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The video below is not something I am going to go into any detail about at the start of this article but please watch it and look at how many subliminals it contains, the first thing we see is a woman biting an apple in a Garden of Eden reference but the rest of the clip pretty much lines up to my conclusion of 2019 and its role in pushing us towards an Armageddon. Be it a technological Armageddon, a poliitcal one, financial or an actual doomsday scenario. Are the drums of war banging louder than ever whislt coming to the forefront of military movements that line up to my predictions and noteable dates during 2018? We will have to wait and see but for now I ask, do you see what I see? Check out a lead characters name in ‘Bad Omens’ which is due to be aired in 2019. He is called Crowley, says it all really….

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 “Happy New Year” – 2019 – 88 days later….. March 29, Brexit day, Judgement day…. Civil Unrest?

I have spoken about my feelings on Brexit over the course of 2018 and I have published articles regarding some situations that I feel we are about to on March 29 as we head into what now looks more like a No-Deal-Brexit. I penned an article in July 2018 showing how the Government had been working with the military and police who have been secretly training for civil unrest in the event of that no deal taking place.

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This was backed up by leaked documents at the time and further reports this week in December that 3.5000 troops are set to hit the streets of the UK in March. I have also reported on how temporary morgues full of body bags were being placed around the country and at RAF bases according to eye-witness’ statements.

Satanic and Pagan festivals observed on March 29

The Delphinia, or Artemis Soteira of Artemis in Greece
Festival of Ishtar
Expulsion of the Demons of Bad Luck
Mahavir Jayanti
29 through 31: Borrowing Days

2019, March 29, is the 88th day of the year with 277 days remaining (7+7+2=16 multiplied by 2 is 8+8). 88 days after March 29 is June 25 (day my dad died), (6+2+5=13) this is the date Michael Jackson allegedly died, he performed his Bad tour in 1988, playing at Aintree Race course to end the tour on September 11, 1988. 88 days after June 25th is December 18, there are 13 days remaining in the year.

88 weeks back in time from March 29, 2019 takes us to July 21, 2017 which was the 202nd (22) day of the year with 163 remaining. The 163rd day of the year is June 12, (day my mum died) there are 202 (22) days remaining, this is how we find an anti-date.  There are 616 days between July 21, 2017 and March 29, 2019. 6×16 is 96, as above so below. We may want to pay attention to June 12 and July 21st in 2019. 7/21 is 777. June 12 is 666.

The front cover of the Economist Magazine has been the end of year talk of cyber town amognst truthers every winter as the cryptic new edition lands to leave clues as to what we can expect in the year ahead.

This years cover has had two versions. The first was the image below.

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As you can see it is pretty much a blackout, it sent social media and content creators into a frenzy saying we are facing a lights out situation in 2019. I found it strange that Liverpool Football Club have just released an alternative version of their red strip in a commercial move aimed at the fashion market rather than sports clothing.

The top is called “Blackout” and will cost £75.

Liverpool have released a new special edition shirt – is it your cup of tea?

Let me tell you a story and it bring us to mid-January, 2019. We had constant military helicopters in the skies of the North West of England, day and night. Here is footage of one and pay attention to the key words in the title, Operation Faraday Field.

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On Sunday, January 13, 2019, I had a dream about Liverpool getting bombed by a German plane that circled the city. Then from the Monday, January 14, all week we had army helicopters in the sky. They came back out each night as you can still feel their heavy vibrations. Liverpool has been a test bed 5G city. Military helicopters have been spotted over various parts of the country with an aviation enthusiasts website claiming drills held in the skies of Altcar are under Operation Faraday Field, sharing it’s name with Faraday boxes or cages that are used to safeguard electrical devices in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

An EMP would cause a black out and it has often been considered to be a threat that can only be delivered from an EMP missile or via a coronal mass ejection from the sun resulting in the planet being hit by a solar flair in the X-Class region. We have another thing to take into account when we analyse the activation of 5G in Liverpool and how the technology around it carries the potential to cause a city wide electromagnetic pulse. Remember this was on the 13th day of the year.

The military helicopter activity on Merseyside was ongoing for over ten days. It started in line with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle making a surprise trip to Birkenhead on Monday January 14, 2019.

On the day that Operation Farday Field began, we had a power cut at Arrowe Park Hospital which is located on the wirral.

This power cut took place despite additional technology being put in place at the same hospital after a similar incident in 2015 exposed vunerabilities within the NHS. Money was put into a solution back then meaning this latest black-out is somewhat of a mystery.

UPS system from a reputable supplier can successfully deliver the no-break power capability demanded by the legislation, while also protecting all the sensitive medical, IT and communications equipment from the dangers of supply power disturbances during normal mains operation. However, a power cut lasting for several hours or more rather than just a few seconds is always possible and must be allowed for.

This means that a power solution that is truly resilient and sufficient for a medical centre’s needs should comprise a UPS and standby generator working in partnership with one another. The UPS system provides the power filtering and no-break capability, then if the power blackout duration starts to threaten the UPS battery autonomy, the UPS can signal the generator to start, and allow it sufficient time to come on-line and synchronise smoothly.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd can supply integrated UPS-generator packages that meet the particular needs of each user; we ensure that the UPS and generator products are not only correctly specified as independent parts, but also configured to work smoothly with one another as a complete standby power solution.

Here is a video I made in 2016 when Liverpool Football club released an away kit and I decoded another kit release in 2013 which was themed with a campaign slogan of RISE UP which also held numerology of 88.

In the video I also show how the City of Liverpool was founded 811 years before the events of 9/11. 8×11 is 88.

Rise up is also the name of Cliff Richard’s new album which was released on November 23, 2018, this is 5 years after the Liverpool F.C Rise Up theme.

Related image
Cliff Richard posing like the (Pagan) Lords Cross

My point is, are we going to see a blackout? Is someone going to Rise Up? Is something going to create a blackout or is something going to Rise Up? A movement maybe? Civil unrest on March 29?

Below is the second Economist Magazine front cover which is the 33rd edition to be released by the Rothschild owned Elitist media outlet. Yes that 33 again, and that is one of many reasons to pay huge attention to the predictive programming which leads us to events jsut as we seen with George Ezra’s song Paradise that was released in 2018 prior to the California fires. In 2017 I decoded a Lumineers album called Cleopatra that featured songs such that spoke about floods, storms, bridges falling and evacuations. The album had a song titled Ophelia which was one of the storms to hit the US after the album release in 2016, more subliminal messaging?

Related image

The World In 2019 Economist front cover was changed from the blackout to the picture you see above.

There is a lot of detail to look at here so firstly I will show you what the economist website says in its own words, you will instantly find this to be very chilling. Truth be told, yo don’t need to decode this front cover and wrack your brains trying to figure out what most of it means as they explain it all perfectly clearly on their own site in their own words.

This is a list of the subjects and captions that can be found in relation to the World In 2019.

A global markets preview

Why it makes sense to bet on stocks in Europe and in emerging markets catching up with America’s

Britain will leave the EU, but uncertainties will drag on

A Brexit deal will be reached but there will still be a bumpy road ahead

Closing the ‘digital divide’ in 2019

Getting people online is not an unalloyed blessing

The real scandal of voting fraud

Laurene Powell Jobs, founder and president of Emerson Collective, calls for a resurgence of public pressure in defence of voting rights

Leonardo da Vinci visits 2019

A newly discovered volume of Leonardo’s journal, written a few months before his death on May 2nd 1519, records his visit to the year 2019, as the guest of a mysterious time-traveller

Technology has the power to help the underprivileged

Mobile internet and smartphones penetrate every area of our lives and nowhere is the revolution more apparent than in China.

Three ways things could go horribly wrong with Brexit

2019 might be the year that Britain’s rational reputation is ruined

Who killed Brexit?

As disappointment sets in, the search for a culprit will begin.

Why Xi Jinping is worried about 2019

In 2019 several important anniversaries loom. The Communist Party is nervous.

Economic trouble ahead

America’s longest-ever expansion will approach its end.

A destructive year ahead in American politics

In 2019 several important anniversaries loom. The Communist Party is nervous.

The end of American hegemony in the Middle East

America will retreat from the mess in the Middle East, creating openings for Russia and others

Make way for the Moonrush

America’s longest-ever expansion will approach its end

The EU’s turbulent year

The contest between an old establishment and new challengers will define European politics

#MeToo, part two

Progress towards workplace equality will be uneven

How to save entrepreneurship

Barriers to starting businesses need to come down, argues Tobias Lütke, founder and CEO,Shopify

The struggle for India’s soul

What’s at stake as the world’s most populous democracy heads to the polls

The dark prince

America will retreat from the mess in the Middle East, creating openings for Russia and others

China will ease financial constraints to counter US tarriffs

GDP growth may slow but the economy will not collapse as some Trump advisors fear

Political polarisation in Latin America

New governments in Latin America elected by angry voters will struggle to inject dynamism

Move over, baby boomers

What will America’s political landscape look like once millennials outnumber the baby-boom generation? 2019 will also see a triumphant return to the moon. And how Japan is hoping to attract even more tourists.

Nigerian apathy

A closely fought presidential election will fail to convince voters that anything much will change

How to alleviate the refugee crisis

Our response to the plight of refugees in the coming year will be the measure of our humanity, writes Angelina Jolie, actor and special envoy of the UNHCR

Regulating artificial intelligence

There are no killer robots yet—but, says Tom Standage, regulators must respond to AI now

The Trump show, Season Two

How history views America’s 45th president will be determined by decisions made in 2019, says Zanny Minton Beddoes

The uncertain question of Africa’s population growth

Demographic projections for Africa could prove wildly wrong

Happy birthday to the euro

At 20, Europe’s single currency is still a work in progress

No shortage of drama in Ukraine’s elections

Yet after its elections Ukraine will again resist radical change

Moving beyond nationalism

Three global problems create a need for loyalty to humankind and to planet Earth

NATO turns 70

A nervous NATO prepares to celebrate

A strange romance with North Korea

The strange bromance with North Korea flourishes

Hardship ahead for Iran

Iranians face a difficult future as American sanctions bite, but regime change is unlikely

You will notice none of them mentioned war but I feel most of them point towards war. Look at the financial markets and strain on already thread bare relationships between the world super powers who are all in bed together and intent on shaping this new world order into its next phase with other things to look out for such as the release of 5G technology/frequencies that are fataly harmful to human life. The Economist magazine is the brainchild of think tanks and world leaders who have put their opinions onto paper in a mainstream outlook on the type of things that are discussed at Bilderberg meetings. Oh what a lovely tea-party.

Who killed Brexit

The attack map below is a Satanic and Pagan calander loaded with key dates that are observed by the elites and rituals are performed at events all around the world. Often there will be key features of the ritual lining up to an incident such as the March 22 attacks when we seen a funeral procession pictured driving past the airport via mainstream news articles. This was matched up to the rituals commencing after the 3/22 Hilaria Festival fiasco in Brussels. The rest of the week was marked by evenst such as The Day of Blood and The Day Of Mourning. The key dates each year come around like clockwork and following alternative calendars is one way to help keep track of it all.

In Ancient Roman religious tradition, The Hilaria (Greek: ἱλάρια; Latin: hilaris, “hilarious”) were festivals celebrated on the vernal equinox to honor Cybele, the mother of the Gods. The Romans took this feast originally from the Greeks, who called it ΑΝΑΒΑΣΙΣ, (Ascensus)

The day of its celebration was the first after the vernal equinox, or the first day of the year which was longer than the night (usually March 22) . The winter with its gloom had died, and the first day of a better season was spent in rejoicings.

Dies Sanguinis (Day of Blood) was a festival held in Ancient Rome on 24 March. Also known as Bellona’s Day, this was an occasion when the Roman votaries of the war-goddess Bellona cut themselves and drank this sacrificial blood to propitiate the deity.

These are all dates I have refered to many times before as they set me on one of my sequences that was tied into the City of Liverpool in many ways with Creation day on March 11 and Ides of March on the 15th being noteable dates in my reports over the years. Remember the Hillsborough disaster was one month after The Ides of March and took place on Fordica – the festival of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess, it is held annually on April 15. 

Here is my article from the start of last year outlining the key dates and how many of my predictions came true once again in 2018. You can them come back as 2018 takes shape and see how the page lines up to events in the new year.

I mentioned those dates and events because it helps me to explain how in 2016 all the events fell on dates that had a ritual of some sort. In 2017 they all happened a day or two after the ritual. These incidents took place on dates on the map that where blank, I say map because I mapped the incidents over 4 years. In 2018 all incidents took place around the moons. This started with the fire at the Liverpool Echo Arena car park fire on new years eve as we entered 2018. Will 2019 be another easy pattern to spot or even predict? I think so and I think I have already set the ground work with my observations. I now need to go and see where they take me and what else pops up along the way.

2019 is a year loaded with dates that contain 911 subliminals. For example, 1/1/2019 can be viewed as 111119, we can take my birthday on June 5th and 5+6=11 with 1119 giving us another 111119. On New Years Eve 2019 we had this incident at Manchester Victoria Trainstation. Other events followed on New Years Day.

Another aspect we seem to be facing in 2019 with the ritualistic patterns hidden within dates is the numbers we have grown to recosgnise most as we unravel the occult. 11, 22, 33, 44, 66, 77, 3,6,9. 27, 13, 39, 96, 69, plus many more, I could go on and on, with a purpose, but for now lets keep it rather simple.

We are going to look out for dates that embed these figures and allow us to decipher the numbers game that these people like to play. Let us look at April 22, this would be an 88 date with 4×22=88. The 22nd is alarming as we have had numerous attacks planned for 22nd of the month. April 22 is also the Festival of Ishtar, which is the real Easter. I will cover Easter shortly.

February 2 (22) is the 33rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 332 days remaining until the end of the year (333 in leap years). We get the 22 from the date and February being the second month. The anti-date to February 2nd is interesting as it falls on November 29, 11/29 (1111/ 11119). That date has 33 days remaining and is the 333 day of the year.

  • Feb 2: Saint Brighid’s Day
  • Feb 2: Disting – The Charming of the Plow – dates vary
  • Feb 2: Candlemas
  • Feb 2: Imbolc – the Celtic festival marking the period of lactation of the ewes
  • Feb 2: Lammas or Lughnasadh (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 2: Yoruba/Santeria feast of Oya, Orisha of Death and Rebirth.
  • Feb 2: Groundhog Day

By showing you this information you can now see how most of the reported world disasters often happen on these key dates on Pagan calandars that pay tribute to a God or dieity that are all the same thing repackaged from one religion to the next, by empire after empire such as the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and the British who have more blood on their hands than any along with our partners in crime, the Unitee States of America. It is widely thought that America is the new-age Babylon, but the way Britain is shaping up with Brexit it has crossed my mind if it is in fact us who are about to fall.

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