tweets to celebrities such as ex Liverpool football club player Luis Suarez, now with Barcelona, he tweets Liam gallagher saying he helped little girls in the bomb area, Justin Beiber and the organsisers of the One Love concert to state he should be a V.I.P, and Joan Grande, the mother of Ariana to ask for a signed picture.

As early as 2014 he had been tweeting celebrities to arrange a meeting with his daughter using the issue of her imminent blindness in hope of the stars granting his daughters wishes of seeing them before she no longer has eyesight.

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