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The story of Madeleine McCann is one that has baffled observers for over a decade. Since I began personally researching the story last year I have near enough come to the conclusion that the official narrative is being guided by media moguls who have have used emotional control on members of the public. This may have been done to keep a cold case ongoing in a covert operation spearheaded by the McCann’s who are police assets playing the role of a grieving family in an attempt to find some actual missing kids. The whole affair seems to be scripted by solicitors so it is as legally watertight as possible. A prime example is what we have seen from May, 3 to the dogs scent and more. But why?

The more I look at the case the more certain things continue to alarm me. I began researching the story in the latter half of 2018 and it did not take me long to begin reporting on things that had been largely unmentioned. I noticed this as I went through hundreds of hours of information regarding the subject.

I have recently been looking back over the PJ Files and discovered how a yacht named, Discoverer of Hornet, arrived in Vilamoura prior to the Mccann’s landing in Portugal and remained in the dock until May 4, 2007.

The yacht was owned by the Queen of England. It was docked just an hour away from Ocean Club, resort, Praia De Luz, Portugal, when Madeleine allegedly went missing.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The PJ Files contains records of the yacht being in the area at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance yet media outlets have not mentioned it.

Below is a document that shows the owner details to belong to Her Majesty, Queen of England and the owners address as Buckingham Palace, London.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The information is further backed up by a mention of the boat at the top of the page containing the logs on the PJ Files where it is described as of interest to Royalists.

Again, for the yacht to remain largely unreported is a mystery.

The yacht left the Algarve on May, 4, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Discoverer has since been purchased by the Ministry of Defence and has taken part in Royal Navy training exhibitions.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Another ship of interest was Gladeye is mentioned with Discoverer in the report which states both will be of interest to Royalists.

Gladeye is shown to have four men on board aged, 22, 25, 35, and 41. It is now known why this ship is of interest to Royalists but it was owned by
A Lt.Col. in Household cavalry. Gladeye left Lagos on May, 4, 2007

Another boat of interest in the PJ Files was called Artemis and had a member of crew by the name of McCann. This was documented in the logs and highlighted as another strange occurance of the name popping up in the case. The report jokes the name is as common as the surname Smith in the investigation. The Artmetis arrived in Vilamoura on April 14, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

The documentation from this vessel shows Mr Christopher McCann was on board the Artemis. The boat left Vilamoura on May, 3, 2007.

Madeleine McCann Untold Queen's Yacht Near Praia De Luz May 3, 2007

Former barrister Michael Shrimpton has claimed Madeleine was taken on board a boast that eh along with other intelligence agents tracked but a rescue operation was blocked on political grounds. He made his claims while promoting his book Spy Hunter in 2014. He also speaks of the difficulties faced in the efforts to save Madeleine in the initial moments of her kidnapping that did not happen in the way we are told. You can hear his views in this video below.

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Another connection to Her Majesty is an alleged friend of hers who recent reports suggest has came forward to say she may have seen Martin Ney,the man who was used as an emotional decoy and branded a suspect by world press earlier in May.

A sketch was created from a statement by Carole Tranmer, 71, which resembles media patsy Martin Ney, Germany, who was center of attention after he was connected by Tranmer.

All of this seemed far fetched and designed to support the new leads that seemed to be generated in a bid to close the case with a scapegoat which is the opinion of detective Goncalo Amaral who was in charge of the investigation in Portugal in 2007.

These claims were then denied by Portuguese police as the McCann’s PR campaign continued the “taken” theme that has kept this case from being turned into a murder investigation and Madeleine McCann being pronounced dead which is the lawful procedure in the UK after 7 years without any proof of life.

Below is information showing how laws and regulations around presumption and declaration of death of a missing person were changed when a new Act was brought in by UK parliament just one year before Madeleine’s case was about to reach its 7 year itch.

Was this another part of the game show?

I then called the Mirror live on YouTube to ask how they could publish an article naming Ney as a suspect one day then within 72 hours they had a new article (as did everyone else) stating Ney was NOT a suspect without checking the facts first time around.

You can watch that live stream here, I make the call in the last ten minutes of the video if you want to skip ahead to the call or watch the whole video to see how I explain why the Madeleine McCann story is an elaborate, state and media sponsored psyop (in my honest opinion).

I explain how and why the whole case may well be a police operation or sting designed to leave a cold case open to then search for a wider scale of paedophile rings and missing/abused children.

Maybe all of this explains why PR company Bell Pottinger were on the scene 3 days prior to the alleged abduction. As well as Madeleine being reported missing by CEOP on the same day, may, 3, 2007.

You can read all about that on my article which covers many unique topics including the McCann’s visit to family members in Donegal, Ireland during the Easter holidays just weeks before the doomed trip to Portugal.

I also have an article pointing out how Madeleine’s passport application should have been flagged based on a huge error that can be seen in the image. This then leads us into questions that are asked about border control and human error when staff are faced with children at port and airport check-ins. This issue enables child traffickers to use any child of similar age and race to be escorted through customs without any serious protocols in place to stop it. Please read the article below and sign the petition that is attached if you agree we have a major problem with UK passports.

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