Blackout hits Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and other parts of South America on Fathers day with reports that the nationwide power failures left a cryptic corker number 44 million Argentinians in the dark at polling stations.


Blackouts in South America

Various parts of South America also had problems as reported by Crappy News Network otherwise known as CNN.

It has not just been power outages that have occurred world wide in 2019, we have had numerous other events too that have hot various services causing disruptions to people and businesses in the millions.

Let us look at some more examples.

We also have the whole of Sudan without any internet as the government have shut down the service after protests as censorship hits an all time low in the fight to silence the truth.

Sudanese security forces stormed a pro-democracy sit-in early on Monday, June, 3, 2019, in the capital Khartoum, according to activists.

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What was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned deadly, with witnesses reporting gunfire and multiple fatalities.

Initially on the same side in their calls for long-time leader President Omar al Bashir’s removal, since his ouster, protesters have turned against the military over its refusal to hand power to a civilian government.

The military council took over when Bashir was overthrown in April, promising it’s just for the two year transition period.

The military council denies breaking up the sit-in, and says it was targeting criminals in an area nearby

The internet has been switched off in Sudan by the government and people are now having to resort to other means of communication to stay in touch and share information around the country.

Internet blackout in Sudan
Sudan internet blackout

The latest power outages in South America are being “investigated” but why am I not so surprised to see these events taking place here at Enchanted LifePath?

Maybe that is because back in December 2018 I warned about blackout scenarios playing out in 2019 with my reports on the infamous World In 2019 Economist magazine front cover when I covered things to look out for this year regarding foreshadowing of staged events and bad omens.

Blackout: Here is a clip from my Video & article about Brexit & The World in 2019 from December 2018

Venezuela blackout March 2019

Failed US Coup attempt in Venezuela
Blackout in Venezuela in March 2019
Venezuela, Russia America Standoff
Russian American tensions over Venezuela
Blackout on social media platforms, Facebook down, WhatsApp down, YouTube down, Instagram down.


Blackout Argentina 50 million people without power

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