Manchester Stabbings

Manchester stabbings hoax takes over New Years Eve celebrations as BBC producer strikes jackpot with unbelievable timing to catch super scoop to be on set when stabbings took place before police show up and arrest alleged suspect then making camera mistakes and leaving the one shoe behind as they continue to “Wag The Dog”.

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True to form we have had another media and police sponsored terror hoax on the streets of Manchester tonight with New Years Eve celebrations being tarnished by a mainstream production that is riddled with more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese.

Reports emerged at around 9pm of at least three people being stabbed by a man with a ‘long knife’ in what press describe as a frenzied attack at Victoria Station in Manchester.

A couple in their 60s are said to have been stabbed along with a British Transport police officer before they were allegedly taken Manchester Royal Infirmary in a “very serious condition”.

Sam Clack, Producer and programme-maker at @bbc5livewas on the scene as he waited on the platform yards away from the probably staged incident as his terror senses tingled to give him perfect positioning to capture the moments and spread more bullshit to the masses.

Sam Clack described what the suspect was shouting claiming he said: “As long as you keep bombing other countries this sort of shit is going to keep happening.”

The meaning of Sams name is interesting as it litteraly means talking crap as seen in the image below.

Instead of making a police statement Sam took to Twitter to give information to the public despite being “totally shaken”.

Media reports tell us two members of the public, a man and a woman, and a BTP officer were taken to hospital with stab injuries and are were taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary in a “very serious condition”.

An image taken by another press plant Ian Leonard shows the elderly couple sitting upright at the station whilst being attended to by paramedics and police. They do not look as though they are in a serious condition at all.

The lady who is sporting a Terry Butcher-like head bandage can be seen looking at the camera along with a police officer who also seems to be more intersted in stardom than doing her job. A muslim woman can be seen consoling the injured pensioner whilst members of the public are allowed to stand close to the scene. Despite the nature of the alleged attacks and the station being contained by Manchester police.

The image is captioned:
A man and woman covered in blood are treated at the scene (Image: Ian Leonard – Mob 07855801261)

This scene was photographed by Ian Leonard who has connections to a company called Top Line Media.

Ian has a blog that confirms this as seen below.

Top Line Media can be seen with mainstream media involvement with tons of Ian’s articles linked to the company via his blog.

The phone number that is captioned by Ian is matched by the contact details that are listed on the website for Top Line Media proving even more media outlets where on the scene within minutes if not seconds.

All of this came after the supsect was arrested in another scene which showed one of the police ladies seen above, looking directly at the camera instead of concentrating on detaining the man who is alleged to have stabbed three people tonight.

The one shoe seen close by is typical of all staged events with the Nike shoe representing Nike the Godess of war. The missing shoe is symbolic of a movie which i referenced called “wag The Dog” which is a 1997 hollywood production based on a media campaign to stage a fake war using CGI in a bid to divert attention from a sex scandal at the white house. The lead character is called Schumann in that movie.

below is more examples of shoes playing a role in other staged events over the years.

Here is one at the Westminster Bridge attacks hoax in 2017.

And another man with one shoe removed. How does a hard shoe come off like this they are difficult to even get on? This is a Chelsea boot, which is even harder to remove.

Here we see a crisis actor with both shoes removed at the scene of the hoax.

The arrest at Manchester Victoria station had even more stange activity and feeble policing as we can see in a video from another person in the area who filmed the suspect shouting about “Allah” before being nicely placed into the van despite allegedly stabbing a fellow police officer moments before. We see the suspect looking directly at the camera and being given the time to make his thoughts be known to the public in this once in a lifetime oppertunity to spread more fear regarding terror attacks.

The moment was captured on camera by a supposed passer-by but we never know who is planted at these fiascos. take note of the appaling quality of the video once again with the person filming totally forgetting we have had high definition mobile phone devices for around ten years before delivering awful this footage to the nation.

The suspect seemed okay considering it is reported he was tasered just minutes before.

A discharged taser at the scene

Another person on the scene who was highly active on Twitter is Charlotte Dobson who works for Manchester Evening News.

A Tweet by Charlotte shows how maps where printed off in super warp speed time to help people who where now left with a cryptic number 44 minute walk over a distance of 2.2 miles, that 22 again.

It is not known how many maps had been printed off but Charlotte also posted a video showing the police not allowing a person into the station that was on lock-down despite members of the public being allowed to stay inside very close to two f the reported victims. It is not known where the third victim was at this time. The British Transport Police officer can not be seen in the image with the elderly couple who are said to be in a serious condition. One would assume if an ambulance had taken the police officer away then surley an elderly couple who had sustained stab wounds would not also be left sitting around posing for pictures whilst in reported agony from being injured by a long knife.

Truth be told this incident has all the hallmarks of another Psy-Op designed to rattle more cages towrds the Muslim community.

Members of the public commented on Enchanted LifePath posts to state that hardly anybody in Manchester knew about it and the lack of a large police presence or even a helicopter raised more questions. It is also worth noting how police allowed a firework display to go ahead crammed with people bringing in the new year just hours after the incident.

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