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This one’s called…

The War On Crisis Actors

Video Script Intro: By EnchantedLifePath.com

During the past 4 years, I have covered alleged terror events with a sceptical opinion. I openly disagree with the official narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, military personnel, emergency services and Governments of the world. I do not believe the alleged victims or friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors who then work hand in hand and with the establishments to fabricate events known as terror attacks and major incidents that are played out as real-life scenarios on the world stage.

These people are actors and liars deceiving the world to extreme levels with the end game agenda being a total police state. One world united against fake terror governed under one set of laws.

This article is going to focus on the Crisis Actors we have seen and documented during attacks in Britain and around the world. Some of the actors were even involved in more than one event. We will look into mainland Europe and other countries including The United States of America, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany and the Middle East during this presentation which is based on information easily obtained in the public domain. Highlighting harder to spot first time factors which reveal the true details of after terror attacks.

Once your eyes and ears are trained to spot the same themes being used, again and again, the lies being broadcast and pushed in your face, you will be able to see it all around you from one day to the next. You will begin to question the fabric of the reports you are seeing in the news. You will learn tricks these people play and how to highlight them. One of the easiest things to do which always shows us the real story is slowing footage down or taking screenshots of events. It is good to gather interviews to see the mistakes when these clowns are placed on the spot with national television cameras in their faces.

They have just a few moments to get it right. It is after we have seen all of the initial wave of interviews we can begin to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. Then we expose the human errors as the plot unfolds leaving you searching for answers only to find more questions.

By Enchanted Lifepath

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