Charlotte Campbell You Are The News – Manchester Remembers Liars – Crisis Actor Fraud Exposed

Charlotte Campbell You Are The News – #Manchester Remembers Your Lies This is Charlotte Campbell You will remember her snivvelling face from the fall out of last years Manchester Arena Bomb hoax fiasco. She played the part of Olivia Campbell’s idiotic mum. You will of watched her interviews on programs such as Good Morning Britain as the national press and media liars all got in bed with the latest wave of crisis actors as they all pushed this bullshit onto the masses. You was fooled because thos woman is an…

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Alfie Evans Funeral Procession 10 Men Chase Me in Car And Van This is Them

ALFIE EVANS FUNERAL PROCESSION ATTACK ON FACEBOOK LIVE Having been approached by impostors who Infiltrate Alfie’s Army and incite trouble, they demanded I stopped my live stream and falsely claimed there was a ban on all public photos, videos and live streams at today’s procession. These are from a network of people who have caused every flash point or scenes of trouble at Alder Hey and now outside Goodison Park on the day of the funeral or over the past few weeks. I was hounded by people from all angles…

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Suspicious Our Children’s Welfare Charity Collector Wants To Fight Me For Asking To See I.D – Reg 1170766

Our Children’s Welfare Charity Representative Offers To Fight Me Outside After Permit Requested In Bootle Strand I was in Bootle Strand Shopping Centre with a friend today and came across two representatives from a charity called Our Children’s Welfare. I found their presence to be concerning as they shook collection buckets at passers by saying nothing other than “sick kids”. I set up a Facebook Live stream and then began to question the two men who were built like bouncers. They tried to make their size matter when confronted…

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