[Jamel Myles Pierce 9-Year-Old Gay Suicide: Social Media Pedo Cults Exposed – LGBTQP Agenda – Crowdfunding – Emotional Manipulation – Dark Web Women]

[There is a shit storm brewing regarding the strange pedo cults of women all over social media pushing agendas and raising money using fake incidents like the reported suicide of a gay 9-year-old.

Why with all these child-related cases when looking at the people who come onto my page attacking it for the truth its telling do I keep seeing droves of women who are so private about themselves they have their profiles on lockdown regarding anything to do with them but they are more than okay with having hundreds of pictures of their kids and everyone else’s kids just piles of kids all over them. Let me tell you some facts women are statistically making up an increasingly bigger percentage of offenders when it comes to child abuse as well as aiding and abetting such horrors. This information is sourced from The UK & Ireland Database which publishes all convicted paedophiles from Great Britain.

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We all know as well as anything there is always something we don’t know. A subject, event or a niche will make you go WTFFFFFFF is that and this is the sort of thing I am trying to explain to you right now. We have swarms of women parading around social media attaching themselves to child related stories that they are generating within their own cults and on the back of it they are playing with the emotions of people and raising a fortune in crowdfunding.

I do wonder if a lot of the crowdfunding money is in fact paedophile money being laundered back into the system from the dark web. If not it is still raising money based on lies and strategically altered emotions. The crowdfunding companies are generating huge profits from each mini-disaster that is made up and promoted to high hell on social media by these cults. The groups and people you see attached to these children are raising money in the millions all around the world. They are using a form of online crowd control techniques on the targets who find themselves following a cause which is designed to play on their heartstrings. I have studied Just Giving donation pages in the past and found a loop of payments, comments, and people on the site which was repeating throughout whole funding campaigns. Have you ever seen Breaking Bad and Walter White sets up a crowdfunding platform using his disabled son to launder drug money through? This is what I feel is happening with these cults and it is paedophile generated money being filtered back into the system.

Just Giving Or Just Taking The Piss?

I have shown you before how paedophiles use blue love hearts to signify boy love or pink for girl love. Purple is used for duality. The colour themes these social media cults use are easy to spot as they are all the same. For example, right now the mum of Jamel Myles is posting purple love hearts all over the place in the name of her reported dead gay 9 year old.

The Colour Purple?

On the back of her generated heartache, she has a lot of people commenting on her posts. When looking into these people a clear pattern is emerging. One that I have seen that many times now it is annoying me and it needs putting into words. It needs explaining. People need to be able to spot when they are being emotionally manipulated by these cults that have ties to mainstream media who springboard them into the limelight. Funds are then generated through donations, raffles or even lotteries. They can be for various causes. This is all operating within the fine lines of legitimacy and taking the piss and it is when the events are staged that they go off-scale with the lies and deception. And again the media are playing their part in all of this.

The women in question are all part of groups all over Facebook and they are easy to pinpoint as they will all only have links to petitions, donations, sick child causes and a lot of paedophile symbolism. The causes will be frontlined by actors who promote paedophilia subliminally. Look at the image above, says it all really. Actor, kid, agenda, law changes, fake emotion, no tears, staged photograph. You will also notice she is wearing a necklace that is in the shape of a diamond with devil horns. This is in reference to Ba’al, the sun God who represents child sacrifice by fire. Diamond = 33 in Full Reduction when using a numerology calculator. The number 33 is associated to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and is said to be the age of Jesus Christ when he was crucified. Simple. How easy was that? It can not feel any more in your face right now, can it? I know that feeling well.

Can you spot the sneaky signs that I have been telling everyone about for the past two years? These women all have a very shifty, crafty, occultist way about them. Occult means hidden. These people are now no longer in the shadows. I am showing you what is going on. You are no longer blinded by these sick con merchants and we are only just getting started.

I have not seen anyone highlight the groups of women surrounding themselves in children who are on deaths door which tells me they are still getting away with public emotional and financial murder unnoticed within their own little clicks. No one can see what they are all up to and every time I say a word it is all these cults that come out in force going against me to the point I have now noticed them.

Dark Web Paedophile Cult Woman On Social Media? 

The penny has dropped after dealing with so many of them for the past 6 months I am now fully aware and onto them all. They are providers of children to paedophiles as well as paedophiles themselves. They are breaders of children. One example can be that children are then mistreated sexually assaulted and raised without affection before the just as involve child protection services of the world come and take them. The mother does not care of course because she is paid off. The kids are then placed in planted paedophile foster familes who are also well paid and the children are abused. They then grow up and carry on the abuse when they have families of their own because they are normalised to it.

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This again, is the exact thing I feel is happening when analysing these groups who are 80% women but there is men involved. I have just not seen as many because of the nature of the stories they are generating to whip up hysteria. They are targetting females online whilst building huge support from the general public who are easier to control emotionally with face-value upsetting topics such as a gay nine year old boy who has reportedly killed himself. The people in question I fear will all have doubled up profiles. One set of profiles will be on normal social media and another will be on the dark web. It is on the dark web where they will do their bidding on the children in the photographs on their pages as doing it on Facebook and Twitter will mean they can be easily monitored. The kids will be celebrities in the sick paedophile world on the dark web.

Jamel Myles mum said “He was set for greatness”. The questions around his alleged death which are not being asked by meainstream include how did he kill himself? That has to be the most obvious question on earth at the minute regarding this story. The media treat us like fools, like we are not old enough to know facts like that. A few scenarios are possible here and we are operating in the realms of probability more than possibility.

Possibilities include he was sold off to the highest bidder on the dark web and will undertake a lifetime of abuse. Another is was killed as part of a snuff movie which may of been streamed live on the dark web as a pay per view event. Child abuse victims often tell of how they are told to kill themselves by their pradators as they try to break the personality of a kid. The young boy, Jamel Myles, was 9 years old and somehow he had emotions and knowldge of being homosexual and suicidal. What type of home did he come from?

He was 9. how did he know how to come out as gay? It is an adult issue. How did he know what suicide was and how did he know how to kill himself? What type of home did he live in? Was it his mother who was telling him to kill himself all the time and now she is sending out the signal to all the rest of the cults that she got him to do it? Her mixed-up gay 9-year-old killed himself. Is this a form of public mockery? Dupers delight? Again this is a possibility. It is how these people operate, it is how crisis actors also con the masses and are supported by these cults. They are clearly a cult because there are hundreds of thousands of them. Most people who follow the groups and causes are fully unaware of who or what they are truly supporting. Blinded by the storyline, not being able to read between the lines and lies.

Connie Yates and the Charlie and Chris Gard case in the UK was a classic example. Anyone can take 10 minutes to go look at the group and a lot of the mainframe hardcore followers and you will see what I am talking about. They whipped up emotion, again using social media as the platform of choice to be able to manipulate the targeted female audience which was mainly online.

The blue hearts (boy love), the soldier theme, the warrior theme, the chants, the fundraising, the emotional manipulation all came from an outside source. Connie Yates and Chris Gard are part of an agenda. They had interaction with the Pope and the Vatican, they visited Mike Pence at the Whitehouse, they raised millions to send Charlie to the States which never happened and it was then turned into a trust which means no one can get at any of the money because not any one person is in control of it meaning it is untouchable but people can take money out of it and benefit with it financially.

The parents of Charlie Gard have since set up lotteries and they are still promoting Charlies Law which brings us back to the agenda. Charlie’s Law is a law that will take cases as we have seen with Charlie and Alfie Evans out of the courtrooms and into a mediation room within the hospitals.

Charlie's Law

This will then be where rulings will be made. They may call them decisions or agreements but they will be making rulings on people’s lives based on calculations of the cost of maintaining life. This all seems like a private courtroom to me and I did say that privatisation of the NHS was a big reason for the events we have seen around children in the UK over the past 24 months. Billy Calder and his mum are another example of a child being used again to shift new legislation into place. Billy could not get his cannabis oil so instead of getting on a plane and just bringing some back, his mum had to put on a national show to get it taken off her to then get a meeting at Scotland Yard to then have the laws changed and it is now available on the NHS. The UK is the world’s biggest exporter of medicinal cannabis anyone can verify this easily and this tells us that they have been stockpiling it for long enough to then push it through the NHS. Another step towards privatisation of medicine as a result of agenda based emotional manipulation from media and government sources using plants to change society. The cases are loaded with people from the same cults that I am talking about and I have said how they are linked to the States. This is worldwide. When I covered the Alfie Evans story I spoke out against the blatant spirit cooking that was on display in and around the grounds of the hospital.

Francesca Pesce Hughes was instantly highlighted as being part of this when I was there. I showed a woman who was becoming the self-nominated voice of Alfie’s law, she read a few poems at key times and everyone thought she was lovely. She was performing occult rituals and anyone who went to look at her page found themselves horrified by the over-sexualised and quite smutty nature of her Facebook profile. She was luring people into her for publicity also to help her acting career and ego. Any parents at the balloon release will of went to her page and found themselves feeling uneasy. Look at all the people associated to her and you will see the same things. Petitions, fundraisers, children all over every profile, only children on most. This is all part of a bigger picture that is about to be exposed and people are going to be alerted to what is going on. They use social media as that is by far the best place for them to fool you and to advertise what they are doing but by hiding it in plain sight.

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Whist all that is going on, the story of Jamel Myles takes us to another huge global agenda that is underway to remove all masculinity from our society. It started with the unisex toilets and clothing before they moved onto the future generations. The children of the world are being forced to decide if they are gay or straight or transgender at ages as young as 4. The UK is hand in hand pushing this agenda with the States. The LGBT community is infiltrated by agenda. They are also attaching the P meaning pedosexual which is the new word they are using to familiarise people with it. Each new case of fake news like this fake gay boy’s death is part of that agenda too. They want to turn everyone gay and get us to accept paedophilia. This mindset manipulation is a pathway to the plan to reduce the age of sexual consent from 16 to 14 to 10 to as low as four. These people and agendas are pushed by people who have a different view of the world from your everyday person.

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This may all seem outlandish but the evidence is piling up. There is tons and tons of it out there from people like myself who are doing all we can to show people what day it is. We are under attack and they are embedding it into our culture. Give them 10 more years of the schools putting it into books and lessons and it will be set in stone. Again this may seem out of the realms of possibility to most but look around it is probability now as they have more than planted enough seeds and people who lack critical thinking are running with anything or any trend that is presented. One day you will know I am not here to lie to anyone I am doing EVERYTHING I can to show people the truth. Leia Pierce is putting on an act and is paid by the agenda to promote this one love manifestation. They want us to depopulate ourselves. The perfect way to do it is to make us all go against nature, be gay and transgender, fewer kids born. Fact.

Next up we look at the interviews from Leia and the blatant dupers delight she shows throughout. It is not just bad acting on display, she also gets a whole load of cryptic references in there too. one of the first ones is the Bee toy she is holding in all her television appearances. The ‘Bee’ is something I covered during the fallout from the Manchester Arena bombing hoax which we are told by trained liars killed 22 people on May, 22, 2017. All the two’s. B is the second letter of the alphabet 2 is B its simple numerology this I feel like I am insulting people’s intelligence even writing it as it is that basic. During the Manchester disgrace, we have seen people lining the streets to get Bee Tattoos.

It was adopted as the symbol of hope and peace and togetherness that swept around the city in no time. Local poets milked the wave of grief generated from that event, pop stars performed at memorial concerts and all they could all talk about was Bees. Leia Pierce is the same. In her interview, she talks about bees more than A Bee Movie in relation to her son’s toy which she says the 9-year-old boy had cut off its ears so it could be different like him after he came out as gay before killing himself. This woman is taking the complete piss and I am going to explain why right now. I also have examples of other proven actors doing the same regarding the same bee theme in 2017. There were even links to bees all over the Grenfell Tower fire.

Grenfell Tower Satanic Fire Ritual Happened June 13 Israel Year Of 58 – Fathers Day Attack Warning

The Michael Scott the Wizard, who is the last real true Wizard in Scotland. He is the Brother of the Scott line that became the Buccleuch line. Then read what this says below about the Magi magi people and this Bee history! There is added evidence that this family preserved (Zoroastrian Fire History/Magi) history that goes back to Persia, preserved by this Scott line at Scot family Tower at Scotstarvit. Pretty wild, when all the Scottish people never knew that the Scott lines were Fleming-Royal Merovingian blood from Rouen France.

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