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This article is based on showing you how much of a planted menace to society Tommy Robinson really is. His narrative totally bypasses the true nature of paedophilia going on all around the country. No one agrees with Muslim grooming gangs but when these people in Tommy’s army’s are standing side by side with paedophiles someone needs to call a spade a spade and them gang of clowns annoy the living daylights out of me.

Tommy and his minions forget the institutional rape and child molestation that is taking place in the UK and around the world in more than the alleged Muslim religion. We need to look no further than the countless reports that have emerged over the years of mass burial graves linked to the Catholic churches.

A few minutes reminding ourselves how Jimmy Savile groomed the nation with the full support of the media and many politicians, as well as celebrities who sang his praises and allowed the city of Leeds to shout “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy” as his coffin was driven around like it was the Lords show.

Now Tommy is grooming the nation with his mainstream media backing that catapulted him into the minds of millions. Tommy is so easy to see through and before he used the grooming gangs as his emotional bait he was highlighting terror attacks with anti-muslim propaganda that is scripted to shape the nation into a state of being divided which places us in danger of civil unrest. He is put in place to play a role and every single person that follows him is being emotionally controlled. How many people visiting this page have ever looked into the background of the man they think is the saviour of child abuse victims?

It is time people realised how much of a widespread physiological operation this front man and his cheerleaders are running. Tommy is a political pied-piper who sings from a script that is designed to rattle cages, it is a production to stir emotions, every time he talks he makes sense to most people but that is easy to do when you have a target audience who you are manipulating day in day out.

Do not fall for this mans games. Tommy has been jailed several times for crimes including assault in 2005, entering the United States of America on a false passport in 2012, mortgage fraud involving a Rothschild in 2014, finally, drug and public order offences. This page will show you why he is not to be trusted with your attention, your money, your emotion and certainly not advice on how to combat paedophilia. All of this information is in the public domain, you only have to pay attention and you will see what I am saying is correct.

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Justice Watch Merseyside Expertly Writes About Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson Top tips on how to become a state made “Martyr”


First thing you do is find a bandwagon which you can use to transport your secret agenda on, something to give yourself some “Credibility” if you are Tommy Boy you manipulate and take advantage of the most vulnerable.

Exploiting children that have been raped and refused Justice I can’t think of anything that is more disgusting and vile then this, as if Tommy boy cares about victims of child abuse when he’s surrounded himself with the same monsters such as Senior EDL leader Paul Whiteside ) who was convicted for grooming and kidnapping a school girl. This monster who organised a “protest” at a mosque and plastered the building with anti islamic posters saying mosques are protecting pedophile grooming gangs all over the UK. I think its more like the EDL are protecting paedophiles…/police-probe-after-lincoln-m…/ )

or what about another Senior member of the EDL Lee McMillian who was convicted for grooming and raping another school girl over 100 times…/english-defence-league-act… ) he was responsible for the Leed Rigby EDL campaigns

Or what about EDL co-founder Richard Price, who was convicted for child abuse, in fact Tommy boy ironically launched a campaign outside of court to free this Monster saying it was a “Stich up” but it seems that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case.…/1765…/Paedo-rap-for-EDL-leader I wonder how many more EDL useful idiots are on the sex offenders list.. At least Tommy boy will feel at home in prison on the special wings which he’ll be on for his own protection along with Pedophiles, rapists and police assets.


Get a platform to launch your campaign of hatred, there’s no other bigger platform then the Zionist Alex Jones show/ InfoWars who seems to have gone full retard after siding with Zionist Donald Trump and the Republicans. Just before Zionist Alex Jones went full retard he came across a huge amount of cash, we are talking about hundreds of millions of pounds. Some of it is from the products he sells and some of it is from fund-raising on his show but the instant expansion of his facilities happened just before he signed a deal with Donald Trump to become his propaganda machine. You can see that Alex Jones no longer talked about false flags or how the two-party system is a joke, he instead uses all of his air time to attack Muslims, Arabs, immigrants and of course promote Zionist Donald Trump.

Just like the Alex Jones Show, Rebel Media is another Zionist Mossad front this group gave Tommy boy another platform to spread his hatred and get his name around. Just like the Alex Jones Show its full of Zionist fake Christians. ALL these “Far right” “alt right” groups are all singling from the same hymn sheet which is to get “Christians” to attack muslims for a 3rd party in this case the Government! Divide and rule.

You can see after Tommy boy was sent to jail for breaking his bail conditions you had Alex Jones Show doing videos trying to create hysteria and make out as if Tommy boy is some type of “Marty” with videos titled “Free Tommy Robinson! Defend The Children” “ REVOLUTION UK! Thousands Gather, Climb Gates” and “EMERGENCY: Tommy Robinson Arrested and Jailed”, this is simply propaganda and hype.


Like all good dictators you write a book about you life, creating a legend about yourself. Most presidents do this now, I think Hitler was the first to use this tool for propaganda in his 2nd election campaign. Tommy boy “writes” a book (ghostwriter were needed) and chooses the title “Tommy Robinson Enemy of the State”, this is to make sure all of his useful idiots are on the same page as him. This is called predictive programming.

Change Job description

Obviously the title “Football Hooligan Thug Arrested” or “Far Rights Leader Arrested” isnt good for marketing and branding so Tommy boys calls himself “A Journalist” so now the headline changes to “Journalist Arrested”, see the difference

Manipulate the Judge

In the video of Tommy Boys arrest you can see the Judge in the Window looking down at the useful idiots, I am not familiar with Leeds court layout but it appears that this window was not the Chambers but looks like it was the court lounge. Normally judges stick to Chambers and Court Rooms and not venture out unless they are going to and from the court-house. So I suspect someone likely a police officer told the Judge to come and take a look or the Judge was on his way to the Court House and saw Tommy Boy and his useful idiots making a scene.. You have to understand that Judges adore Court Houses it’s almost like their Church it’s that precious to them hence why they take contempt of court so seriously. It’s likely that the Judge was manipulated to see these events through the window and knowing what Tommy Boy is a football hooligan thug, he was offended by the scene and didn’t want these type of scenes outside of his Court House so he put restriction on reporting on the case.

Push the public buttons

Restriction on reporting about the case was obviously pre planed to enrage his useful idiots claiming its an attack on freedom of speech, which is a lie. What is there to report? he was arrested for breech of peace which is a nothing offence , hundreds of people in the UK are arrested for this on a Friday and Saturday night in the city centres. He was put in jail because he chose to break his bail conditions, there is nothing else to report! The Judge is not hiding or restricting any information that would be important. There are no details about he case that are of any importance.

Predictive Programming

Make or give the police reason to suspect you are going to commit a crime and a disturbance, back in April the 6th only a couple of weeks ago the EDL useful idiots stormed the Court Building THE SAME COURT HOUSE in LEEDS! A useful idiot was arrested for filming inside of the Court House which is a big no-no, you will go to jail for this. Once again their was restrictions on reporting on the grooming gang case like most these sensitive cases but it would not stop an EDL member to sit in on the cases in the Public Witness Box and then “leak” the information out which would be illegal and you would go to jail but that has to be more useful than storming the Courts calling everyone who isn’t white a pedophile or rapists.…/man-arrested-racial-assault-…

Stage the Audience

Tommy boy was allowed to live stream outside of the Court House for over an hour to build up his audience before the planned arrest went live, you can see in the video the Police Officer is acting on orders from someone, the officer said he was told it’s for suspected Breech of Peace. So these orders did not come from the officers who arrested him, they did not report him it was someone higher up in rank.…/EDL-s-Tommy-Robinson-gets-arres…So after being allowed to live stream for OVER AN HOUR he was then arrested? Only after thousands of his fan boys and useful idiots could witness this “Injustice”on his live stream did they decide to arrest him knowing very well his fan boys will start crying about it on Social Media.

Get Yourself Arrested

Tommy Boy was on a suspended sentence which had condition he had to comply with and he chose to break these conditions so they put him in jail. The suspended sentence was funny enough for contempt of court ,…/ him and his useful idiots once again stormed the Court House and caused a scene by calling none white people pedophiles and rapists. The specific court trail was about a rape and Tommy boy was hauled in front of the judge hearing the trial which one would assume he was actually in the court room where some of the disturbances took place and was where he was arrested for contempt of court Tommy boy made a video where he referred to the defendants as “paedophiles” and attempted to video them, before settling for doing an on camera speech inside the court building. The judge said

“This is not about freedom of speech or freedom of the press. This is not about legitimate journalism or political correctness. It’s about justice and ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly, and ensuring that a jury is not in any way inhibited in carrying out its important function.”

Anyone with half a brain cell knows you can’t film inside of a Court House and behave like you are on the terraces at a football game, like I said before this is a serious offence which you can be jailed for up to 2 years . So one has to ask the question why would Tommy Boy, this self calling “Journalist” do such a stupid thing like this. Why could he not just sit in on the court case like a normal journalist or a member of the public and then wait till the court case is was over and publish his findings? If you are so scared of going to jail fearing for your life lol why would you get your self arrested for contempt of court unless you knew was you gonna get off or their was a long-term plan involved.

After Knowing you have a suspended sentence, you go and reoffend, committing pretty much the same crime and then cry victim. Tommy boy is no “Martyr” , no hero. An attack on freedom of speech you are having a laugh he’s just another Government Puppet.

Divide and Conquer

Useful idiots like the EDL and fraudster like Tommy Robinson are used by governments and intelligent agencies in order to bring chaos and disorder amongst the disaffected working class and poor, they create the problem, sit back and wait for a response then bring in the pre made solution.

With the equal rise of the “far left” and “far right” people have to question is this natural or manufactured, people must question is this not controlled opposition, divide and conquer by the real fascists that rule over us. Not one member of Tommy fan boys would dare explore this concept. Put Tommy boy into a position of influence, agitate the “far left” which agitates the “far right” and then sit back as the chaos erupts, when its time to bring in the fascist laws under the illusion of tackling “Extremism” or “Hate Crime you rush them through parliament. A MOSSAD quote sums it up “By way of deception thou shalt do war” or a freemason quote “Order out of Chaos”.

The government, intelligent agencies and the presstitutes have created a situation where people are being offered two extremes, one extreme being promoted as “far left” and the other one as “far right”. The people on both sides that really do oppose fascism and racism and want to avoid a civil war or a race war have to start speaking out and not being manipulated by these two groups. The same hidden hand controlling the “Far Left” and groups of the “far right” are both being played off against each other. People have to start speaking up fast and calling out their extremists, agent provocateurs and Zionist handlers because if they don’t civil war and race war is what will happen.

These useful idiots are being played like a violin and they need to grow the fuck up! We need maturity to sort out our problem and not childish acts.

Thank You For That Information Justice Watch. Now Back To Enchanted LifePath But Please Be Sure To Follow Justice Watch Merseyside On Facebook, You Can Also Find Justice Watch In The Menu Tabs On This Website

Tommy is no longer a member of the EDL that was set up by himself but look at the type of people embeded into these groups.

Before we get onto how Tommy first used staged terror attacks as a platform for his brainwashing of huge numbers of people I want to show you how I spotted suspected plants and seemingly staged arrests at a recent DFLA (Democratic football Lads Alliance) march in Sunderland. This march also links back to Tommy as UKIP leader Gerard Batten was part of the crowd that day in September 2018. Gerard Batten has now installed Tommy as his advisor on Muslim rape gangs and prison reform.

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The man seen wearing a yellow coat in the video is called Lee Parkinson who I noticed acting like a provactetuere, waving a flagpole at a horse mounted police woman in what seemed to be more of an Emmerdale farm film set disturbance than an actual aggravated situation, either way his stupid behaviour seen him arrested but not before he had time to appear on a makeshift stage with his coat removed standing alongside UKIP leader Gerard Batten. All of which you can see in the video above.

Lee Parkinson was in court on September 17, 2018, where he plead guilty to a charge of an assault on a police officer. He was sentenced to twelve weeks in jail at South Tyneside Magistrates Court. He was also to serve a further twelve weeks to run consecutive to his initial judgement for a breach of a suspended sentence. He was released today on December, 7, 2017 and described his time in prison as a miscarriage of justice on his Facebook page.

Image may contain: text

Sunderland Echo reports that three men were arrrested that day with Lee and another man both being charged for assaults on a police officer. What is strange is, in the footage when I highlight the questionable arrests, the other two men do not seem to do much to even be arrested. It is them that you see being ganged up on by a group of five people including an old lady. The police arrest the taller man and they look unsure of themselves. The third arrest is also in the footage in my analysis video and again the reasons for his arrest seem dubious. This is why I wonder if that was all staged too. Please watch the footage and look at the report in the link below. What do you make of that?

The Football Lads Democratic Party claim to not be racist, their members claim to not have any anti-Semitic beliefs, yet we see Lee Parkinson making lots of references to the number 88 on his Facebook page. We see it in his profile description where he writes “N,B,U-E,D,L and Britain First active member No Surrender 88”.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, text and outdoor

88 is a reference to HH with H being the 8th letter. Neo-Nazi’s are commonly known to use the number 88 to “Heil Hitler”. This is an esoteric Nazi symbol.

Below you can see the 88 again in one of his statuses on Facebook where he is boasting at being back out of Social Media jail on the platform. He ends his post with 88. A hidden Heil Hitler. You can also see him wearing the same hat he wore when he was acting stupid enough to breach a suspended sentence and get sent to real prison. This just shows more of what the people who take these idiotic leads are being bombarded and brainwashed with. This shows the thinking capacity, or lack of it, from those who are being recruited into organisations such as DFLA and now UKIP.

So what about UKIP and Gerard Batten, is there any connections to Paedophiles to add to the criminals all of whom who seem to be never too far away from these movements as we have already learned with Tommy’s vast history of being associated to child abusers and groomers, surley he can’t be joining another group who have been ran by monsters?

Ukip’s Close Friend & Well Established Criminal Allie Prof. Vladimir Bukovsky in Court!

The artcile above explains how Ukip friend, advisor and active campaigner Vladimir Bukovsky ended up in court after he downloaded over 20,000 pornographic pictures and videos of mostly young boys, many involved in S&M. He stated he had done so for research purposes and claimed his findings had shown that they seemed to enjoy their exploitation so he didn’t think it mattered!

The wheelchair-bound Russian is regarded as a 'hero' in Russia by pro-democracy supporters

The author writes: “You will note Bukovsky has chosen to attend court in a wheelchair and pushing that wheel chair, as shown in media photographs, is Gerard Batten’s employee Pavel Stroilov, as shown at CLICK HERE“.

Some may remember Bukovsky’s talks and recordings made both for and with Ukip, working closely with David Lott, Mark Croucher, Gerard Batten, Nigel Farage and others, particularly on the subject of refusing to pay the compulsory TV Tax.

It does not end there as an article titled “Tory MP defends UKIP paedophile jailed for child grooming” was published in 2014.

It also reads as follows:

Both the Tories and the UKIP have been making political capital recently by linking Labour with the child grooming scandal in Rotherham.

So it must be a bit awkward for UKIP that one of their regional chairmen – Peter Entwistle – has just himself been jailed for grooming children, as well as possession of indecent images of children.

And I’d imagine it’s also a bit awkward for the Tory high command that one of their party’s MPs – Alistair Burt – wrote a letter to the court in support of Entwistle referencing the former Bury UKIP chairman’s “good character”.

Gerard Batten placing Tommy Robinson as his advisor has led to Nigel Farage’s resignation from UKIP. In the interview below Gerard Batten is asked by Sly News if he prefers Robinson to Farage, describing the former as an ex-convict who has been jailed for mortgage fraud and operates under various alias’.

Gerard Batten MEP, tells us in his interview with Sly News that Tommy Robinson has already informed him on how prisons are run by the inmates and prison gangs who bribe the badly paid guards who then bring in mobile phones and drugs. He also says Tommy has told him that the prisons are over ran with these drugs. The sly News reporter then asks Gerard if that is what Tommy was up to whilst he was in prison and Gerard replies about how Tommy was in solitary confinement during his jail term and he had not eaten due to fear of being poisoned as he was getting death threats.

This makes me wonder how Tommy could have gathered this information whilst in jail and if he is using other knowledge. It seems to be rather informant-like work from Tommy whose new bodyguard was jailed for the attempted kidnap of a man who they alleged had stolen £10.000 worth of drugs of them. How would Tommy’s information effect his friends who seem to have a foot in illegal drugs market? Will they be happy with him giving away all the details of how organised prison crime works?

The Sunday Telegraph revealed Danny, 29 had a past conviction for the attempted kidnap of a man who was accused of stealing ‘£10,000 of drugs.’

He admitted the offence and was jailed for two years, Two others received 30-month sentences.

Posting on Facebook, Danny said: “Everyone has a past.” and spoke about the incident.

“A few years ago I got involved in stupid stuff, I was skint before Christmas, 4 kids..”

“It was an attempted kidnap, I didn’t see it like that, they did,” said Tommo.

“I’ve completely turned my life around, I was stupid to get involved in that.”

“My heart is in the right place.”

“I believe in second chances, what you read is not me, it’s the past,” he said:

He defiantly added: “We are starting to rock the government, we are gaining so much momentum it’s making them VERY WORRIED !!”

Ukip has insisted Thomas was there purely as Tommy Robinson’s bodyguard.

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Another friend of Enchanted LifePath has just sent me this information about his dealings and discoveries in relation to Tommy Robinson’s fan boys.

He says:

It all began with this meme which I posted all over Tommy Robinson’s Facebook pages. What happened next was a barrage of insults and then I got kicked from 1 of his pages but that didn’t stop me so I went into one of his GoFundMe pages and found an opportunist who uses sick children to benefit from. Then Tommy Robinson’s crew tried to hack my account only to leave themself wide open and I got all his details and posted them all over the net. This was one of my replies “”, it was found in our database!

This IP was reported 6 times. Confidence of Abuse is 1%:
ISP Interconnection with Enterprises Network
Usage Type Fixed Line ISP
Domain Name mtn.bjCountry

BenCity Cotonou, Littoral this is one of his fake gofund me pages from Tommy Robinson that tried to hack me but was to stupid and left himself open. This was yesterday with other results coming in from Africa he’s a fraudster and works with British military in Africa”. One week later PayPal suspends his account but once again they aren’t telling you the truth. That’s because I posted his ip all over the net in more detail that mentioned above and all his go fund me pages were being redirected to a British military base in Africa. I even told him try it again and I will post more details you coward Zion so PayPal suspends him for other reason. So in other words, one rat is covering the other rat. PayPal gets a commission from Tommy’s go fund me pages but doesn’t tell you he’s a scammer, just said he goes against hate speech or some bullshit like that.


The video of the playground incident at a school in Huddersfield, which showed Jamal being pushed to the ground and having water poured on his face, was watched millions of times and attracted widespread condemnation, including from Theresa May.

In a video posted on Robinson’s Facebook page on Wednesday night, he identifies and interviews the alleged perpetrator, who says he is scared for his life after receiving violent threats.

The bully is that scared for his life, that on a social media page, we’ve witnessed and recorded far right posts. His social media interests are football fighting, British politics, and yes, you guessed, Mr Lennon. He’s really scared, isn’t he?

His posts are also racially hateful, and his mother was also prosecuted for racial hate crimes. Yet he’s pictured in a video stating: “Why bring race into it?” ?

It took us thirty minutes by the way Mr Lennon to locate the details on your other fundraiser. You may want to get withdrawing fast, oh, and do we see receipts? We’re already aware that all the money is being diverted directly into your bank account too. So why not just ask people to use your own funding account?

Finally, isn’t is a coincidence how we now have all these parents coming out of the woodwork, weeks before Christmas, stating a refugee and family, have attacked their children. They coincidentally run to Tommy ten names, and more fundraisers mysteriously appear.

We’ve been watching you for some time Mr Lennon, longer than you think. We know more about you than you do. Imagine that hey. Some of us know you more than we know ourselves.

Before the grooming gangs Tommy sighted terror attacks as his reason to call for an uprising. He needs to understand that all of these terror attacks have been proven to be hoaxes and now you will see the truth in events he piggybacks on such as the fake death of Drummer Lee Rigby and the total fiasco that was.

Look at the pictures below look at the fake blood all over the actors hands and machete then look at the floor where Rigby’s dummy is laying and where is the pool of blood from a reported beheading? All that blood on the alleged killers hand and weapon yet not one severed artery on a beheading victim? Where is the pool of blood around Rigby? Keep reading it gets much better.

Now look at the picture of the Bataclan and all the dummies they used in there too then look at the website that sells stunt dummies then look at Tommy Robinson using hoaxes as part of his agenda and do the maths….. What a knob…. Someone needs to show him a few truther videos so he can wind his neck in…. Show me one person who gets out of jail and goes on holiday the next day then gets his teeth and face all done up with no probation period…. #Bellend…

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Here is the link to the site that sells the dummies

And now we can look at some more crisis actors and dummies at work at some other events which me and many people have covered over the years. This page has largely been a swift info grab and opinion based article which has featured the sharp-eyed research of many people.

Back to Lee Rigby. The 3rd False Flag in London. As you will notice that this brought and paid for illegal Unelected Tory Dictatorship and the private rich business corporation Police, still can not get the crisis actors to do their jobs correctly.

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Oh yes the reason the dead guy just got up and walked away, he’s a crisis actor who was fully protected by a bullet proof vest, in which I also still have photos of. Still think the London attack was real?

The Fake Lee Rigby? 22/5/2013

Woolwich-London Killing – Compelling Evidence – False Flag?
Posted by Exposure on May 26, 2013 at 6:30am

Woolwich Hoax “he was not bleeding” Says Ingrid

Source Link

Now if you missed this because millions of the uk public have, this woman goes over to Lee Rigby to COMFORT him until help arrives.

Helloooooo Lee Rigby was BEHEADED???? Then you tell me how on earth all the pints of blood have disappeared? Tommy you can tell me yourself if you can answer the question without stuttering bullshit.

This video shows the alleged killer without blood on his hands, the blood was added afterwards this is nailed on proof you was watching a hoax. Take this information in, watch the videos and do not be fooled again.

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Angel of Woolwich who knelt beside Lee Rigby ‘just did what mum’s do’, her son said. Amanda Donnelly, 44, one of the “Angels of Woolwich”, had wanted to comfort the victim after witnessing what happened. She has been left “distraught” by what she saw. In a further example of the level-headed calm she displayed in responding to the killing.Video footage shows Mrs Donnelly and her daughter, Gemini Donnelly-Martin, 20, courageously WALKING UP to Mr Rigby in an “ATTEMPT TO HELP HIM ” before police arrived. Again how do you comfort a beheaded person or even stomach that sight without vomiting all over the place? Can you believe these people?

Woolwich attack: ” Horrified WITNESSES TELL HOW ” BEHEADED ” soldier was hacked at ‘like a piece of meat’. Funny, I wonder where pints of blood from a beheading just disappeared to?

Police lying while making a statement to the Tory control Press. Watch this video it shows you exactly how much bullshit was taking place at the alleged death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

In relation to the fake war on terror the military complex of the Elite has bombed the living daylights out of huge parts of the planet all based on fabricated attacks. These are clearly false flags which is a term used in the armed forces and it means to create a false situation in order to justify an attack on a certain nation or as we have seen over the years, religion. This next clip is from a 1997 movie called Wag The Dog. The film now a huge eye opener, starring Robert De Nero and Dustin Hoffman along with many other A-List Hollywood actors is a movie that hid a lot of truth right in plane sight. In the movie the US government use a film producer to stage a war using green screens and fake news to distract the masses away from a sex scandal in the white house just days before an election.

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