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Assange Arrested In London On Same Day IMF Approves $4.2 Billion Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador With Some Funds To Be Used To Fight Corruption And Improve Transparency.

Wikileaks Release ANOTHER Info Drop… Reporters And Publishers Warned By Former MI5 Agent.

But Is It All A Game Show?

We Look At Assange’s Creepy Childhood MK Ultra Cult To See If We Can Find The Answer…

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This next video shows how Donald Trump has taken a dump on Julian Assange after distancing himself from the arrest of the wikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London today.

The President of the United States of America used Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks information drops as ammunition against his then rival Hillary Clinton.

The outspoken president was vocal enough about the website when he declared “I love WikiLeaks in 2016.

Donald Trump seems to have forgotten how smitten he was for WikiLeaks which is the brainchild of Julian Assange who was arrested after 7 years in asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Trump forgets his love for Assange and WikiLeaks

Donald Trump stated he knows nothing about WikiLeaks when asked by a reporter if he still loves WikiLeaks.

Mr. Trump has been known to back Julian Assange in the past including in 2017 when he supported him on claims that Russian meddling into US elections was not true.


But in a contrast of that support Trump has also stated the need for a death penalty for the work carried out at WikiLeaks in a statement that may worry Assange.

When asked in 2010 to comment on WikiLeaks, he responded: “I think it’s disgraceful, I think there should be like death penalty or something.”

Assange now faces US federal conspiracy charges related to one of the largest ever leaks of government secrets.

Assange Death Penalty – Former MI5 Agent Speaks Out

It remains to be seen if Trump will flex his powers to get his wish of a death penalty for Julian Assange who is behind bars after being found guilty of skipping bail and could face up to a year in prison in the UK.

Former MI5 agent Annie Machon has accused the Ecuadorian embassy of dishonor and said there seems to be a political element behind the arrest with “deals going on between the USA and Ecuador’s new president”.

She states the new government had found it “politically embarrassing” to continue granting asylum to Assange.

Machon then went on to say she thinks Ecuador “should be condemned for rescinding political asylum which is given due weight under international law and is not to be taken lightly.

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Speaking to RT News, Machon raised concerns about the precedents being set by the arrest and how publishers may be treated in future with the possibility of extradition to country’s they are not citizens of and possibly given death penalty’s for espionage.

In a revealing interview Annie Machon went on to claim Assange has been dealt a rare injustice by Ecuador who may have breached his international rights along with the UK who are believed to be ready to ship Assange to the States.

This again would set another president as Britain is not permitted to extradite people who face charges that may lead to the death penalty and which the united States does carry.

Machon also said Assange faces a “very very grave threat” of being sent to America as Britain has shown a lack of backbone and extradited Brits over the past decade.

The outspoken former MI5 also called for publishers and journalists around the world to stand up for their rights in support for Assange and suggested there may be public unrest over the ordeal.

Assange working with Trump?

It is not yet known if this is all part of the world stage with people suggesting Trump is helping Assange by getting him out of the hands of the Ecuadorian government who run a nation without much to bargain with.

That could be seen as dangerous grounds for Assange who was arrested the day after a representative claimed the Ecuadorian government had been running a complex spying operation on the WikiLeaks co-founder.

If this is another game show we must look at the signs.

We have all seen the image of Assange being carried out in arrest scenes that were quite odd when you pay more attention.

Assange can be seen winking to photographers and camera crews whilst performing an all is okay thumbs signal but who was the message to?

Is Julian Assange An MK Ultra Project?

The picture below shows Assange as a young child in Australia with his “family” who are said to be members of the highly morbid cult ran by ran by Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

Assange Anne Hamilton-Byrne links

This is pretty weird as Australia has lots of connections to Nazis, false flags as well as hoaxes and here we have an Australian who appears as a boy to be in an MK Ultra style brainwashing cult that forced young members to dye their hair blonde.

The doomsday cult was ran by Ann Hamilton-Byrne who claimed to be Jesus reincarnated as a woman, she ran the abuseful operation in the Melbourne area for over twenty years.

She was arrested after two members escaped and alerted police who later found out Ann Hamilton-Byrne had collected over 28 kids and forced them all to wear identical clothes as well as dye heir hair in the striking platinum blonde we see in the image below.

The children have had their hair dyed and are about to be baptised by this nutcase who swears she was the Messiah.

She was also compared to a demonic deity known as the Enchantress by another cult member who said: “In ancient times we hear about enchantresses who could enslave people with one glance”.

In what can only be descried as MK Ultra tactics, Hamilton-Byrne is said to have abused the children, subjected them to starvation and beatings in a way to emotionally control them.

One witness said when speaking of Hamilton’s ways in which she would offer the duality of love and fear. “She was offering it and then taking it back. She broke people’s spirit.”

It is no surprise that she also had clients and friends from the rich and wealthy elites of Melbourne who she was around quite a lot in the 1960’s and 70’s when a new age hippy agenda arrived via the Tavistock Institute.

Assange has spoken about Hamilton-Byrne before as can be seen from this newspaper article clipping below titled Growing up with The Family: inside Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s sinister cult.

Was this where the game show began?

We can see he still likes to put emphasis that blonde hair, does he still have attachments to the strange group and was he a monarch mind control project as a child?

He came out of the Embassy looking like a Jesus figure being pillaged in a reminder of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Is Julian playing out the role of Jesus Christ for this latest MK Ultra fiasco?

We seen him carrying a book as he was bundled into a police van, who is allowed to carry books whilst under arrest?

Was it this simply getaway vehicle and is the world just a stage?

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The Australian co-founder of WikiLeaks is facing extradition after his arrest and court appearance at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Assange’s arrest was met by a response of “I told you it was coming” from the WikiLeaks boss who looked more like Robinson Crusoe during the ordeal.

Assange was represented in court by his solicitors who spoke on his behalf to confirm a warrant had been received to extradite him to America after his leaks surrounding alleged war crimes at the hands of the US military.

The judge branded Assange a narcissist who acted on self interest and advised him on going to America to resolve the situation and get on with his life.

The judge failed to mention the possibility of the death sentence.

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Assange’s representatives also pointed out how the arrest of their client was setting a new precedent which puts all reporters in danger of being arrested and shipped out to other countries to face charges for reporting on sensitive issues.

The War On Freedom Of Speech

This would be the third time in 12 months that a legal situation has arisen around reporting as those who do wrong seem to be protecting themselves with new laws.

Journalists have a right to inform the public of information that is of concern to the public.

There are laws in place and contempt of court is one thing but lynching journalists for espionage is unheard of and goes to show how these games are being played that further cement our feet into the ground as those who are censoring us run away with our freedom.

This next image shows you the National Union of Journalist Code of Conduct and I am sure you will agree that it is a duty to report on events as they happen and how they happen.

All this and Assange is facing being sent to America for the death penalty for reporting on alleged war crimes albeit the crime is said to be hacking the Government.

National Union Of Journalist Code of Conduct

I feel the media outlets of today have so much power of the narrative behind current and past world events and they may be even as directly linked to each hoax that leads to new laws by actually writing and performing the scripts that play out on the world stage.

There has been a theme of show trials over the past twelve months that have rammed home reminders or made examples of those in question in a public show of be warned or this could be you.

The media have been used to portray this message as well as directly linked with incidents being highlighted here in the UK.

The case of Cliff Richard versus BBC News was one example with the British Broadcasting corporation losing a trial against that stopped news outlets from filming arrests in contempt of court reminders.

Later in 2018 the Gatwick Airport drone incident was also center of a reporting scandal that seemed to be embed privacy and contempt of court laws into the story by design.

The couple who were arrested complained at being traumatised after they had their identities published by news outlets despite not facing any charges for allegedly shutting down one of the worlds largest airports.

They were advised by solicitors that they have a case against media outlets who published their identity and branded them more or less guilty in a trial by media.

This action from news companies again enforced the freedom of speech suppression that has been used against the people who do actually act with honesty.

This was again manipulated and we now have more reminders and laws based on a clear hoax as we seen at Gatwick.

You can see why I said at the time that the couple where just parts of a psychological operation with an agenda lurking in the shadows in this article below.

The day Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the IMF approved a $4.2 billion extended fund facility for Ecuador.

The huge sum which will go towards a number of sectors including to bolster the fight against corruption and transparency which I find rather ironic to say the least.

On one hand we have a man fighting corruption and giving us transparency and on the other we have a country who once granted him asylum, throwing him to the wolves whilst being funded to fight for the same things Assange stands for.

IMF Hand Ecuador $4.2 Billion On Day Of Assange Arrest

An article on the International Monetary Fund’s own website confirmed the deal had been negotiated on the exact same day the WikiLeaks co-founder was arrested.

This has to be seen as highly suspicious as we have already covered how the MI5 agents are warning that deals between the United States and Ecuador looked likely.

I am not sure what side of the fence Ecuador are on in regards to the Venezuelan crisis and attempted political coup that is ongoing but it will be interesting to see how that friendship plays out.

The article states: Improving transparency and bolstering the fight against corruption?

Well it may be pretty transparent that this has a direct link to the arrest of Assange and may well be shrouded in corruption. (click image to view original source)

Assange Arrested As IMF Had Ecuador $4.2 Billion For Battle Against Corruption And To Improve Transparency - News Report By

What is next? Assange always said if he was taken out of the Ecuador Embassy by force then he would release more info and it is reported to have now happened.

An index of files page has been uploaded online and it contains hundreds of PDFS, videos,letters, and so on.

Here is a screenshot of a small section of the page that can be clicked to go through to the original source.

What is really going on.

Assange Info Drop From WikiLeaks
Assange Thumbs Up Wink
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In 2018 it became public knowledge that a Chinese state-owned company reportedly hacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server, then inserted code that forwarded them a copy of virtually every email she sent or received after that.

President Trump demanded an investigation but it remains to be seen if anyone from China will be shipped out to the States for the electric chair.

Chinese company reportedly hacked Clinton's server, got copy of every email in real-time

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