Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ Sep 11, 88, Aintree Gig Pre-Hillsborough Cover-Up

MICHAEL JACKSON ‘BAD’ GIG CRUSH COVERED UP BY POLICE & MEDIA AT AINTREE RACECOURSE ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1988. Michael Jackson ‘Bad’ Tour ends with police ignoring crush as 1500 people reported injured by world press just 216 days before Hillsborough disaster. Over 125.000 people packed into Aintree racecourse which has a 75.000 capacity, first aid workers report treating around 3400 during concert. Was this the first attempt to cause mass chaos for the people of Liverpool via a crush at an overcrowded venue? A worrying rare video has emerged of…

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#Breaking News BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Notre Dame Fire Decoded 

Notre Dame Paris Fire Fordicia Decoded – April 15 A Day Of Disaster

Notre Dame Paris Fordicia Fire Decoded ARTICLE VIDEO | Notre Dame Fire “I Want You To Burn” – April 15 Fordicia Rituals & Diana Decoded – Hunchback of Notre Dame Esmeralda Has A Pet Goat – I Pet Goat 2 The minute I saw the Notre Dame, Paris, fire I knew it was linked to events that I am going to tie into each other within this article, and believe me there is all sorts. I have quite a lot of information to get through before we get to topics such…

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HSE Evacuated – Health & Safety Executive N.West Head Office Blunder?

HSE Evacuated | Over 1000 people have been evacuated from the complex that is home to HSE head office building at Redgrave Court, Merton Rd, Bootle L20, today. A large number of people were seen walking away from the building towards Bootle New Strand on Stanley road at around 10:30 am, Thursday morning. An unplanned fire alarm had sounded within the complex which meant over 1000 people had to evacuate and head towards the fire assembly point which was in Bootle North Park. Members of staff confirmed it was an…

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Assange arrested BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Julian Assanage Wikileaks 

Assange MK?: Trump Forgets “I love WikiLeaks” IMF $4.2B For Ecuador

Assange Arrested In London On Same Day IMF Approves $4.2 Billion Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador With Some Funds To Be Used To Fight Corruption And Improve Transparency. Wikileaks Release ANOTHER Info Drop… Reporters And Publishers Warned By Former MI5 Agent. But Is It All A Game Show? We Look At Assange’s Creepy Childhood MK Ultra Cult To See If We Can Find The Answer… This next video shows how Donald Trump has taken a dump on Julian Assange after distancing himself from the arrest of the wikiLeaks founder at…

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