Christchurch Shooter Waiting For Mystery Black Car? Welcome To The Party Pal…..


This video details how the Christchurch shooter pulls up to the side of the road before he reaches the Mosque in Christchurch and waits for a few moments. It is what he is waiting for that has been quite a talking point as we see a person walk past him in a red coat. It is widely thought this person along with others wearing red in the footage are markers who are part of the production. We even see Tarrant appear to give them a thumbs up before he sets off to the Mosque. It is in the seconds after the person walks out of the view of the camera we then see the shooter get ready to drive away. He starts to look in his side view mirrors as if he is aware of a car coming up from behind him. He sets himself ready to go and a black car enters the footage but very close to Tarrant. The Christchurch shooter then pulls out behind the black car and follows on behind it at speed before he turns left into the grounds of the Mosque as the black car heads off in the direction that Tarrant then takes after he has finished his alleged shooting operation. The black car in question seems to be what the Christchurch shooter was waiting for as he is talking to people throughout the stream. There is footage of another two armed people in the area that day as we can see in this next video below. The question is who are they? Was they who Tarrant was working with and talking to throughout his live stream? We are told he is a racist yet we see at least one of the men appears to be black. If this is the case it would put a spanner in the works regarding that narrative.

Here is the video below that shows the two people who both have guns. Was it these two men who was driving the black car.

Read this article below for more details and observations.

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