The Blood Of A #Unicorn – War On MK Ultra, Unicorns, Butterflies, Child Abuse, #Satanic Rituals, #Adrenechrome, 6ix9ine, #Minaj & #Hollywood

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Hollywood loves to produce movies about monsters, I find that quite ironic really when you consider the information in this production. I will be showing you how it is the stars and celebs from Hollywood, music and television industries who are the biggest monsters on earth. Child rape, child trafficking, Satanic Ritual child abuse and murder all play a role in the power, fear and control used in the world of entertainment.

Over the duration of this video you will be left wondering how you never noticed, you will be shocked at what you find out, you will be horrified at the extreme levels of torture and how open and in your face it is and has been all along.

You are about to learn the truth, you are going to be educated on the secret symbolism and language used by these monsters. You will learn of the agendas they push to promote paedophilia and how the media has a big role in all of this.

For many people this will be the first time they have ever seen anything like this before so I expect people to feel confused, maybe even disagree but what you will see can not be played down. By doing so you would be letting yourself down, as well as your children and those of your friends and family, But most importantly you would be letting the victims of child abuse down, they get their voices taken away from them, they cry in silence.

Before we get stuck into unicorns I need to explain a few more things. A Monarch butterfly is the symbol of MK Ultra and is so because when the human brain is split in two it resembles the shape of a butterfly. The metamorphosis of a Monarch Butterfly from a Caterpillar is symbolic of a person who is detached from their family and living a hardwired life. MK Ultra, otherwise known as The Monarch Mind Control Program is a C.I.A lead initiative which was set up in the 1950’s when the United States government gathered post-war Soviet Union and German scientists and tasked them to to find ways to manipulate the human brain using hypnosis and other mind altering techniques which they would then implement on subjects in a bid to break the mentality of the victim who would then become a controlled slave. Techniques which included serious levels of trauma would render Monarch slaves unable to remember the abuse and torture they had to endure whilst being having their personality split. This is called fracturing of the mind and leads to the creation of alter ego’s. Once a person has alter egos they can be switched between them by using trigger words or sequences of light and sound to place an MK slave in a state of hypnotic programming. This abuse often starts as the victim is a baby and the levels of horror in which they live is very hard to even imagine for the general public.

The scientists worked on other ways to place the population of the world under the same spells just without resorting to child abuse which they could not do on a global scale with consent so they had to find ways to be able to make the critical mass do as they wanted. To control the minds of the people they had to get inside our minds on a daily basis, to be able to shape what we consumed, or to manufacture what we are to believe is happening in the world. To crack this they needed an invention which could do it subliminally, enter the invention of the television as well as mainstream radio.

They tested how they could get a thought triggering message to us without us even seeing it and the television was a huge breakthrough. They could now hide subliminal messages in between the flicker rates which make up a TV image, these messages are flashed so fast that the human eye can not pick up on them but our brains process the signal and get the message as intended.

Subliminal messaging is one of the key roles MK Ultra mind control slaves from the entertainment industry take up when signing that contract which gets them catapulted to the top of Tinseltown almost overnight.

we see celebrities performing esoteric gestures all the time, if they are not covering one eye with a hand they are showing us 666 or sticking out their tongue and winking, these are all Satanic symbols in nature and are made on purpose.

These people who are abused are also the abusers and the advertise their evil ways as well as embedding their belief systems within the general public who are mostly non the wiser.

symbols are a key part of the sick deception, lies and the mockery that we are shown by the second and they laugh at us for not knowing exactly what they are and what they do. Call it dupers delight if you want, they shove it in our faces and yet most are still unaware.

The word amuse means to divert the attention, beguile, delude,” from Old French amuser “fool, tease, hoax, entrap; make fun of,” literally “cause to muse” (as a distraction),

So now you are beginning to see a picture emerging, I have designed this video to teach you slowly but surely and show you visually how things work as well as how to spot the signs. I have not bombarded you with anything that is particularly hard to understand, I think I have made it fairly simple for you. This was done in a way so I could build you up to a point whereas when I raise more issues you already have a base of knowledge from which I can help you see the problems we face but with an more educated outlook.

We have covered subjects which will be difficult for most people to take in at first, if you are new to information like this, but if you are still watching right now then this gives us a chance to get into the trauma these psychopaths put people through and the reason why they do it and this will lead us on into the money shot of the video, unicorns.

Fear is what makes the world go round, these psychopaths believe fear is what amplifies their energy of a Satanic Ritual giving them more reason to scare the living daylights out of their victims and they believe the fear of a child is most beneficial.

When a person is scared almost to death and placed in a state of trauma they switch of from the situation and that is when the alter ego takes over as you seen with Anna Nicole Smith a moment ago.

Once a person has been mentally cracked it is easier for their controller to switch them on and off between egos like a switch, again this is all programmed into a mind control victim by trauma based fear techniques that have been studied by military scientists working for secret societies. The knowledge has been passed down from mystery religions around the world for as long as humans have walked the earth.

Fear fills the body up with adrenaline, adrenaline produces a chemical in the blood called adrenechrome, this is one of the biggest factors in the sick abuse that kids are subjected to. Adrenechrome is believed by satanists and the elite, to give life to those who drink it as it is extracted from the blood, specifically that of a child which is said to hold the most potency in turn giving those who drink it extra energy, better health, even bring people back from illnesses. These people are in fact drinking the blood of the child they are killing during Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). Blood is always required in such rituals also known as blood sacrifices and body parts may even be consumed.

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