Christchurch Ides Of March Ritual

Christchurch shootings falls on one of the most predictable media hoax dates in the year. Was we really that shocked?

Since 2014 I have reported on incidents that take place on the same dates each year like clockwork. It is as simple as that. See a pattern and document it. This is what I have done within this website. If you type Ides of March into the top right search bar on this page you will find tons of work in which I have referenced the Roman festival that dates back to before Caesar was stabbed in the back in 44bc. Each time New Years eve arrives and we all wonder what will be the first few big overboard media hoaxes of the year and March 15th is always right up there in the top answers. What is so special about Ides of March and why am I so confident that I can show you how the attacks in Christchurch was more of a government and media endorsed psy-op than a random act of terror?

Christchurch shooter 666 hand sign.


Brenton Tarrant throwing a 666 hand sign in court in a classic crisis actor pose as two free masonic police officers stand near. This image confirms Christchurch was another games show.

There are so many levels to peel from this onion. We will look at it from a variation of angles but back to that question. Why March 15th? Why the Ides of March? Why did I know something was about to happen when Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram all had problems in the hours leading up to Friday’s events? How did I feel they was running a test on stopping people from sharing information? They have since removed over 1.5 million uploads regarding the alleged incident in Christchurch, New Zealand.


The Ides of march is the first date that I ever studied after a very strange incident took place on March 15th, 2014. I was watching Match Of The Day at home along with millions of other viewers who had tuned in to watch highlights of the weekends premier league games and in particular the big match on the Sunday which was Liverpool versus Manchester United at Old Trafford. Liverpool ran out 3-0 winners after being awarded an almost unheard of 3 penalties at Manchester United’s stadium. Liverpool scored two of the penalties that day but it was not so much the football in the program that caught my eye that night. There was the very weird outro that had been edited to a theme of Ides of March. The hit BBC show blatantly placed a flashing all seeing eye within a pyramid into the footage along with footballers celebrating in a demonically possessed manner. The words Ides of March could be heard along with “today could be the day the walls came tumbling down”. This struck me as a big what the f*ck was that moment as it was the same weekend that Russia finally annexed Crimea. I was fast to react after seeing the first all seeing eye flash up on the screen and grabbed my phone and began to record the rest of the shows occult end credits. This was then to become the first video I ever uploaded to YouTube in a view to showing people a cryptic and very subliminal moment on one of the country’s most well watched Television programs. Here is the original upload of my video on YouTube. look at the date on the video, March 16, 2014. I uploaded it instantly but bear in mind Match of The Day finishes after midnight.

For me this was it I had now seen something with my own eyes that told me all I had watched on YouTube had been correct. We was being controlled and mocked by mad men who run the world and use their own codes, logos, sigils (a spell embedded into a symbol) and language whilst pulling stunts just as we have seen in Christchurch.


I then went to look into what the Ides of March was all about and its most historical connection was, as mentioned earlier the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC. It was then some 6 months later after I had studied the occult references around Liverpool Football Club and the Hillsborough disaster that I began to understand the number 44. Since then I have always associated it to sacrifice, betrayal, a stab in the back and regime change. It is also half of the number 88. I will discuss all of this as we go on.

Image result for ides of march sacrifice

The Ides of March is the 15th day in the Roman calendar with the word Ides signifying the day that marks the middle of the month. The Ides is a time most known for sacrifice and regime change. We also have traitors embedded into the festival in the for of Brutus who was the son of Julius Caesar. Brutus was who inflicted the last wound on his father at the Theater of Pompey on March 15, 44BC. The term Ides was used for the 15th day of the months of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th day of the other months. The Ides of March was a festive day dedicated to the god Mars and a military parade was usually held.


The name, Mars, came from Satan. It refers to Satan as the god of war, who was defeated when Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the world on the Cross.

The Ides is also a very political time of year and falls just 14 days days before Britain is set to leave the EU in a Brexit betrayal that seems to be being spearheaded by our very own Brutus in the form of Theresa May. Notice the number 14’s on the shooters gun? Let us take a closer look at what it lines up with.


This image above holds an awful lot to be decoded as does the rest of the media we have seen after the so called Christchurch terror attack on Ides of March 2019. Here we have a set of numbers that dance around 28 and we can also pick up on the infamous 7 hoax codes, 77, 777 and 7777.

Shooter Brenton Tarrant age is 28 = 14+14. We see the 14 14 on the gun in the footage that has since been shown to be CGI. Or does it? Find out here.

The date March 15 also holds a cryptic 28 which we find by looking at the numbers in 15/3/19. The 28 appears when we add the day, 15, and the month, 3 to get 18. 1+8 = 9 which we then add to the year which was 19 so 19+9 = 28.

  • Twenty eight armed Pharisees escort Jesus when he bears his Cross until the Golgotha, according to visions of Ann-Catherine Emmerich.
  • The number 13 is used 28 times in the Bible.
  • Number of days that would have contemplated Buddha under the fig tree, according to Buddhists, corresponding to one lunar month.
  • The 28 paradisiac or angelic levels which exist above the human state, according to the Brahmans.
  • Inside the Great Pyramid, 28 miniature tombs are sculpted in the “wall of stone” of the Great Gallery.
  • The 28 Izeds in the Persian religion.
  • Osiris reigned 28 years.
  • In Cabal and in Hinduism, one day and one night of Brahma are equivalent to 28 existences of Indra.
  • Socrates fixes to 28 members the contingent of the first Master’s team.
  • The Chinese have a zodiac of 28 animals.
  • The 28 lunar houses – seven times four.
  • Number of days of the “emotional” cycle in the biorhythm.
  • Twenty eight heartbeat are necessary in order that a red globule traverses all the circuit of our body.
  • The menstrual cycle of the woman is approximately 28 days.

The number 28 is 4×7. This means 7 is amplified by the power of 4 (7777) in this energetic numbers game played out by the occult world leaders who the masses bow down to on a daily basis. The number 7 is linked to the seven chakras, Jacobs Ladder, the last day of creation as well as the World Trade Centre, building 7 that stood for 28 years before being demolished in 2001. It opened in 1973. Building 7 had 47 floors. 4×7=28 whereas 4+7=11. Multiply 11 by 7 to get 77. March 15 is the 74th day of the year. Spooky or what?


The picture of the gun above shows more markings it. The one I want to draw to your attention next is the 1571. When we add the numbers together they give us another 14. 1+4=5 but 5 reduces to a 77 when we half 5 to get a set of 2.5’s and add the 2’s to the 5’s leaving us with another 77. We were told 49 people had died in the shooting. 7×7=49.


Let me show you another example of when we had an incident taking place on a date which was earmarked for a major news event by this website prior to the collapse of a pedestrian bridge which was still under construction in Miami Dade. 2018’s event on March 15 was a disaster that gave Enchanted LifePath a fairly high strike rate at picking dates that year using my own much tried and tested formula for spotting these trends. The Miami bridge collapse happened on Ides of March which is also the Bacchanalia festival. Not only that, I named Miami Dade in the codes that I brought up from the Valentines day school shootings when it traced back to Miami Dade Campus which was 44 mins away by car and 4.04 miles away giving us a double 44 / 88. You can read all about my prediction and how I made it below.

The attack map below is a Satanic and Pagan calendar loaded with key dates that are observed by the elites and rituals are performed at events all around the world. Often there will be key features of the ritual lining up to an incident such as the March 22 attacks when we seen a funeral procession pictured driving past the airport via mainstream news articles. This was matched up to the rituals commencing after the 3/22 Hilaria Festival fiasco in Brussels. The rest of the week was marked by events such as The Day of Blood and The Day Of Mourning. The key dates each year come around like clockwork and following alternative calendars is one way to help keep track of it all. Do you think what happened in Christchurch was chosen to happen on the date March 15th?

In Ancient Roman religious tradition, The Hilaria were festivals celebrated on the vernal equinox to honor Cybele, the mother of the Gods. The Romans took this feast originally from the Greeks, who called it Ascensus.

The day of its celebration was the first after the vernal equinox, or the first day of the year which was longer than the night (usually March 22) . The winter with its gloom had died, and the first day of a better season was spent in rejoicings.

Dies Sanguinis (Day of Blood) was a festival held in Ancient Rome on 24 March. Also known as Bellona’s Day, this was an occasion when the Roman votaries of the war-goddess Bellona cut themselves and drank this sacrificial blood to propitiate the deity.

These are all dates I have referred to many times before as they set me on to one of my sequences that was tied into the City of Liverpool in many ways with Creation day on March 11 and Ides of March on the 15th being notable dates in my reports over the years. Remember the Hillsborough disaster was one month after The Ides of March and took place on Fordica – the festival of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess, it is held annually on April 15. The same day that 06 Liverpool Football Club fans died in Sheffield at the club symbolised by the Owl. A Moloch badge of honour for the elite nutcases.

As we head into Brexit I might as well begin with Satanic and Pagan festivals observed on March 29.

The Delphinia, or Artemis Soteira of Artemis in Greece
Festival of Ishtar
Expulsion of the Demons of Bad Luck
Mahavir Jayanti
29 through 31: Borrowing Days

March 29, 2019 is the 88th day of the year with 277 days remaining (7+7+2=16 multiplied by 2 is 8+8). 88 days after March 29 is June 25, (6+2+5=13) 88 days after June 25th is December 18, there are 13 days remaining in the year.

The day after Brexit is set to take place the UK will mark the beginning of what is being described as a military drill that involves troops, weaponry, battleships and aircraft from a combined 13 NATO countries. An article on the UK.Gov website claims operation Joint Warrior will last for two weeks and was also held in 2018.

Let us continue with Christchurch and cover some more findings as well as plays on words such as Christ Church as well as the numbers game on the events that unfolded live on Facebook.

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