Brexit betrayal is a subject a lot of people have not covered in the way that you will see on this article as I show you how it has all been a plan fully manipulated by people who think each and every one of us are stupid. During 2018 we had a series of events that I covered as hoaxes which also lead to product placement being pointed out as well as new laws, regulations and technology being spoken of or implemented.

A lot of the events tied into each other with a common factor in them all. The gel that bonded them together was Brexit. I can now show you how a Brexit Betrayal was all part of the plan to cause civil unrest in the United Kingdom and then use new rules and security measures against the people whilst protecting the very people that have instigated it all, the governments. Well, the Global Elite’s to be more precise.

On January 22 we had 66 days to go until March 29, the 88th day of the year. I was watching the BBC Parliament channel on television and Theresa May was asked if the Military that are about to be deployed on the streets of Great Britain will be armed with live ammunition, as usual the Prime Minister side-stepped the obvious substance to the question which was will troops be shooting civilians? She did not state the troops will be simply helping to supply hospitals with vital medicine but she said military will be “protecting certain locations”, key word here is protecting and this brings me to the “Ring Of Steel” that we have seen as part of the build-up over the past twelve months and I can now reference my own articles to show how I have been right all along in my opinion. I will leave you to make up your own mind. I am not just making the pieces fit a puzzle for my own self gratification. This is information that has all been pointed out by myself or published in the public domain.

Early in January Yellow Vests UK leader, James Goddard was arrested over incident involving MP Anna Soubry.

A statement by the Metropolitan Police said: “A man in his 30s who was arrested outside St James’s Park Tube station today on suspicion of a public order offence has been released on bail until early February.”

He had allegedly called her a Nazi and caused her alarm and distress as she called for politicians to have more protection around parliament. I had pointed him out as a potential plant at a Football Lads Democratic Alliance march in Sunderland back in the summer. He was one of many people ho raised concerns in what I said seemed to be staged partially aggressive acted out protests that may have been crowd control drills in-line with reports of police and military training for the event of civil unrest after a post No-deal-Brexit, UK.

I also pointed out strange arrests that also looked dubious. You can see all this in the video below.

This again reinforced the ring of steel push around the Houses of Parliament that has been forged out of propaganda forced on us by media and high-level authorities using social engineering tactics to shape the world we are about to wake up in moving into April 2019.

I first noticed rumblings of this after an incident outside Westminster in August 2018 when a car is alleged to have accelerated up to around 50mph and crashed into cyclists before ramming into a safety barrier outside parliament. I reported on this subject at the time and highlighted many incredible mistakes in the story as well as the product placement of the technology that was glorified in plain sight on that event. Let’s not forget the desire for smart cars which need sustainable smart cities to operate in.

This event is key because it was the first time officials and media outlets coined the phrase ‘Ring Of Steel’.

One of the people I first heard mention the ring of steel was Britains most senior police officer Cressida Dick. She spoke of how well it had stood up to the challenes of terror. Ms Dick followed on by saying how they will be expanding it the months leading up and in to 2019.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 51052014_1968070110166817_8644677880082595840_n.png

This to me screamed of another drill in-line with Brexit and the need to protect parliament post March 29, 2019. You can see how they have used these hoaxes as part of the usual see through tactics they deploy time and time again. Create a problem, manage the reaction and wade in with the solution to save the day like heroes leaving Joe Public to consent to the suffocating squeeze on our freedom with open arms.

Seeing as things are of such a serious nature I could not help but lighten things up a moment and point out that I have just tried to find her interview saying so herself and in YouTube I searched Cressida Dick Ring Of Steel and it felt like I had searched for an evil villain woman from an Austin Powers movie.

YouTube player
YouTube player

The video above was posted in December 2018, it shows Cressida step away from answering questions about her opinion on a doomsday scenario in a post No-Deal Brexit UK. The interview was hosted by Channel 5 News and she was also quizzed on joint police and military cohesion in the event of civil unrest.

The next video shows how the car involved in the crash at Westminster was followed by a mystery silver van that police denied they were driving but nobody else pointed out how the vehicle spent the entire day parked meters away from the crash cars final destination. All these laws that the police and government are putting in place appear to be based on staged events.

Detectives insist ‘mystery van’ caught on camera driving behind Westminster car moments before terror attack was NOT a police car in pursuit of suspect and is ‘not of interest’?

The van that was behind the car that was pinpointed as acting with the crisis actor has been mentioned in mainstream news reports after independent researchers and unconvinced members of the public spotted a silver van following the terror car. The silver transit van has been subject of a police denial that it was a police officer driving the van although ex police say it probably was.


Image may contain: one or more people and text

The van trailed the reported terrorist during the hoax which was instantly attended with ambulance and police services who have been praised for their miraculously swift response. Members of the public are becoming increasingly frustrated with a tirade of staged terror hoaxes which help the government form new acts and laws based around surveillance and emotional control operations known as Psy-ops.


Detectives insist ‘mystery van’ caught on camera driving behind #Westminster car moments before #terror attack was NOT a police car in pursuit of suspect and is ‘not of interest’

The video below shows the suspect being taken away twice in this part of the show.

Again we need to understand that this was a key moment in the Ring of Steel protection area for politicians and parliament. A lot of planning and money has gone into this section of the agenda.

Theresa May dodged the question about troops using live arms on the streets of the UK but she did mention how they will be protecting various locations which I think it is logical to suggest parliament will be one of them.

The next video I will post again shows the phrase Ring of Steel being touted back in August. You can then add it to how we then watched James Goddard and friends at the DFLA march in Sunderland in September. His actions in January 2019 were met with more calls for protection around political figures as the Jo Cox incident was brought to light by script pushers and followers. The result of his actions have fallen right in-line with the push for the Ring of Steel. Can you see the money shot in these incidents?

YouTube player

Let me briefly jump back to July 2018 a moment and raise another point that plays a huge part in all of this. It was when I first reported on troops training alongside police in preparation for a No-Deal Brexit Civil Unrest scenario. The information came into the public limelight via a nicely placed leak of a government document.

The document spoke of how the government will act by deploying military to manage scenes of chaos at shipping ports, motorways and airports.

This was in July. My article that you will soon see linked below also shows unconfirmed reports from haulage truckers who spoke about how they had to deliver temporary morgues and body bags to various locations around the UK including RAF bases.

The truckers joked about them being for a No-Deal Brexit scenario. After this we can look at the Gatwick drone incident and how that was a drill for the predicted airport disruption.

Other reports from BBC News show us how RAF airbases are being sold off before 2040.

What do you think about the possibility of having mobile morgues filled with body bags being placed around Britain?

What reasons would you think the government would be doing this?

It makes me wonder if all the items gathered in the Grenfell Goods Grab ended up in the ex RAF bases that are being used as storage facilities around the country. In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire Disaster the nation sent an abundance of food, drink, clothing and possessions to the areas set up around the burnt out building. Centres were acting like make shift sorting offices to organise goods that were sent for allegedly dead people. Where did all the items go? It was enough to cloth, feed and kit out an entire city which is why I said at the time it looked like a goods grab in a pre-war drill. Now we must ask was that part of Grenfell also about a No-Deal Brexit? We had reports of alleged Grenfell victims not getting anything yet there was stockpiles of items and cash donations from all around the United Kingdom.

YouTube player

Take note how they have said military will me overseeing disruptions at shipping ports, airports and motorways. I have got so much more to show you still its becoming exciting. Before we move on let me cast your recent memory back to early January the motorway drill staged by our government. The Department for Travel and Kent County Council teamed up in a bid to replicate the conditions expected around the Port of Dover in the event of a hard Brexit. They ran a “live test” involving between 100 and 150 hauliers from the Kent, Dover and Folkestone areas to solidify potential contingency plans for handling huge tailbacks as a result of extra customs checks between Dover and Calais.

Government letter

A leaked letter shows the Government’s preparations for the haulage vehicle test run that viewed Manston airfield, a former RAF base in the north-east of Kent, as a potential “holding facility”. Is this the agenda behind who has been buying the RAF bases? Our own government?

We will come back to this later but this one pretty much covered the motorways.

Now we can skip back to December 2018 to look at the Gatwick Drone incident as well as closures at Heathrow and Birmingham airports and see when you think with logic and refuse to let mainstream puppets shape your mindset then you can see how orchestrated this all is. You can then begin to put it all together as I have for you and realise the danger these lunatics are putting us all in and it’s done by design. I had covered gatwick as it happened and once again I pulled out the product placement as well as people of interest such as Dragons Den star Peter Jones.

On September, 9, 2018, Drone Safe Register, announced they were delighted to welcome Peter Jones and his team to DSR who provide CAA approved drone operators for hire and boast to list the most talented people in the country.

DSR then announced that Drone Detection Systems are now in use at Gatwick Airport. This looks like somebody wanted to force a sale or smply embed new technology but to do it they have created this big fiasco and ruined over 100.000 peoples Christmas plans. If they want to force new laws and technology why not just do it? Why do they have to stage events?

Here you can see a post on their Facebook page from Thursday, December 20, at 23:00. You can see the time stamp on the screenshot below to prove when this announcement was made by DSR.

It does not stop there either as we learn how DSR made another announcement regarding the drone market in 2019 is about to have a boost.

The thing is they posted this 50 minutes before the first drones were spotted.

Look at the time and date on this post and remember the problems began around 21:00 on the 19th of December.

If that is not enough motive for you then let’s step this up. The thing is, when you have watched so many hoaxes and witnessed an abundance of lies from blabbering news reporters and politicians when you are a human lie detector you can pick out the bullshit a mile away and this is where 20 police forces, the military and world media come into the spotlight courtesy of Enchanted LifePath and once again we search for answers only to find more questions, let’s go.

A motive is a reason for somebody to carry out an act. We pretty much call all these hoaxes and false flags out instantly. For someone to pull a stunt like this they will have a reason, a motive, it is up to us to find who benefits and reveal the money shots along the way as well as the new laws and regulations that stem from these predicaments.

So what do we look at when we want to see what new rules and laws may be in the pipeline? When looking for the people with the biggest motive for the events over the past week where does that lead us straight to?

The simple answer is parliament, and this is where we verify that we are in fact ruled by liars who make themselves look important because they have built themselves a stage to be important on, self glorification and justification at its worst.

This next Bill is being prepared for publication.

#Drone (Regulation) Bill 2017-19, its second reading debate is on Friday 15 February 2019.

Nice timing…… Laugh, laugh.

1st reading: House of Commons (no debate) | 05.09.2017

2nd reading: House of Commons | 15.02.2019

Latest news on the Drone (Regulation) Bill 2017-19

This Bill is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 15 February 2019.

This Bill was presented to Parliament on Tuesday 5 September 2017. This is known as the first reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage.

This Bill is a Private Member’s Bill. These are often not printed until close to the second reading debate. If the text is not yet available here and you wish to know more about this bill please contact its sponsor, Mr Peter Bone.

Summary of the Drone (Regulation) Bill 2017-19

A Bill to regulate the purchase and use of drones weighing 5 kilograms or more; and for connected purposes.

The size of the drone was key all along.

UK army were said to use an Israeli-made system to end drone chaos at London airport After hours of futile efforts, UK daily says Rafael’s ‘Drone Dome’ was brought in to ground UAV that caused tens of thousands of passengers at Gatwick to miss their flights Six of the systems, which were developed by Israeli defense firm Rafael, and sold to the UK Ministry of Defense in August in an estimated $20 million deal, according to Israel’s Globes financial daily.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd develops and manufactures advanced defense systems for the Israeli Defense Forces and the defense establishment, as well as for foreign customers around the world. Rafael is one of Israel’s largest defense companies, with 2016 net profit of $123 million and record-high orders totaling $2.8 billion. We are also the largest employer in Northern Israel with approximately 7,500 employees and numerous subcontractor and service suppliers!

They even had this up their sleeves as they held 140.000 people in the airport in again what looks more like a controlled drill with emphasis on bringing in new technology to justify spending and to govern large amounts of people being caught up in an airport in a No-Deal Brexit scenario.

Have they used this as a reason to deploy a military weapons on an area mostly populated by civilians who they had contained? Was this a drill to test the resolve of an airport after March 29, did they employ a facial recognition test on the 140.000 people?

Days after the farce began the airport sold a majority stake to a French company for £2.9 billion.

This all happened just weeks after 02 had a network outage that lasted for over 24 hours which coincided with the arrest of the CEO of China’s lead telecommunications technology company Huwawei, for reportedly breaking US sanctions on Iran whilst she was at an airport in Canada.

Huwawei does have the ability to disable mobile phone networks but it is not clear if the arrest and the signal outage were linked or if it was another cyber attack psy-op just like the WanaCry NHS ransom hoax we had to put up with in 2017. Or maybe even the IT glitch stunt they pulled at none other than Gatwick Airport.

We then started seeing more technical glitches closing airports with another incident breaking as I was typing on Sunday, December, 23, 2018, with reports that Birmingham airport was cancelling flights after an air traffic control system failure.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Airport-Birmingham.png

But who benefited from all of this again? Our government as they got to further embed that Ring Of Steel with a far fetched set of incidents over the festive period.

Let me tell you a story and it bring us to mid-January, 2019. We had constant military helicopters in the skies of the North West of England, day and night. Here is footage of one and pay attention to the key words in the title, Operation Faraday Field.

Image may contain: text

Last week I had a dream about Liverpool getting bombed on Sunday. Then from the Monday all week we had army helicopters in the sky. They came back out each night and still remain out as you can still feel their heavy vibrations and it is now january 25, 2019. Liverpool has been a test bed 5G city. Military helicopters have been spotted over various parts of the country with an aviation enthusiasts website claiming drills held in the skies of Altcar are under Operation Faraday Field, sharing it’s name with Faraday boxes or cages that are used to safeguard electrical devices in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). An EMP would cause a black out and it has often been considered to be a threat that can only be delivered from an EMP missile or via a coronal mass ejection from the sun resulting in the planet being hit by a solar flair in the X-Class region. We have another thing to take into account when we analyse the activation of 5G in Liverpool and how the technology around it carries the potential to cause a city wide electromagnetic pulse.

A lot of people have seen the footage from Brazil this week if not just watch it in the video above. We have seen power plants exploding in the US in various cities including New York. These explosions have been accompanied by blue lights in the sky and strange plasma arching. 5G is like a microwave grid placed around us all and it is weaponisable in many ways. We have all seen the California forest fires of 2017/18 that incinerated buildings melted cars and glass turning vast areas to dust but the trees were left standing with leaves in tact.

In December I wrote about the World In 2019 Economist Magazine front cover for the 33rd edition. It features two publications of the cover this year with the first showing a blacked out background and is widely thought to depict a blackout situation in 2019. We also have another interesting aspect on my article and it is how Liverpool FC have released an alternative black version of the traditional red jersey as a fashion shirt but the top is called “Blackout”. I should also point out how I have been saying the military and police have been training for the event of civil unrest post a no-deal Brexit for months and it is now confirmed by the transport minister that troops will be deployed on the streets post March 29. We heard during the week how reserves are on standby from February as the military will be used to deliver medicines to hospitals and assist in restoring order at the government orchestrated chaos at shipping ports, airports and motorways. Liverpool is a historical and highly strategic shipping port and John Lennon airport was used as an airbase in ww2 for its geographical advantages which do place the city in danger at times of war as we all know too well. All of the military helicopter activity on Merseyside has been ongoing for over ten days now. It started in line with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle making a surprise trip to Birkenhead on Monday. If the helicopters are here to protect the city I doubt they would have let Harry and Meghan come to the region.

What I want to know is, if the government have put military on standby for post Brexit anarchy in the UK and police have been training alongside the army to deal with the situation then where is our advice on how to deal with it? How badly are we advised on the subject and possibility of not just civil unrest but potential war in Europe? Why have we the people had no briefing on how to protect ourselves and the children of Britain from starvation, a lack of medicine and looting? We have been left in the dark. I have been saying this for months now. What about us when the airports, ports and motorways are in predicted deadlock. They don’t care about us and I say again, this has all been done by design. What happens when country’s don’t pay out? They get bombed by the military complex of the elite. Valid questions for a highly possible outcome?

In my observational based opinion they are going to beat the crap out of everyone. They will send the agent shit stirrers out into the streets to start the conflict and initiate monkey see monkey do copy cat mentality by smashing the place up before stepping back into the shadows and watching the poorly educated masses take over and ruin the country. It’s going to be a purge governed by martial law in the form of Operation Temperer. You have seen how people act on stupid days like Black Friday.

Back to my dream in more detail. And is this why I had a dream about a #German plane bombing #Liverpool city centre, docks and civilian areas on Sunday January 13th, 2019?

#Germany’s defence minister has confirmed that “a united EU military is becoming a reality,” after her ally and Chancellor Angela Merkel backed Emmanuel Macron’s call for a “real EU army.”

The so-called “dangerous fantasy” becoming reality.


I have just been broken out of the weirdest dream ever by a can blowing in the street outside thank you can blowing up the street that was highly strange ????

I never dream but I just had three dreams in a row. I have just been woke up by a dream that I was watching a big German bomber circling Liverpool. It dropped 6 bombs, the first was on the city centre, it hit the already bombed out church. Liverpool Echo posted an article saying it had been bombed again so it was a new bombing. It then carried on in the distance dropping more bombs in and around the city centre on the docks. I live right on the docks the other end of the city. It came here. The last bomb I watched fell close to me but I never knew how close until it was low down, a few streets away distance wise. I said “that one’s close” and all the blast area came at me I then woke up. In my dream my phone was flat and I was thinking I need to message a girl because she be scared in work.

I have always wondered what if we get bombed after Brexit? What if Europe just bombs us? My other dream that night, from which I was awoken by the can in the street was as weird as it gets. I was in a house with a gang of lads and I did not know any of them at all. They was all trouble to be fair and I was trying to sleep on the couch in the middle of a rowdy party. I had my own quilt on me and the mood in there was horrible. I clearly wasn’t welcome yet I did manage to get out. As I was about a street away, I was thinking how am I going to sleep when I get home with no quilt. Two men then asked “have you just been in that house”? He said the lad was nuts and they was having a party before he went to jail. He said “look it’s in the paper”, and showed me the Echo again. I kept walking, I then noticed a load of men pissed but on horses. I said to myself “why are they on police horses”? There was about 12 of them coming at me. I then heard the can blowing in the street and woke up but I was in danger all the time.

The next day Operation Faraday Field began. Was this another part of the Ring Of Steel? It awaits to be seen. But now we can look at another part of the fore-told chaos and that is expected at the shipping ports.

Brexit ferry contract worth £13.8 million ‘awarded to company with no ships’


Questions were raised over the Government’s preparations for a no-deal Brexit, after details emerged showing a £13.8 million contract to run extra ferries has been handed to a company with no ships that has not previously operated a service.

Seaborne Freight was one of three companies awarded contracts totalling £108 million to supply additional crossings to ease the pressure on Dover.

This looks like a political back pocket payoff if ever I have seen one but that is just my opinion. What this does show us is even more bad organisation. It also shows how money is changing hands at mind-boggling rates to people who are out of control with a serious situation. It is almost as if they are doing it all on purpose, hint, hint.

We have heard reports of how shipping may be hit by 75-87% fall in business in the event of a no-Deal Brexit so can someone tell me how we are weeks away from that situation and the worst case god given day coming as discussed based on public data right throughout this article?

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