Manchester Arena Bomb Scene Daylight Hoax

People do say the Manchester Arena bombing area scene was filmed in the day and they point to the blacked-out windows around by the arena door side of the foyer but look when the camera pans around onto the back wall where crisis actor paramedics are just standing there talking not arsed about anyone and you can see the clear broad daylight coming down the wall. It was alleged to happen at 22:31 at night!

The footage or image released shows no children and only adults in what seems to be a staged separate drill as the bomb hoax event fallout was taking place resulting in confusion and a stampede when nobody could gather their thoughts. Medics walk around treating no one and alleged victims with potential make up artist blood on clothing appear in no pain.

The evacuation it seems when listening to witness reports was directed away from this area meaning no one actually seen this. The footage unlike images analysed is not blurred out and still shows no children, no pink balloons or any pink clothing. No sign of 20.000 screaming people including high pitched young girls.

Strangely you can also see medics walking (or strolling) around in no rush to help anyone as are victims who are seemingly walking around with no entry points to what can only be make-believe wounds. There is also no kids in the mainstream news & media released photograph of the area. The room does not appear to have 119 injured people in or 22 deaths with a total of 35 people in the image after a headcount and all of them are also adults. This was a venue packed with young and 20.000 teenage girls. Where are they? What is the medic doing as he walks past the camera? Cash rewards remain unclaimed to anyone who can point out a child in either the leaked footage or the photograph of the alleged blast area.

A £50 per person reward was raised to £1000 for just one young Ariana Grande fan to be identified in the image or video. No body has again been able to claim the reward which had stood for over 12 months before being raised. Was this a well-orchestrated media and government-funded hoax to trigger racial and religious divisions within the UK? To lead the military into joint operations in Syria as they seek to topple the Assad regime using covert emotional warfare tactics on the general public who will then consent to any action the government take?

Serious discussions are missed by mainstream media who are complicit in these events and perception swinging propaganda operations used not only against other countries but right here in the UK on us the people. Ask yourself one question, 17 years after 9/11 have you seriously ever seen one terrorist? Yourself with your own eyes have you? I still have not…

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