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Over 70 live export protesters gathered to demonstrate  against live cattle exports from the Port of Ramsgate on Saturday.

For 22 years KAALE, ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports, have protested against the export of live animals to Europe via the ports of the United Kingdom, frequently meeting hostile opposition from police, Governments, local authorities and maybe even the powers that be.

Ian Birchall, Chairman, KAALE, added: “We are a completely volunteer run organisation specifically set up to address the specific issue of live animal exports, primarily from the port of Dover, but now more recently covering both Ramsgate (Kent) and Ipswich (Suffolk).

vcameron_0689Saturday October 2nd, marked the first shipment of live animals through the Port of Ramsgate since September 11, 2016, during which time well in excess of 10,000 sheep/lambs were transported to Europe between 5th-09 September, 2016,  for so-called Eid celebrations.

Three articulated transporters and one drawbar transporter arrived in convoy at around tea-time.

The first transporter, the blue Scania griffin (BZ-HX-63) sped through past police and protesters before the remaining three trucks were stopped in earnest by members of KAALE.

The second transporter, the silver/red DAF drawbar unit (BV-BF-20) had no working fans on any of its 3-tier trailer. Working fans are a requirement and necessity, especially as the side trailer slates were closed. In fact, the slates on all trailers were closed, a tactic employed by the drivers to stop prying eyes.

Ian Birchall said: ”This is usually conducted just before the Minster services, close to the Port of Ramsgate, where I have witnessed drivers closing the side slats. What are they hiding?

The third transporter, a brand new silver/red/black Scania griffin cab, operated by Diepevenn Transport bv (28-BGD-3), was carrying 3-tiers of sheep.

The fourth and final vehicle, the white Scania (BT-JD-75) with a 3-tier trailer (OJ-40-PN) was driven by none other than the notorious ‘steely faced’ Onderwater, a driver well known to protesters.

As with the second and third transporters, Onderwater was stopped by protesters, thus allowing them to check the welfare of the sheep through any open slats in the trailers.

There were no arrests during this shipment.

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