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Meet @ImPoppy – MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly YouTube Star Who ‘Foresaw’ COVID-19 in 2016

Global Agenda Mark from Global Agenda says: I had never heard about this MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly Slave until I read Jim Stone’s blog today, but now I know who she is and I now know why YouTube Censored so many of us who were calling out the Coronavirus COVID 19 as a Flu Hoax back when it came out in early 2020. Poppy is just part of the Devils Game that went along with Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Group, Fraud Fauci, the WHO and every other Satanic being that…

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Reality TV BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Satanic Entertainment Industry Exposed | Pandora's Box Office War On Humanity 

Reality TV: How The World Turned Gay, Trans & Crazy – LGBTQ Ambush

Reality Tv: How Reality TV Turned The World Gay, Trans And Crazy – The #LGBTQ War On Humanity 2019 This article has been turned into a superb video, watch it here or carry on reading. As always we have a serious issue to cover on Enchanted LifePath as I highlight patterns and trends that are forced upon the general public without consent or anybody being able to spot the agenda behind what they are paying attention to. We have programs such as Big Brother, Love Island, X Factor, I’m A Celebrity Get…

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MK Ultra, Hollywood Pedo’s, Unicorns, Butterflies, Satanic Ritual Abuse & More

The Blood Of A #Unicorn – War On MK Ultra, Unicorns, Butterflies, Child Abuse, #Satanic Rituals, #Adrenechrome, 6ix9ine, #Minaj & #Hollywood Full article with images Vile Truth About Unicorns – Adrenochrome – Satanic Ritual Abuse Occult Symbols Exposed Hollywood loves to produce movies about monsters, I find that quite ironic really when you consider the information in this production. I will be showing you how it is the stars and celebs from Hollywood, music and television industries who are the biggest monsters on earth. Child rape, child trafficking, Satanic Ritual…

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Shocking | Operation Paperclip: MK Ultra Celebs Exposed | Past Present & Future

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