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Six taxi drivers supporting the Total eclipse of the s*n campaign met up with ITV film makers in Liverpool today to shoot part of a documentary based on the Hillsborough disaster, from the exposure series due to be aired in December.

Members of Total Eclipse of The S*n arrived at Everton Brow at 11:00 am, Wednesday morning, in their trademark, eye catching, hackney cabs to provide even more colour to an already bright campaign which aims to spread the message of don’t sell the s^n, don’t buy the s^n to members of the public, shopkeepers and businesses alike.

The Total Eclipse of The S*n Facebook page which began in May after the Hillsborough inquest verdict was announced, became an instant hit with the group now boasting a staggering 42.000+ members.

One taxi driver and member of Total Eclipse of The S*n said: “The taxi prints came about after I had an idea in regards to getting the word out there with a little bit of help from others who post on the site.

“Once we got the taxi designs made we got it rolling and it went from strength to strength”.

“Everybody has been brilliant, so helpful, the hardest part of our job has been targeting and educating the older generation on the campaigns goals, they are more set in their ways but this campaign is all about freedom of choice and our message is we would like people to choose not to buy or sell the S*n newspaper”.

An ITV producer said: “We have been filming for about four months and have almost finished, we are pretty much at the editing stage, the documentary will be aired around December”.

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