Summer Fires Direct Energy Weapons

The cloak and dagger way in which they promote this technology to you is quite literally from the mindset of the salesman for the devil.

5g is a kill grid and it will bring about a rapid demise in humanity. By design of course.

They tell us we need faster Netflix but do they tell us of the severe dangers we face as this 5g beast system is being rolled out in test cities around the world including right here in Liverpool.

Truth be told 5G is a microwave oven on a global scale. The frequency transmitted from a house hold microwave is measured at 1ghz.

The 5G technology resonates in a highly dangerous millimetre wave frequency of 30-300ghz. This is a fatal spectrum which affects air and water molecules. We are made up of 80% water, our brains are surrounded by water. Do the maths.

These millimetre waves have less direct penetration as they are smaller so instead of operating from one mast or triangulating signals between more than one location, 5G will rely on thousands of transmitters per city and this is where your new technology comes into it.

Last year Sky TV upgraded my set top box to a new version called Sky Q. Sky Q is 5G ready and by simply entering the engineers menus you can enable 5G on the item which has been sent to millions of homes around the UK already. When this technology is launched very soon it will all be on the 5G network. Other transmitters include your new mobile phones or masts which are on buildings or at road sides, in fields, next to hospitals, schools and they create harm to life. A city the size of London needs 40-60.000 transmitters. Can you see why this is a kill grid? They have mini base stations everywhere. Smart meters are also a part of this problem and were linked to fires in California in 2017.

Not only will every device be connected to the kill grid on a self designated prison planet but your health will be effected, privacy will be invaded if not removed totally. 4G works fine so we do not need this it can only be seen as mass depopulation. This will be rolled out fully by 2020.

They have managed to Trojan horse your worse nightmare into your materialistic dreams. These higher frequencies being directed at you are cancerous. The human production cycle is also at risk. It has been already banned in German schools.

All these events we have seen worldwide have been directly linked to cities receiving 5G funding from the EU or other other governing bodies. For example, the terror related car incidents we see are so they can say we need smart cars which can be driven by AI which needs 5G to operate. The events have all been staged around 5G test bed cities and it was proven last year by Annie Logical who presented her finds live on Enchanted LifePath TV.

We also seen signs of 5G communications and emergency services cohesion testing at the Manchester arena bombing and Grenfell Tower fire when firefighters faced communications breakdowns. We are under attack from all angles and it is going to get much worse.

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