Queen Gave COVID-19 Speech With Strange Cocaine-Like White Line On Royal Table

The Queen of England addressed the nation last night whilst sat next to a mysterious line of a powered white substance. The COVID-19 related Royal broadcast was made from Windsor Castle and was shown on national television at 8pm, on Sunday evening.

Dizzy Lizzy was sat a very social distance to the substance that appeared to resemble a line of the popular recreational drug that is much loved by celebrities, politicians, bankers, ministers and so on.

The incident has led to the Head of State being nicknamed ‘The Cocaine Queen’ and ‘The Godmother’ after Columbian drug lord, Griselda Branco.

Griselda Blanco: The Cocaine Queen: Volume 3 (AT THE PRICE OF ...
Griselda Branco is back in the news after The Queen of England took her title of the Cocaine Queen

The Queen’s party days are long behind her but that does not stop observers wondering what the mystery powder is.

Queen B, is another of the Monarch’s new drug-related nicknames, after Beak, a scouse slang-term for cocaine.

Our Royal Highness praised the nation for being good little slaves and staying locked up during the government’s tyrannical approach to battling the alleged Covid-19 outbreak.

The Royal family have not commented on the powder yet.

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