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Madeleine McCann Proof Of Life Funding? What Netflix Won’t Tell You

Madeleine McCann Proof Of Life conundrum leaves huge questions aimed at how missing kids searches are funded…. The point of this article is how I make connections between other missing children. Some have have had high profile coverage whilst family members of others have been let down by authorities and media for at least 30 years. The main issue here is proof of life and funding. We have a situation where one family with no evident proof of life for Madeleine McCann being engulfed with public money. Yet on the…

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Katrice Lee Missing: Police To Investigate DNA Claim Actress

A woman who caused alarm to the family of Katrice Lee by claiming to be the missing tot on Facebook now states she has had a DNA test and will soon know the outcome. Heidi Robinson, 39, Wirral, made the startling claim on her Facebook account on Thursday afternoon just a couple of hours before police arrived at the home of Richard Lee (father of Katrice) to take a statement against the Merseyside actress. Heidi also criticised Katrice Lee’s sister Natasha for speaking to the press about how she feels.…

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Katrice Lee Facebook Account Shocks Family Of Missing Tot – Actress Claims To Be Katrice

Katrice Lee Search Takes Strange Twist As Merseyside Actress Claims To Be Missing Toddler A Wirral based actress is caught in the eye of a storm involving missing person Katrice Lee who was taken from a supermarket at a German army barracks in 1981, aged two. The Lee family have been left shaken and upset after a Facebook account in the name of Katrice which also used photographs sent a friend request to Natasha Lee, the sister of Katrice. Natasha took a screenshot before showing members of the group Search…

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