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False Flags & MSM Fake News Explained To People Who Are Oblivious

The Orlando Attacks Exposed | Staged Media Hoax Evidence | #TheWarOnMainstream BRUSSELS RESEARCH DENVER AIRPORT – The Numbers Game BREAKING November 8th 2015 THE UK UNDER PSYCH-OPS ATTACK AS SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENDA’S ARE BUSTED AGAIN  London, The Million Man March, Anonymous,  & The Similarities To The Charlie Hebdo So Called Terror Attacks In Paris, Early 2015  How Mainstream News Reported The Issues • Three police officers hospitalised and 50 people arrested • Protesters set police car on fire and hurl fireworks at officers • Thousands of Anonymous campaigners in Guy…

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Website Videos | Enchanted LifePath Tv #Uncensored

SIMPLE PROCEDURE TO TAKE YOUTUBE DOWN? I have said for years if everyone on YouTube, popcorn channels included all hosted our work on our own websites and simply uploaded a short video to YouTube saying new video on website and left the link it would bring YouTube down within 5 years. I first said this two years ago. Why would it be harmful to the company that promotes censorship? We would see shares affected as they are flooded with our own adverts. Truth be told and thoughts will become things.…

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