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Shocking New Discovery Made In New Enchanted LifePath Video. This Is HUGE. CERN Appear On Crisis Cast Role Play Management Website Client List. New Video With Shocking New Find As Well As Plenty Of Crisis Actors Including A Hillsborough Reference!!! #WeAreTheNews

In this video, I show you Mason Wells who was allegedly blown up in the Brussels Airport bomb. We watch Mason dressed like a Mummy in bandages but able to talk, smirk, and sigh. His hearing is not affected meaning he also talks in a normal tone. He was also at the Boston Marathon bombing and close to the Paris attacks at the Bataclan on November 13, 2015. He has been present at 3 terror attacks.

We also look at Parsons Green witness Emma Stevie who is a movie production standard make-up artist from The Delamare Make-Up Academy in Essex. Emma was a key crisis acting witness at the event at Parsons Green train station last September. I show you her academy as well as how she helped with the makeup on another alleged victim/crisis actor Mr. Crowley, an obvious Alistair Crowley reference. Together they tell Good Morning Britain viewers a very suspicious version of events which leads us into Emma Stevie’s persistent Hillsborough references and her very odd exit from an interview with a clumsy RT news selfie stick reporter. All that before moving on to Crisis Cast Role Play Management who provide crisis actors and services to a host of high profile clients including the newly discovered clients none other than the mad scientists at CERN. Crisis Cast also shows you on their website various ways in which media and role play management are immersed to provide real-time staged incidents that merge with reality.



In the video in my crisis actors playlist on my videos page, you can see my call to CrisisCast in 2016. I asked them for 500 crisis actors and the receptionist thought of money bags and spilled more than she should. The call went down in truth channel folklore for anyone that seen it in my videos and how it lined up to what we had all said about staged terror events by the media and emergency services.

You can also watch it on the article below.

Next up is a video from the kings of Leon video I did a few years ago that has a lot of what the mad scientists at CERN are up to and why the place is like a futuristic base for the brain children of operation paperclip… It is just a little something estra for people on thsi page who will get exactly what I mean within the Kings Of Leon song and be able to resonate with the things I am picking up on in the video and how it all ties into work at CERN and the LHC

But then I can show you what effects CERN has had on the magnestosphere in the past decade or so with the Large Hadron Colidor.

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