Madeleine McCann Makeup Photograph Dead Or Alive Mystery Explained

Madeleine McCann Makeup Photo Dead Or Alive Mystery Explained

This is known as the Madeleine McCann makeup photograph. You will notice she has a bluish makeup around her eyes and on her face. There is reason to believe the picture was taken on the same day as the pool picture which is proven to have had its date modified and is thought to have been originally taken on April 29, 2007.

People believe Madeleine may already have been dead when the picture was taken due to the swelling around her neck. This is because when her makeup was digitally removed it is said to show marks on her skin that suggest it is the skin of a dead person. In the video above, you can also see how her eyes in the image may have been manipulated to be open.

The picture was first seen in a 2010 short video from the godfather of Madeleines sister Amelie. Filmmaker friend of the McCanns Jon Corner.

The makeup photograph was shown alongside what is known as the skirting board picture which seems to show Madeleine in an instructed pose laying on the floor.

Madeleine McCann Makeup Photograph

It is not known why there are so many strange pictures of Madeleine who looks like a modern day Shirley Temple in this. Who done her makeup in this one?

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