Vichai SrivaddhanaprabhaHelicopter belonging to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha


Leicester City’s Thai Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has reportadly been killed along with four other people after the helicopter he travels in on match-day visits to the King Power stadium crashed during take-off after the Fox’s match with West Ham tonight, but is all as it seems?

Fans and club staff have been left in shock after watching the helicopter land on the pitch with passengers reportedly seen to board it prior to its tragic lift off.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Witnesses describe seeing the choppers rear rotor jamming which sent the aircraft into trouble after clearing the stands and nose diving into the club car-park around 200 meters away from take-off.

Reports circulated on social media that the death of the father of four had been confirmed though it was not yet known who else may have been on board but this sporadic information seems to be a bit questionable given the fact it is 2018 and there was high-resolution BT sports cameras trained onto the helicopter leading up to and during its take off.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

Social media accounts had been claiming the Thai Tycoon, worth $4.9billion, or £3.8million, according to Forbes, was killed in tonight’s crash. Others stated he was not on board but his father and family was.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha


Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha

The pilot has been praised for his efforts to steer the helicopter away from hundreds of fans before crashing into the club car-park. I find the statements coming out of mainstream media that the pilot is a hero to be strange. Why would they tell us he managed to save hundreds of fans by guiding an out of control helicopter away from them. Point one he had no control, point two it was an hour and twenty-five minutes after full-time. I grew up on Goodison Road in Liverpool where Everton Football club’s stadium is located. Let me tell you that close to an hour and a half after a football match that hundreds of fans are not around the ground. They have all long since gone home and to the pub so these reports are just so out of character with normal human behaviour it is unreal. I do wonder what on earth the reporter Jack Wilson from the Express is going on about in his article below?

We are told members of the public and players were visibly upset as Kasper Schmeichel, Leicester’s goalkeeper, was seen in tears outside the ground. Was this lots of spectators or just a few planted people? We are told hundreds of people. The match is 90 minutes long with a 15 minute break at half time. Getting to the stadiums takes time. This is not normal for people to hang around the ground for close to an extra 2 hours on top of an already long day. Who were the hundreds of fans saved from a falling helicopter?

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Did these people really stay for that long? We can see the ground was empty by that time as fully expected so why do they expect anyone to believe the ground was still surrounded by supporters? Kick off was at 17:30, first half is 45 minutes which takes us to 18:15 we then kick off again after the half time interval at 18:30 and play for another 45 minutes taking the time to 19:15 plus 5 minutes injury time which puts full-time at no longer than 19:20. The crash was at 20:34 judging by the time on the alleged CCTV footage of the crash. They expect us to believe the hero story because they don’t expect anybody to not believe it.

The helicopter hero story remind sme of when the Grenfell Tower fire was burning away and reports came out from the news outlets that a baby had been thrown out of a 7th floor window. They told us sthe baby was heroically caught by a passer-by. This was instantly played down as lies by membesr of the truith commuity including myself at the time. Annie Logical was subject of an ITN news report claiming she was a troll for saying the baby story never happened. This all came before BBC’s u-turn and reporter Dan Newling concluded the story propbably never happened after speaking to medical experts who stated the baby would have died.

A Wikipedia page for Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha was updated within moments of the crash.

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When we look at the numerology of the Leicester crash it does not look good with codes galore jumping out of this one so let’s waste no time as we move this report on from a press report into our favourite thing, a decode and we end up at a certain mass shooting over the other side of the pond. I won’t say the Z or the J words too early I promise.

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in Gematria gives us a few things worth highlighting in the Satanic numbers game that may leave us with some clues as to what has gone on in Leicester tonight. This time I clicked each box to drag up all of the results and deleted some that brought up zero. This will help us conclude whether or not this was Leicester City’s price they have had to pay for a certain league Premier League title win from out of nowhere

Oh look one of the first things that jumps out at us is 119 Jewish Reduced then we have 118 in Single Reduction the 11×8 is 88. 422 Reverse ordinal is another 88 with 4×22 also being the number of the Twin Serpents. I recently spoke about the HH being 88 with H being the 8th letter in the English alphabet. Neo-Nazi’s also use the 88 when referring to Adolf Hitler. Chaldean makes another appearance with 69 giving us that Hell on Earth as above so below number. The amount of times the number 2 or 22 popped up over the past 12 months even those who we call sheeple began to notice a pattern emerging. LCH Kabbalah gives us 222, I see this as the 3 two’s being amplified or multiplied by 3 giving us that all infamous, all meddling 666. Talk about a trip down Babylon Lane. 396 in the Franc Bacon roadshow strikes me awfully like the key to the universe, Tesla’s 3,6,9. If we add 3+9+6 we get 18 and yes that is another 666 in the mix. Single Reverse Reduction is 17 which is 8 when you have eyes to see that is another Saturn reference which we are surrounded by on a daily basis. You can go and check all of this out if you find this hard to believe or even understand but most visitors to this website are well aware of what I am saying. Just as we are about to head into a lot of 9/11 references I might as well point out the number 17’s and alert you to the fact that it has been 17 years since the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were demolished.

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I find it quite odd that hours before the crash there was some other high-profile Thai visitors to a Premier League club. The Thai Cave Rescue football team have been weekend guests at Manchester United, nicknamed the red devils.

The Thai Cave rescue began when the group allegedly became stranded on June 23, 2018. Today’s Thailand Tycoon’s helicopter crash  marks the 18 week point since the start of the Thai cave rescue. 18 again is 3×6=666. We can also look at it half of 36 which is also 666 with 3×6. Another way we can get 666 from 36 is by adding all the numbers from 1 to 36 and the grand total is, yep 36. 18 weeks was 4 months 4 days between the two events. There is a 44 which is half of the 88 and 44 usually alerts me to a stab in the back. A sacrifice, Caesar was portrayed by and stabbed in the back in 44bc. sandwiched between the cave rescue and the helicopter crash was a devastating landslide again in Thailand just a few weeks before tonight’s scenes in Leicester. The Freemason’s codes here are startling.

Helicopter Crash

The next number we will discuss come from the words King Power, which is not only the name of the stadium but also the company that made Srivaddhanaprabha his billions. And we see a lot more than meets the eye yet again when analysing a set of words to find hidden codes embedded within them. This has another set corkers. With more 44’s that are half of the total number we get from 811 which is again showing us 8×11 and that is another 88 right in our face. The number 88 is also used to depict the Twin Towers with both buildings having 8 sides each. This is another way they coded this evil into events on September 11. 2001.And that brings us to the Jewish reduction number that is 1161 and yes that is another 9/11. We get this by flipping the 1161 so it reads 1911 remembering the devil and his minions flip and mirror the world that was built-in gods image and have repackaged it into the Satan’s model and this is the language they speak in. Numbers. We also see the number 64 and that is yet again another Freemason hallmark. If you look at any Masonic lodge or temple they will have a black and white section of the floor that will have 64 squares in total just like we see on a chessboard. The black and white represent dark and light, good versus evil. We see the 88 again In English ordinal with the 118. Kabbalah is loaded with 13’s and Chaldean is 39 which can be explained in many ways including the 39 steps on the pyramid on the US Dollar which boasts an all-seeing eye. 55 can be broken down to 77 hoax number if we take a number 5 and split it to 2.5 and add the 2 plus 5 to get a 7 doing it twice gives us 77 and that number is ever-present at hoaxes. We must pose the question, has this all been staged somehow? Is the swap being drained? Has Srivaddhanaprabha had to stage his death? Did he have to be moved out-of-the-way?.

King Power Srivaddhanaprabha

It does not end here I just noticed something when analysing the area for leyline’s or occult shapes on Google Maps. I could guarantee it would be close to a park with a name of our current or past queens of England such as Elizabeth Gardens which was mentioned numerous times in the Novichok incident, Or Queen Victoria Gardens close to the Manchester arena where the alleged bombings took place. All these events carry a continuing theme with news reporters having to place emphasis on the parks named after Monarch’s. We have that here once again with the grounds around the King Power stadium but there is also much, much more to show you. Let me start with the huge all pyramid with the all-seeing eye capstone at the top with the ground placed very near the top of the pyramid. This would be about the 38th step if we looked at the 39 steps on the US dollar, the 39 members of The Bilderberg group, the 3×9=27=666 I have spoken about throughout article. Is this showing us they are near the completion of the capping of pyramid?

King Power Stadium All Seeing Eye

here is a wider angle of the area look at it from left to and it seems the may be a big shape of an eye? With the pyramid running up through the middle? Follow the shape of the roads within the red lines I have placed onto te image as a guide for your eyes do not use the red lines as the markings of the eye they are just there to help you see the area more clearly.


The next picture I will show you of the surroundings of where the helicopter crash took place and it takes us down another path with all the elements of a ritual present at the King Power on Saturday night. The thing that strikes me here is the river that runs alongside the stadium. This means we may have stumbled on the elements of a ritual here with Earth as in the land where is took place, AIR when chopper took flight, WATER represented by the River Soar, and FIRE with the explosion from the helicopter crash. Earth, Wind,Water and Fire are four of the 5 elements used in a ritual. You can find this built into the layout of churches or Freemason Lodges all around the world. The 5th element is light, or spirit. This will have been represented by the flood lights in the stadium maybe and certainly any people on board the helicopter including the pilot.

That was quite odd and there is more to come as we look at the King Power logo itself and find even more occult symbology. Below is a picture of how the King Power logo is presented to the general public through its product placement advertising on stores, headquarters, online adverts etc. The whole of Leicester is aware of this brand and the imagery it comes with. Occult meanings are etched into most commerce and businesses such as King Power have no shame in promoting Satanism. Let me show you a few examples of what I mean.

FILE PHOTO: A woman walks past the King power logo at its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, June 14, 2016. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/File Photo

The image above has a lot to decode and the words King Power have a surprise or two as we have already learned. I can see more in the form of a trident made up in the letter I, above I we see a crown that is made up of a diamond which is in between two halves of  a diamond. This looks to me like duality. Two becomes one. The Crown represents the Kingdom, in the three points of the crown that makes up the trident I see the son, the father and the holy spirit. I is the 9th letter of the alphabet, 9 is the number of the devil, we hear of a huge satanic cult known as the Ninth Circle which includes the darkest people on earth, both past and present with Jimmy Savile being one of the worst I can think of. The Hebrews called it the number of immutable truth. Several cultures held the 9 pointed star sacred as It represented their 9 major gods/goddesses. When conducting your own research about ‘Satanism’ in general, you might have stumbled on the ‘Council of 9. This council, ‘governs the local universe’ which supports the ‘godhood’ paradigm within Modern Satanic philosophy. We also have the Order of Nine Angles (ONA), an organisation which is considered a ‘Traditional Satanic Group’, it seeks to disrupt, change and destroy society. Each principle represented by a series of ‘goals’ or achievements represented by 3, 3, 3 = 9. In the Bible one of gods names is I AM. 

Embedded into the trident we see the diamond. The word diamond is 33 in numerology. The crown has 3 diamonds. 3 x 9 = 27, the date Vichai is reported to have died. When looking around for information regarding a diamond trident I actually landed on a book called Khon Mask : Thailand Heritage; The ultimate rare collection of Ramayana dance drama, more 300 color illustrations to describing the meaning and significance of Khon masks in glorious details. This was quite fitting as Thailand is a huge part of the puzzle here so I was happy it was such an easy find. The Images below click-through to the book which is on sale on Amazon. This describes a god called Anamatan who has 4 weapons including a diamond trident, his wife, Manikesara, whose face represents the moon, and also speaks of how in Tibetan and Buddhist monk teachings the diamond is seen as a cutting tool to cut through the illusions that stops humanity reaching the true heights of wisdom.

The owner of King Power’s success earned him the royal ennoblement, hence this 17-letter surname which would mean “light of progressive glory”, whereas he was soberly named Raksriaksorn before.

Just to show you how deep these games go, take a look at this passage from another book which describes the glory of gods light which we are seeing mocked by the Leicester owners name which was given to him by royalty for his deep seeded connections in what now looks to be a very occult world around him. Again you can click the image to go to the book on Amazon.The same tenuous ties to the aristocracy spread to the United Kingdom when Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha rode alongside Prince Charles and Prince William in polo matches, his other great passion. This all makes me wonder if it was Anamatan who was in the box that was given to Prince Charles during that trip in the images below. And we now also have to wonder about the Ninth circle connections you are now seeing right in your face. We all know what reputation Thailand has with child abuse and the huge interest it has with paedophiles who holiday there. Elon Musk did go on public record to call the football coach who was allegedly trapped in the Thailand cave incident with 12 teenage boys a paedophile. It is down this route that I think the key to the reason for all of this crash and symbology is held.

The King Power logo at the start of this section also featured a strange winged deity, these are usually associated with the Baphomet or fallen angels. They can come in various hybrid forms and often point towrds a form of duality in one way or another. The King Power logo I promised had a lot in it and it did not fail to deliver and there is more to reveal right now in regards to how I have just matched the figure we see above the words King Power on that particular image. Do not be fooled by this as what we are seeing is another dipiction of Horus and any other sun god known to man no matter what his faith or religion. If you look at the figure above the King Power writing you can see he is accompanied by an upside down triangle which looks very much like a Masonic compass. The triangle is pointing down to hell.

The figure is also the Emblem of Thailand.

The national emblem of Thailand (Thaiตราแผ่นดินของไทย) is called the Phra Khrut Pha (RTGS transcriptionพระครุฑพ่าห์; “Garuda as the vehicle” (of Vishnu)). The Garuda was officially adopted as the national emblem by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) in 1911. However, the mythical creature had been used as a symbol of royalty in Thailand for centuries. The Garuda is depicted on seals, which are used by the King of Thailand and the Government of Thailand to authenticate official documents and as its primary emblem.

Here is Horus, can you see how these are all the same thing repackaged?

Now I want to show you more info that will add nicely to what we have already covered. The club logo of Leicester city is based on a fox. The club nickname is The Foxes. Let me show you how the word FOX is another 666. You will start to see too many coincidences building now and have more faith in what I am showing you. If you don’t already that is. Bear in mind this is the club that came from the lower divisions to winning the Premier League within the blink of an eye. I have often spoken about how Liverpool Football club and city have often paid the price for success over the decades with tragic events following times of jubilation. Here we  have another classic example with Leicester City post their title win in 2016.

What do you think about the comparison between the Leicester city club crest being in the design of the Baphomet symbol? Pretty spooky. We are 14 days into the witching season that I have spoken about recently, this began on October 13, and runs through until the flipped 13 which is the 31st, yep Halloween. So let me show you that 666 hidden into the word FOX.

This one pretty much nails the reason we are going to bombarded with FOX symbolism over the next couple of weeks as the discoveries and explanations pile up right now on this page. Reading this today will help you spot the subliminal messaging you are being subjected to by media outlets who are front line in all world deception.

Straight away we see the 666 in English Extended, this needs no introduction. The numerology around the word FOX gives us quite a few things to shed some light on and it is the 9/11 coding that runs through the word like its heart beat. The number 28 is the amount of years that the Twin Towers stood for before the events of September, 11, 2001. Half of 28 is 14 which we see in the Jewish Ordinal and Reduced section with numbers 14 and its mirror 41. Half of 14 is 7, 14 is 77. Again the famous hoax and false flag number. The WTC Twin Tower buildings opened on April, 4, 1973, with April 4 being a 44 with the fourth month and 4th day. The 47 in ALW Kabbalah is interesting because 47 is the amount of floors WTC building 7 had. This was the third building that fell that day without being hit by aircraft, free-falling whilst showing clear signs of being involved in a controlled demolition. We see the number 27 again, 9+9+9 as well as the 123 in Franc Bacon. 123 is 33, just add the 1+2 to get 3 then place it with the remaining 3 to get 33.

I have already mentioned the number 36 being riddled with 666’s as is the number 18 which we see all over the word FOX which is a word with Satanic undertones. These messages are taken on board and processed by your sub-conscience brain that calculates the subliminal element and stores it in your psyche. You have heard programs such Family Guy mockingly say FOX is an evil TV Network and this is why. They know what they are doing, it is all hidden in plain sight.

This is how subliminal programming works. This is how the whole of the entertainment industry is run by a demonic thought process. I am showing you the way to decipher the world around you and offering you the chance to become aware of your surroundings, and to add balance I also leave it open to be proven wrong. I know you can’t. The next number is the 216 Constant, a topic I have been eager to hit on.

216 is 6x6x6 and is another with a lot to answer for in the occult world. to show you the way we form two triangles into the star David shape we see on the flag of Israel I needed you to see how it comes together to create 666 based on the 216 constant. All the 9s in the word FOX can also be 6’s, as above so below as shown in the 216 diagram.

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If you are still struggling to grasp any of this then look no further than a spooky tale about a fox and the Ghost King (who is Richard 3rd) meeting up on a football pitch under a full moon before the fox is promised Leicester will win the league if he helps the Ghost King recover his bones from underneath a car park. This is a book written by Michael Morpurgo and was released on September 22, 2016. Remember FOX is 666 so each time you read the word FOX it is 666. Michael Morpego’s other books include references to Mars with one called War Horse. Michael Morpego is MM which is 13 13.

September 22 is the 265th day of the year (266th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 100 days remaining until the end of the year. It is frequently the day of the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the day of the vernal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. 265 is 111111 with the 2’s each breaking down to 11 and the 65 also being 11 when adding the two numbers together.

You can click the image to purchase the book below on Amazon or click this link to check it out on eBay.

Some fans have attributed Leicester’s miraculous season to Richard III being laid to rest after his remains were discovered in a car park in the city. The book Fox and The Ghost King is a story with huge occult references. Moon Sacrifices are common and are often made in worship to Diana The Moon Goddess. You will find she is associated to the Hunt and is why we see human hunting parties in the world of the Elites. Think about the movie Hostel, it was truth in plain sight.Here is a video of Mr Morpurgo who wrote and performed Fox and the Ghost King (or Uneasy Lies The Head That Dreams The Impossible Dream) for a BBC Radio 4’s programme. After seeing Srivaddhanaprabha’s helicopter crash into the car park at the King Power stadium I am almost certain that listening to this next clip will give you the creeps. Here I covered the odd discovery live on YouTube.

YouTube player

“Every fox in the whole town, in the whole country just about, is a football fan… And we all have an impossible dream.”

In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes. They love to watch football – all foxes do. But their favourite team keeps losing and losing, and it seems like things will never look up.

That is, until Daddy Fox finds the ghost of a king, buried underneath a car park. A king who wishes only to be free.

“Release me,” says the Ghost King, “and I can do anything. Just tell me your greatest wish.”

For these football-loving foxes, might everything be about to change…?

The word Helicopter is another satanic surprise as that is also another word taken from another name for the devil. This is now getting beyond a joke as the strange discoveries pile up. Do you see why this is so hard to see. Can you understand how I have deciphered it all to show you what lies beneath the veil? can you see why I do what I do? Before we look into the numbers game around the word “Helicopter” just look at this. Helios is Sol, the Sun God.

When I said that FOX is 666 I was building up to knowing HELICOPTER is also 666. The chart above the Helios screenshot shows us a load more demonic meanings hidden within a word alpha-numerically to deceive the masses and have them all placing all their focus and energy into an event. We have all been bombarded with Fox imagery and the word helicopter. How many times have we subliminally taken in that 666 over the past few days? Too many!. When we see numbers such as 69 in the Kabbalah or the Hillsborough reference 96 in Reverse Full Reduction we can guarantee we are seeing signs of a spiritual war. The 111 shows us the Holy Trinity, the Father,the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Look at this number 69 on Masonic Lodges all around the world.

So where did we start this cryptic section? With a promise not to dive in head first with the crafty Z or J words, yep well it’s that time folks where we build more data up on today’s events and by the end of it all we are left with the conclusion this has all been planned in advance by the authorities, low-life mainstream media and the ever more exposed Deep State who are all controlled by who? #BeWell.

The helicopter crash happened just hours after another reported mass shooting in America in which I had already pointed out a few synchonicities in today’s date which ring alarm bells from a cryptic view-point.

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Earlier in the month I had posted status’ on Facebook regarding the phrase “October surprise“.

Right on cue this new freedom-of-cyber- speech and gun grab hoax has stayed true to form and carried on with the Moon rituals theme we have had to put up with all year regarding hoaxes, fires, evil hospitals and so on. That has been the pattern this year. All events have taken place around the moons. I said to a friend a few weeks ago I can literally get the moon charts up and show all the remaining event dates of the year based on the new age lunar hoax pattern. Excuse the word trickery but this is serious. It has been the attack map for 2018. For me to quickly explain how the past three years have worked I will also link the Satanic calendar and ritual attack map post below so you can trace dates. But, in a nut shell in 2016, all events fell on Satanic Red Letter dates which marked some form of sacrificial Pagan Festival. In 2017, the events all moved on a day or two on to what I called blank dates. By this I meant there was no Roman Feast or Babylonian rituals to be seen on the attack map which I spotted and have kept track of it for a very long time. In 2018, the year began with a bang on Merseyside with the Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire and that was under a big bright full moon. The stage was set for the rest of the events all year. Just to confirm we have had the moon out here in the UK whilst helicopters are crashing outside football stadiums and Synagogue Shoot-outs are taking place on Shabbat, October 27, 2018. Did nobody tell Mr Bowers not to piss off the JZ people? I don’t mean the unawakened ones who adore Beyoncé and her Boo, I mean the Zionist Jews. So What a day to run into the hornet’s nest and star in another CNN endorsed mass media hoax.

Pagan & Satanic Ritual Dates – The Attack Map – Illuminati False Flags & Hoaxes

Back to today, October 27 is the 300th day of the year with 65 remaining. 300 is a 3 as Freemasons do not recognise zero so we get rid of that and keep the 3 which we add to 6+5 which gives us an 11. Can you see where we are going? 3×11 is 33.

The 27 is 3×9 9+9+9 which when flipped becomes 666. October is the tenth month of the year with 10 being the number of Apollyon the destroyer.

The amount of tree of life references CNN reporters made during tonight’s coverage was unreal. I have reported on the Tree of Life earlier in the year when I explained how Satan sat on the Tree of Life in the form of what is known today as the Liver Bird associated to The City of Liverpool and watched down on Adam and Eve. He then approached the couple at the Tree of Knowledge in the form of the serpent and the rest we know is history. You can read more about that here.

Oct is also 8 which is another Saturn reference and the Star of David which we will now probably see lighting up landmark buildings worldwide also represents a Hexagon and 666.

The 6 points of the star form around 6 sides of an inner hex depicts this. Today’s Crappy News Network mass death shooting storyline at Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue (which this CNN liar can’t stop saying) is the latest load of fake news to hit the airwaves and it would have to be the most protected religion on earth that comes under attack today wouldn’t it. I wonder what the Chabad told us about how the Jewish community would be spending today? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the World Trade Centre would it?

Shabbat, October 27, 2018

Born in 1932, Meir Kahane was a controversial American-Israeli rabbi and activist. In 1968, he founded the Jewish Defense League in New York. With the motto of “Never Again,” the stated goal of the organization was to protect Jews from anti-Semitism in all its forms. In 1971, he moved his family to Israel, founding the Kach political party, and he was elected to the Knesset in 1984 (the Kach party was later outlawed in Israel). In 1990, after concluding a speech in a Manhattan hotel, Kahane was fatally shot by an Egyptian-born terrorist. While strangely acquitted of the murder, El Sayyid Nosair was later convicted in relation to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Reports now say 11 dead in Pittsburg, you can’t make this up.

Today’s date marked the celebration of St. Nestor’s feast day

Nestor of Thessaloniki

Yep Saturday/Saturns-day Sabbath-day. All this pretty much proves that what you are seeing on the news right now is an out right pantomime….. #Pittsburgh I have watched the news for 5 minutes and recorded multiple police standing around laughing once again….. #BeWell

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