We Happy Few – Forced Vaccination & MK Ultra Fake Joy – We Happy Few looks evil, it is truth hidden in plain sight and to me it depicts the world we live in today

As I was digging around for stuff relating to August 10 and the Queen, after hitting on a new album to be released by Nicki Minaj on August 10 2018, called Queen, I was on a video of The Queen reacting to Nelson Mandela’s death, the screenshot above is an advert that ran before the Mandela video.

Low and behold I heard a line in it at the end as I had my head down a second, it broke my concentration so I looked up and paused it as you can not rewind adverts on YouTube.

This is the video of a game called We Happy Few which is also released on August 10, 2018. Watch this clip in full and you will find it is frightening.

August 10, 2018 SHOCKER What The HELL Is This?……

We Happy Few looks evil, it is truth hidden in plain sight and to me it depicts the world we live in today with the simulated environment and emotions placed on us via the platforms discussed throughout this article, the entertainment industry, Pandora’s Box Office.

What is this game?

We Happy Few is created by Compulsion Games. The game has been in early access since July of 2016, this means fans have been able to access a form of the game without a story mode, now it has its story and it is a strange one but not far away from the world we live in today.

It is set in a town called Wellington Wells which is portrayed in a BioShock meets the love child of the Purge and iPet Goat kind of way. It is a world where synthetic emotions are in the form of a mandatory medicine called Joy. The moral of the story is if you do not walk around taking your happy pills then the other people who do will try to kick the living daylights out of you or even kill you for not fitting in.

The people of the town are controlled like zombies and they can not see the world that they are induced in to.

The main character of the game does not take his tablets and spends the majority of time in survival mode having to blend in as if he is high on Joy, trying his best not to be noticed as refusal to take Joy see’s you labelled a downer.

You watched the clip, put on your happy face, it told you.

What do we see billions of females (and males sorry) doing on social media?

Putting on their happy faces, using filters to appear younger, hiding behind the success of false idols famed by distractions such as Love Island, being fed fake joy whilst painting the streets in rainbows and the new satanic paedophile cult logo you suddenly see everywhere, the unicorn.

The true reality is people are acting happier but many are starving, working longer and feeling more detached from themselves as they are consumed by this manufactured consciousness which prolongs that desire to need, to want and to feel like nothing is good enough.

We are bread to lust, driven by greed and that is how they want us.

Take away the peoples joy and chaos will follow, the people who shape our society created the problem, they have the solution after the reaction and it will not end well let me tell you.

It is a typical theme of these productions to have some way of showing us the serpent and that brings us to the 88 reference that is hidden in this mindless entertainment game, the twin serpents that is so we might as well go more cryptic right about now and expose more of the occult which means hidden.

The game itself is loaded with subliminal hints and sigil magic, the clips we have watched have had a host of messages in, did you see the one about Prince Harry?

It is when the main character says: “If you force people to have the emotions you want them to have then you are creating robots made out of meat”, that we see a wall with graffiti on in the background.

The graffiti says “King Harry, England’s One True King”

It does not end there, the game is crammed with esoteric images and some are of a very serious nature, I mentioned unicorns earlier and suggested they are part of a secret paedophile symbol agenda which is being popularised by mainstream media and We Happy Few is no different when it comes to promoting paedophilia but by hiding it in plain sight.

Take this scene for instance, it features unicorns, teddy bears and the shape released by the FBI as one of many paedophile symbols which they use to show their sexual preferences for children as discussed in disturbing reports about April 25th which is known as Alice day and is a paedophile pride day held each year since the early 1990’s.

The background in the game has a lot to decode and it truly is like a game version of iPet Goat and I am sure a lot of people will be all over this one soon, as of now there are no breakdowns of the game from a cryptic point of view on YouTube so this is technically the first a lot of people will of heard about it in this light.

I noticed something on the wall in the bedroom, it is the sun depicted taking a path where it rises and sets around the outer edge of a table, is this table referring to flat earth I wonder? It also says on the wall  “Sleep tight everything is tucked out of sight”

Another thing the game seems to be full of is butterflies which are the symbol of MK Ultra, the Monarch Mind Control Program and let’s face it, this is a game about mind control.

The butterfly is the chosen logo of MK Ultra as when you split a brain in half it takes the shape of a butterfly, this is why you will see celebrities posing with butterflies in photo shoots, they are showing you they are part of the agenda and have been programmed by handlers who abuse them until they lose their own identity and become a slave to the industry.

The game is also loaded with love hearts and rainbows, the love hearts are symbolic of Lupercalia which is highly associated to sacrifice and is the Pagan festival which is repackaged today and known as valentines day.

Wellington Wells is a fictional city and surrounding land in the southwest of England and the setting of We Happy Few. The city is based on a man called John Wellington Wells the city is set in a futuristic 1960’s England.

The word Wells is often linked to witchcraft and child sacrifice. We remember the case of Holly and Jessica Wells who were murdered by Ian Huntley who was helped cover up the child killings by Maxine Carr, a teacher, Ian Hyntley was the caretaker at the school both girls attended.

More oddeties from this game include the soundtrack and one of the songs that stand out most is Georgie Joy by The Make Believes. The song features which are fitting for the insane theme of the game.

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Green Green Grass Marmalade and Sassafras

All the things that Summer has,

When im with you

Tangerine, lemonade and sunny dreams

soda pop and football teams

When im with you

Demon eyes, bloody baths and human pies

severed limbs are compromised when im not with you

Screaming trees, all the things I cant unsee

rolling heads and falling teeth

When im not with you

Joy its time to make you mine Mine.

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