Bulger and Ralph Bulger Books australian holiday contradiction BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Denise Fergus James Bulger Jon Venables Robert Thompson 

Ralph and Denise Bulger books: Australian Holiday Contradictions

Bulger and Ralph Bulger Books australian holiday contradiction

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Denise Fergus Ignored Call Saying We've Got James #Breaking News BREAKING NEWS Denise Fergus James Bulger James Patrick Bulger Jon Venables Liverpool News Robert Thompson 

James Bulger: Denise Fergus Ignored Call Saying “We’ve Got Your Boy”

James Bulger: Denise Fergus Shocker! DISCLAIMER: A Journalist, at all times upholds and defends the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed. This article is a review of books, news articles, television productions and interviews that are available in the public domain. The article leads to certain questions being asked about quotes that are made from the parents of James Bulger in their books and other sources. The horrific story of James Bulger has been told a number…

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BREAKING NEWS Denise Fergus James Bulger James Patrick Bulger Liverpool News 

Bulger: Michael Jackson Wanted James Killers’ Prison Visit Hugs

Bulger shocker: Mirror report may be a devious response to Denise Fergus in Michael Jackson debate. Was the article a dig at Denise? But seriously though Michael Jackson allegedly wanted to visit Venables and Thompson in prison and hold them (and spoon them) and look them in the eye and say I love you as reported in a Mirror article about Denise Fergus defending Michael Jackson’s name against accusations of child abuse. I can not believe my eye balls still. What planet are we living on? We are told he…

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