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November 15 is the 319th day of the year (320th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are #46 days remaining until the end of the year. November 16 when I am seeing this Arecibo Message on Google is the 320th day of the year (321st in leap years, 3 and 2+1=33) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 45 days remaining until the end of the year. In Freemasonic coded messages via numerology we know that they do not recognise the zero so as always that gets ditched. The 320 now becomes 32 which is 23 mirrored. The 46 and 23 in this first paragraph gives us our first reference to human DNA. In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosomes, differ between males and females. They show us the DNA structure in the form of a Twin Serpent which is also represented by the number 88. November 16 is 11/16 or 1116 which reverts to 9111 when flipped. November 16 is showing us 88’s and 911’s. Now we are going to find out why this date screams ritualistic sacrifices and Pagans, with a few other discoveries along the way.

Depina Hekates November 16 Night of the Crossroads. For modern Wiccans and Neo-Pagans, Nov 16 is designated as Hekate Night, or the Night of the Crossroads, the day of the festival of Hecate Trivia, which is a day that honors Hecate as a goddess of crossroads.

Her feast day begins at sunset, and most often consists of a feast referred to as Hekate Supper, A meal to which Hekate is invited, and given her own plate of food, which is then left at a crossroads.

This practice, particularly associated with the sacred three-way crossroads of Hekate, is the depina Hekates, or Hekate Supper. It may be that these offerings were made to appease ghosts and keep them at the crossroads, avoiding trouble from them whilst traveling etc. Alternatively these offerings were described as being made to placate the goddess and ensure that she would look favorably upon those who made regular offerings.

She is the Triple Goddess, and most often associated with a three-way crossroad. She is Hecate the Maiden, Hecate the Mother, and Hecate the Crone. Although the dark of the moon is her traditional time, Hecate can be called upon during any moon phase, as She is the One and the Three. I have said that most events in 2018 have coincided with moons in the sky at the time,. It has been happening all year and right now we have the moon back in the skies of the United kIngdom.

Aristophanes recorded that offerings to Hekate were made “on the eve of the new moon” which is when the first sliver of the new moon is visible, signifying a possible connection with Hekate as a lunar goddess, rising, like the moon, from the underworld on the night of the new moon.

Once again we have a story of female moon goddess worship repackaged. This date is an alarming reference to Diana the moon goddess who worshippers carry out sacrifices in honour to. This is a ruthless deity to be depicted in plain sight.

The 16th gives us a number 16 to work with and the occultist coders are not so good at hiding their secretive little patterns anymore so this next one is pretty obvious. To be fair you only need to use basic maths to reveal some of the subliminal messages they hide in plain sight. 16 halved is 8 and 8 the 88 the Twin Serpents all over this date in many ways. This brings me to today’s very strange and cryptic Google Doodle which is now featuring on the Google Search homepage for Friday, November, 16 2018.

As you can see in the video it is based on a coded message called The Arecibo message, but the nature of the some of the topics in the video are alarming, such as, human population and the DNA structure as it has always been a goal of the psychopaths that rule the world to alter human DNA. Let’s So what do we know about the Arecibo message and what can we dig out of it?

Google whose logo has an embedded 666 celebrates the 44th anniversary of the Arecibo message. It’s a message by humans to aliens. The doodle shows a radio wave – the way the message is send – and an unintelligible set of characters with basic information about humanity and Earth. The numbers one (1) to ten (10) DNA structure Formulas for sugars and bases in DNA Graphic of the double helix structure of DNA (white & blue) Graphic figure of a human (red) Human population of Earth (white) Graphic of the Solar System (yellow) A graphic of the Arecibo radio telescope The message was sent on 16 November 1974.

Wikipedia simplicity tells us it was a 1974 interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth sent to globular star cluster M13 (M is the 13th letter of the alphabet this is showing us 13 13) in the hope that extraterrestrial intelligence might receive and decipher it. 1974 was 44 years ago and here we have another problem. The number 44 is half of the 88. I always refer back to the assassination of Julius Caesar during the Ides of March in 44BC. This was a big moment in Roman history and the powers that be have always existed through each empire based on the same principles set by the Romans and others who they centred their beliefs on. They were the Ancient Babylonians who set out the blueprints of Sun-worhip and sacrifice 1000s of years before the story of Christ.

Anyway, Arecibo is also known as La Villa del Capitán Correa after the Puerto Rican hero Captain Antonio de los Reyes Correa, who as a member of the Spanish Army defended Arecibo from a British invasion led by rear-admiral William Whetstone on August 5, 1702. With 2 British Navy ships and 40 men, Whetstone tried to take control of the city; so Cpt. Antonio Correa ambushed him, killing 22 British seamen. The Spanish defenders only had one soldier killed in action and 3 soldiers wounded in action. that gave us the 322 Skull and Bones number.

Below is a list of words that share the same numerology with the words Arecibo Message the top hit was curse, followed by Kate Middleton we see Nephilim Prince which has a 96 as above so below code and 118 which is 11×8 that 88 again. We see the light is fake and that needs little explanation as the people who worship Satan who play all these rituals in honour of Lucifer the False Light. All of this is buried in today’s date and the Google Doodle.

This is not good and it is likely to be marked with an event somewhere in the world. Arecibo is also a municipality on the northern coast of Puerto Rico (U.S.), on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, located north of Utuado and Ciales; east of Hatillo; and west of Barceloneta and Florida. All of these places including Barcelona, Spain can be on high alert for an attack or an event of some sort. This could also be a natural disaster but weather warfare is a huge ploy the elites have been using in 2018 and we only have to look at the California fires to highlight that issue.

We even seen sugar mentioned in the Google Doodle video as one of the building blocks of human DNA, this is weird. If anyone wants to see my recent work on Ireland then look at my Madeleine McCann article as Castle Ireland jumps out at me in this one also for different reasons which you can see over on that post. Celtic/Pagan rituals are once again being shown here also in my opinion. Let’s keep our eye on Ireland also over the coming days too. Especially today.

The next word I looked into regarding the things I am deciphering was Berceloneta which we have just seen mentioned. The next messages are quite frankly much more spooky and I think this was the references that they wanted someone to find but this was possibly the one they never expected anyone to find. The references are terrifying as I will explain after you see them.

This again was the top hits, Freemason, Son of Man, The Earth, Don’t Panic, Black Star, Monolith and Baccchus, in other words RUNNNNNNNNNN haha no I am kidding but I feel this is some seriously dark symbology being sent back from the Arecibo Message via Google Doodle today. Very concerning.

Bacchus was conscripted into the official Roman pantheon as an aspect of Liber, and his festival was inserted into the Liberalia. In Roman culture, Liber, Bacchusand Dionysus became virtually interchangeable equivalents. Bacchus was euhemerised as a wandering hero, conqueror and founder of cities. His father was Zeus, the who is the Greek version of the Devil.

Black star is a huge satanic reference It’s all really amusing for those familiar with the real-life Church of Satan and the real Anton LeVay. In the real world, Satanism exists more as a middle finger to Christianity than an actual religion of its own — this comes through when Grossman is explaining how they found the house: “We followed a dark star from the west.” A direct joke about the Three Wise Men in Bible finding baby Jesus by following a bright star from the east.

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I have not even covered what is in the actual Arecibo message video too much yet. I could turn this into a 12000 word article just talking about all the topics that spin out from the things we have seen here so far. Saturn worship is one of them! It can not go unmentioned on this article. Black Pope, Jesuit’s, Pagan’s, Satanic rituals this is all here once again.

The fooatage itself has been produced to decode the video but they left more to be found as I have demonstarted for you. Let us pay some attention to it right now.

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