tj-hi-resLiverpool Echo Laughter House stand up comedian of the year finalist Top Joe prepared for Thursdays finals by launching a new word in bid to have it used in the English dictionary on Saturday night.

Joe was performing in front of a closely packed crowd at 81 Renshaw, for Funny Looking Fringe, a comedy umbrella for local talent set up by owner Gaz Cross at the 2016 Liverpool Comedy Festival.

Joe was typically sharp and funny as he built up to the big reveal of his quirky new word ‘Cramptamonium’, a¬†mashup of cramped and pandemonium which was defined by Joe as ‘wild and noisy disorder in a confined space’.

Joe was very clever about his delivery which had the crowd in stitches, including another one of Thursday nights local finalists Shaved Dog.

Joe performed his set in a brilliant welsh accent and a high viz jacket.

He added, ”I would not describe myself as a comedian, I’am more of an artisan which means it’s my job to spread love and positivity and introduce different ways of thinking to people”.

”The Reason I go to comedy clubs to do my conferences is because it is a captive audience”.

Joe had on screen support for his new word from Merseyside ghost hunter Derek Acorah as part of his big word launch.

Funny Looking Fringe organiser and 81 Renshaw owner Gaz Cross added: “we’ve got 40 of the 100 gigs at the festival over two weeks,




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