PJ Searching Area Connected To Gerry McCann Phone Pings!

UK News Outlets Totally Ignoring The Issue Playing The Christian Brueckner Blame Game

Portuguese Police are thought to be searching areas connected to the alleged German paedophile Christian Brueckner who many believe has been used a scapegoat since being named the main suspect in the case of Madeleine McCann.

The locations of interest are being heavily reported by UK news outlets who are intent on pinning the blame on Brueckner, but the area in question reveals a sinister sub-plot that was documented in the PJ Files over a decade ago.

Gerry McCann’s mobile phone pings were recorded in the area by the Portuguese police after triggering antennas back in 2007.


@The_Truth II, is a profile that is operated by a sharp researcher who picked up on the connection and posted it to Twitter where Enchanted LifePath noticed it as the page is always a great source for information and opinion.

Lizzy HiDeHo also gets a mention for her research and making new connections for so many years.

Information regarding the whole Portuguese police investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance was published to the public.

The website where the files are held in the public domain states:

No photo description available.

This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal. It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

If you visit the PJ Files you can also see records of phone activity in relation to:

—> 345  Gerry on  3 May.
—> 374 Kate’s phone activity on 1 May
—> 392 Mathew Oldfield 7 May

The records clearly show Gerry McCann had been in Vila do Bispo, which translates to City of the Bishops, in 2007.

Gerry had just returned from Washington DC (Pizzagate land) and drove past his remaining two children kids to go to a remote part of the Algarve that is now being investigated by authorities.

You can see a report from the Daily Mail that shows a well that is allegedly the center of attention.

Three wells are thought to have been searched by police.

The word Wells can also be attributed to witchcraft which is based on deception and trickery.

Look into connections between the occult, Wells, and do I need to remind you about Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman?

vila Do Bispo Madeleine McCann

As usual, the media have failed to report on the key point here regarding information held on the PJ Files about Gerry McCann’s whereabouts and how they line up with this exact area that is now being publicised.

The news outlets have done a poor job in parroting each other, showing a lack of uniqueness in their work as reporters peddle the same story and narrative without anyone digging deeper.

It must hurt them as professionals to be so shackled, but we know most of them are trained liars so we can’t expect any better from them as the world still searches for Maddie, in what is now its 13th year and probably into its £13th million in funding.

I don’t need to point out the obvious with that number so on to the phone records.

Remember, this began after a visit to Pizzagateville, Washington DC, USA.

No photo description available.

We now see Gerry’s movements being tracked in Vila do Bispo. These images link through to the original source on the PJ Files.

It states:

Given the [above] records it would seem that Gerald McCann will not have gone directly to the village where he resided while he was in our country, having gone to Vila do Bispo, only then he returned to the referred village at, or before 19:49:38.

Image may contain: text
No photo description available.
No photo description available.

Another widely respected independent researcher on the Madeleine McCann case is Isabelle McFadden who operates the Twitter page Madeleine McCann Case Tweets.

Isabelle is known for her homegrown knowledge of Portugal having grown up there before moving to the United States.

YouTube player

Isabelle has been front line in the independent inquest into the disappearance of Madeleine since 2007, she is fluent in Portuguese, and knows the region well.

This has gained her many great contacts which has allowed her to bring some brilliant information to the public on many occasions.

Isabelle’s importance played a key role in explaining Gerry and Kate McCann’s journey and why it appears that they had traveled to Vila Do Bispo for a reason.

Isabelle pointed out how Gerry had traveled from Faro airport, passing Praia De Luz on his way to Vila do Bispo before heading back to De Luz.

This insight casts further doubt on the mainstream news reports that the searches of three wells are connected to the German suspect Christian Brueckner.


Having a clear perception of the layout of the region where Madeleine McCann is alleged to have vanished, and beyond, helped Isabelle to be pinpoint in her analysis of reports regarding the recent police searches.

She emphatically played down any suggestion the McCanns had taken a wrong turn, or missed a motorway exit, by stating she stopped counting other possible routes that would have put them back in the right direction towards the Ocean Club Beach apartments in Praia De Luz.

Isobelle is widely known to be in constant contact with the Portuguese police forces investigating the case and has often revealed information after talking to authorities in the sunny Algarve region.

Another Tweet from Madeleine McCann Case Tweets, explains how the police are interested in the phone pings and the journey that they were picked up on.

It must be pointed out that the McCanns had no friends in Portugal so the journey into Vila do Bispo is a mystery as to why they made more than one visit to the area.


Key Facts

Gerry McCann went to Washington as well as Vila do Bispo where is being searched now by Portuguese police.

Gerry’s phone was recorded by antennas in the area and also at Washington Aiport.

Ghislaine Maxwell is the ‘In Your Face, Face Of Scotland Yards Suspect E-Fit Campaign’.

YouTube player

John and Tony Podesta look like two of the other men on the E–Fit’s whether it has been played down or not it looks like them.

All this information is widely known but the UK media continue to blame a German patsy with a van that would never have been missed by anyone for 12 years….

Police 'launch search for Madeleine McCann's body' 10 miles from where she vanished
The suspect, who is in prison in Germany, has been linked to an early 1980s camper van - with a white upper body and yellow skirting, registered in Portugal - which is seen here on the Algarve in 2007

Gerry continued to visit Washington throughout 2007, attending conferences at the Whitehouse on how to prevent child abuse and trafficking.

Stay at home save (kids) lives comes to mind…

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Maybe Washington should have looked at its own dealings with such topics as we now know a lot more about how the world works than we did back in 2007.

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