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War On Crisis Actors – Opening Shots Fired – COMING SOON – Video

War On Crisis Actors 2019 New Video Teaser – Watch Full Version On Website Soon This one’s called… The War On Crisis Actors Video Script Intro: By EnchantedLifePath.com During the past 4 years, I have covered alleged terror events with a sceptical opinion. I openly disagree with the official narrative pushed by the mainstream news industry, military personnel, emergency services and Governments of the world. I do not believe the alleged victims or friends and families around them. This report is going to expose how crisis management companies supply crisis actors…

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What Adolf Hitler said about Great Britain – VIDEO

What Adolf Hitler said about Great Britain   Zonwending Subscribe   Published on Aug 8, 2017 Note that ‘Britain’ and ‘England’ are often interchanged, much in the same way that “the Netherlands’ and ‘Holland’ are in English. Hitler’s obsession with establishing friendship between Germany and the United Kingdom is an often overlooked fact of history. It was probably one of his major goals as far as foreign policy was concerned, and many big decisions during the war were based on his hope that one day Churchill would be replaced with…

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Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017)

Truth, Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth – Terra-forming Your Mind | THE MOVIE (2017) Enchanted LifePath TV 2017   This is a short movie about how I see the way the world has been shaped by what we see in the movies, on television and in computer games. This film highlights the future of war, technology and how the knowledge we have gained is being used against humanity instead of for our benefit. Please enjoy the work I put into telling this story, beginning with a trip to…

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Has The World Turned It’s Back On America? | No #PrayForAmerica Campaign

Moments after the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, we seen a host of world landmarks lit up in the now infamous red, white, and blue lights. The decorated buildings of the world showed their all out support for the alleged victims of the Paris attacks which included no injuries at the Stade De France bombings and 139 dummies being spotted covered in fake blood at the Bataclan by sharp eyed investigative journalists and YouTuber’s alike. We seen the White House, The Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Rio’s  Christ the…

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Shocking | Operation Paperclip: MK Ultra Celebs Exposed | Past Present & Future

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13 Days of Preparation | Occult Significance Of May Day (Beltane)

The 13 days of preparation is one of many key windows of the year that are known as a season of sacrifice. The best way to describe the importance of April 19, through to May 1, and the rest of the first week of May, is to explain how ancient rituals are still carried out on the masses. These ritualistic events can also be repackaged into new, modernised, seemingly innocent versions of the same ritual, meaning the public can unknowingly lend their energy to the ritual giving it consent as…

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