As findings go, this next load have to be the most priceless of all, the irony holds no bounds as the usual people at the forefront of the event are either linked to actors or proven to be actors themselves. When will we see just one event that does not follow these common characteristics by the book? The truth is we wont, because this is how it happens, these are the people who play it all out. Step forward Sheriff Scott Israel and his screenplay writing brother who also has a masters degree in Kabbalah, and has “thriving careers, and mental and emotional wellness”. I wonder what a interests he could possibly have had in the Douglas High School incident? It don’t take a rocket scientist to work that one out with the media emphasis on gun control highlighting mental health issues around PR patsy Nikolas Jacob Cruz.

Disgraced Sheriff Scot Israel is at the center of a storm after four of his deputies refused to enter the building as the reported shooting was taking place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines day.

Seeing Sheriff Scott Israel in the news so much with a name like that raised alarm bells with me so I decided to look into him a little, and rightly so. As the saying goes you can’t make this shit up and this backs up every claim of crisis actors and media links that have been reported by the alternative news and truth community at every event over the years. I understand it is just one of thousands of examples but they all back add up.

Looking at a map of the area around the latest Florida false flag I can see EDC, ECD3 and/or ECD37 in the area to the left of Douglas High School, you may also notice it also says RED 33 with the C being a 3 in disguise. It is worth noting the number of people alleged to have been shot by Nikolas Jacob Cruz is 33. Red 33 on #Valentines day?

See the full article with all predictions that came true in 2018 and some explanations as well as tons more info here.

Winter Olympics Feb 9 – 25 Ritual Watch – S. Korea NWO & Valentines Day

Gobsmack Time Look What Happened In Miami Dade Bridge Collapse On The Ides Of March Booooom

Ides Of March Miami Bridge Collapse Coded At Valentines Day Shootings

Later on in the year another date I had spoken about many times before in a Liverpool sequence was Creation Day and look what happened on creation day in the City of Liverpool this year.

Dodd Married his long term partner Anne Jones in a last minute bid to beat the tax man just 48 hours before he died on March 9. (39 93 Thalema Aliatair Crowley) Ken died on March 11 also known as creation day on the Liverpool sacrifice date map. 3×11=33. He told the Lord Mayor he wanted to do a “Big Show” for the charities in April or May (high sacrifice months). He added: I will be there, I shall return”. Was Ken leaving us little cryptic corkers by any chance? Let’s take a look. Here is my article and video from when I went to Ken Dodd’s funeral.

So Ken Dodd was born on November 8 1927 and died on March 11 2018. Well there’s a surprise,… Not. He was born on an 88 day and died on a 33 day. Why the hell would I say such a thing? its simple this is how the crafty bastards work. November is the 11th month and the 8th day give us an 11-8 11×8 is 88. March 11 gives us a 33 with 11×3 with march being the 3rd month. You get it.

The day Dodd was born, November 8, 1927, also marked the return to public speaking of one Adolf Hitler, then 38, following his ban after his attempted ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ four years earlier.

Ken Dodd, who was a trustee of Alder Hey promised he was okay during a health scare as you will have seen in the video and article above. I was very old I said he would be back later on in the year with “His biggest show yet in April or May” I thought why say that at that age. I now look back on the year and that is one phrase I never forgot and that leads us straight to what happened to Alfie Evans in April and May and how I stumbled on the Alfie Evans 444 after my change at the shop was £4.44 and the time on way home after seeing military aircraft in the sky at 4:44pm then discovering Alfies in numerlogy was 444 in the Satanic form so that is how I endd up doing this and covering the story live at Alder Hey……

There is much more to add to the article in reflection to the dates and times of year I highlighted plus some others that also layed a key part in what has been a very cryptic 2018 full of events including multiple shootings and weather warfare, WW3 and more all lined up in teh opening months of the year. This is pretty unreal. Please enjoy it all explained on the Winter Olympics Ritual article.


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