Madeleine McCann fake Everton Top Photograph

Okay then Everton Football Club can you tell me why Madeleine McCann was pictured with a PHOTOSHOPPED Everton top on her?

Look at her arm that I have circled the image is clearly faked, look at the blur around her elbow! It gets worse! Look at the shadow down her left hand side, what on earth is casting that? It is laughable.

The point here is when the image of Madeleine in an Everton top photoshopped and when was the the real image taken with sean wearing the blue jumper behind her? Madeleine was fully superimposed into the picture in mu opinion as if we can not trust the authenticity of the Everton top then how can we trust any of it? the media are clowns in all of this and they would never point such mistakes out in a million years and we all know why.

Why are the media so intent on publishing pictures of all the dead or allegedly missing children with Merseyside/Liverpool connections in Everton Football Club tops? For example, James Bulger was pictured in an Everton top in the 90’s though I can not find it anymore. Rhys Jones, Alfie Evans and Madeleine McCann all depicted in Everton kits?

We then look at Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman both murdered in a cover story paedophile killing, (look at the RAF Lakenheath connections) both again pictured in football kits, that time it was manchester United but I raise the Huntley victims as more visual proof of the media outlets pushing the dead kids in football kits. Product placement much?

Okay let us look a bit deeper at this photoshop fiasco around Madeleine Mccann shall we.

I have reported numerous times how disgraced PR and damage limitation company Bell Pottinger were in Praia De Luz 3 days before Madeleine allegedly went bye bye. They were on set on April 30th 2007. madeleine went adios on May 3rd 2007. Bell Pottinger were known to have helped Gerry McCann edit images when they were working together there. You can see the McCanns are listed as clients of Bell Pottinger on their wikipedia page.

My articles about Madeleine McCann and proof of life funding compared to other missing kids including Katrice Lee also shows Bell Pottingers connections to the case as does my articles on her Passport situation and the Donegal reports I have done all since October 2018.

This is an extract from my Donegal article:

Michael Frolich, Head of Resonate, subsidiary of international PR company Bell Pottinger (already there by Monday 30 April)

Tricia Moon, Deputy Director of Resonate, (already there by Monday 30 April)

Alex Woolfall, Head of Risk for international PR company , arrived 4 May (helped to edit Gerry McCann’s photos before putting them on a disc for the PJ)

April 30th is also the same day that the Child Exploitation Online Protection services published a page on their very own website titled Help Find madeleine McCann. This again was 72 hours before the time we are told Maddie went missing. How is this possible?

It gets worse when we learn that the CEOP were also in Portugal almost instantly.

What else have Bell Pottinger done? The company received $500 from the Pentagon to forge fake terrorism videos to justify a war with Iraq. They were put into insolvency for dabbling in South african political affairs with the creation of fake news and so on.

This companies involvement with the Maddie case conforms for me that the whole thing is a total game show that has been put together by script writers and solicitors to be legally watertight even down to the fine details such as Kate and Gerry McCann laughing at the sniffer dogs. A very well briefed set of actors reading from a script? Who would write the scripts to these things? Someone like Bill Kenwright maybe?

How not one journalist from the whole world has ever published this information on a mainstream platform such as Sky News or anyone else like BBC tells you that they are all part of the act. This information is news. It raises the biggest questions possible on the whole of the Madeleine story and the funding. Imagine for one minute how you would truly feel if you realised this was all a hoax? Welcome to the party pal.

My point here is was it Bell Pottinger and Gerry McCann’s photo editing skills that we can see are clearly shit when we analyse the image of madeleine in her Everton top? Then this leads to the question of why was she photoshopped into an Everton top? Why?

Lets take a look at some other dubious pictures of Madeleine McCann that may have been the work of Bell Pottinger.

YouTube player

This is moody and unanswered. I want to know why all these kids are pushed my media so we all have the visual image of them in Everton tops?

If there is a dead or missing child on the scene in Liverpool you can bet your bottom dollar Bill Kenwright will be lord of the show!!! “come and collect an award from us days after your son’s death Tom” – Jimmy Savile was always doing face value good things for everyone too like raising shit loads of money and endorsing hopspitals, they do this crap to mask over the real horrors they they take part in.

YouTube player

Everton Football Club is a front for the same thing give joy to the city and all those blues all with something to adore thanks to people like Bill and Jimmy. Jimmy Savile raised huge amounts of money for charities, he endorsed hospitals. He fixed it for everyone for decades. The media allowed Jimmy Savile a free reign for a lifetime. It is now a known tactic of high-profile people like to hide their disturbing ways by masking it with great acts of charity.

It was not until Savile died that all the so-called journalists came out the woodwork and reported on his dirty activities as if it had not happened for the whole time he had bubbles blown up his arse. Where was they when he was alive and hurting people and even having sex with dead bodies? Where was the media then allowing Jimmy to be lorded that is where.

The problem with the Jimmy Savile revelations was it confirmed that generations had been groomed. Our parents, us, all groomed by celebrity personalities, groomed into thinking they were our idols, groomed to believe they have our best interest at heart and our entertainment is their dying desire. Pfttttt give me a break.

Has ANYONE still got the picture of James Bulger in an Everton Football Club top? It has vanished totally from the public domain as such? I just want to put it with the pictures of all the other dead or missing kids from from Liverpool or highly connected such as Madeleine McCann, Rhys Jones and Alfie Evans then ask the obvious question of what was going on at Goodison park with the rather dubious Bill Kenwright? Bill Kenwright’s friendship and close working connections with Andrew Lloyd Webber is also worrying for a man with so much access to children. It is my opinion that Kenwright must be untouchable, in the form of Savile and Ken Dodd if you get me. If not read all about Ken Dodd and watch my videos on the article below.

Sir Philip Green is heavily involved with Everton Football Club due to his friendship with chairman Bill Kenwright, but has no intention of formally investing in the club. He arranged for another friend, Planet Hollywood’s owner Robert Earle to purchase shares from former director Paul Gregg during a struggle for control of Everton in 2004. He offers business advice to the club alongside Tesco CEO Terry Leahy and helps negotiates player transfer fees with agents.

Sir Philip Green loaned the McCanns his private jet to visit the pope on May 30th 2007.

Gerry McCann and Kate McCann (parents missing Madeleine McCann) meet with Pope Benedict XVI (Photo by CityFiles/WireImage)

The McCanns are closely associated with Everton Football club with photos of Kate McCann and Bill Kenwright, as well as the photo of Maddie wearing the Everton shirt.

Kate and Gerry McCann with Bill Kenwright at Goodison park, home of Everton Football Club

Sir Philip is also involved with Watford due to his friendship with Watford chairman L. Bassini. He is due to help them redevelop Vicarage Road Stadium.

Also, Elton John used to be the Chairman of Watford Football Club. He still has associations with the club. He also has hug connections to the Royals and oh look what was close to Praia De Luz when Madeleine went cyaaaaa. A yacht belonging to the Queen of England.

We also now know Savile held ceremonies (eg. Stoke Mandeville basement and Yorkshire Moors) and it’s not hard to imagine how their paths crossed through their associated network of sexual deviance.

For example:

Bill Roache was an associate of Peter Adamson. Adamson went to trial for molesting young girls. George Carman, Savile’s lawyer, defended Adamson.

Bill Kenwright standing next to a seated Bill Roache on the set of Coronation Street

Another associate of Adamson and Roach was Bill Kenwright. Adamson appeared in 1977 Kenwright production Dial M for murder.

Bill Kenwright also has had a long and close friendship with Michael Barrymore. We know what type of ‘fuckfest’ Barrymore participated in. We know Barrymore knew Savile through TV appearances together. We know Savile was friends with Tony Blair.

Bill Kenwright is also familiar with the Blair’s through his close friend Carol Caplin who was Cherie Blair’s lifestyle guru.

Andrew Lloyd-Webber and Bill Kenwright attend the after show party following the press night for Whistle Down The Wind, at Langan’s Brasserie at the Hilton Green Park, on March 27, 2006 in London, England. (Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Ben Fellows (BBC Child Actor) claims to have been groped by top UK politician Ken Clarke at age 15. He also claims Andrew Lloyd Webber put his tongue down his throat when he was 13 And he also claims he was doing drugs at a party at Esther Rantzen’s house as a minor.

Here is denise Fergus pictured with Esther Rantzen.

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