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Covid19 World Lockdown Riddle Solved? Terrestrial 5G Masts – GoogleX Data Grab – LEO 5G Infrastructure

BLL7777 UFO Was Loon Terrestrial 5G Network Balloon & Drones, COVID19 GoogleX Lockdown Data Grab? (video) People burning 5G masts down now face a new battle against terrestrial floating masts that are 62000 feet above the earth with one over Ireland right now for instance. Balloons and drones can maintain connectivity in the event of damage to the 5g infrastructure here on earth. I just stumbled on this as I jumped up to check all the radars and photograph the moon after nearly being asleep. This video shows how they…

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Epstein’s Panto Perv Jizzlaine Maxwell’s Burger – Farrington’s Fake News BREAKING BREAKING NEWS Donald Trump Jeffrey Epstein 

Epstein’s Orange Jumpsuit MCC Hoax? Ghislaine & Farrington Faking It!

Epstein’s Panto Perv Jizzlaine In this video, I highlight how the Jeffrey Epstein suicide pop-up photojournalist William Farrington is most likely Roger Farrington, a world-renowned photographer with Secret Service clearance at the White House to his credentials. Roger was in fact one of the last people to photograph John Lennon after being hired by Yoko before he died in what people allege to be a C.I.A hit. Farrington’s pictures started a wild-goose chase in the media but all it has been a game show all along with even more clues…

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Epstein’s Black Book Of Trump’s and Ghislaine Maxwell Maddie E-Fit!

Epstein’s Little Black Book. Donald Trumps family feature on Epstein’s list. Girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell resembles an E-Fit of a Madeleine McCann suspect. The image above shows an e-fit released by Scotland Yard of people they suspected may have played a part in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The image on the far left of 6 faces next to Madeleine has always caused quite a stir with people suggesting the two men on the top right resemble brothers John and Tony Podesta. Tony Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager during her…

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Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump Child Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits Found

Jeffrey Epstein Donald Trump Child Rape Lawsuit Epstein Arrest Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex-trafficking of minors this week after his private jet was aprehended by FBI officials. Epstein has pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking conspiracy and sex trafficking contained in a newly unsealed 13-page Manhattan federal court indictment. Some alleged victims of Epstein’s abuse were just 14 years old. Kate Sheehy, July 8, 2019. One of multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers described Monday being just 14 and still in braces when he began sexually abusing her.…

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#BREAKING TRUMP USA: NORTH KOREAN NUCLEAR MISSILE TEST LATEST – Radio Enchanted LifePath Update North Korea confirms sixth nuclear test After reports of quakes, Pyongyang says it successfully tested hydrogen bomb amid soaring tensions with US and allies. North Korea has confirmed its sixth nuclear test after reports of tremors shaking the country. The official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said the hydrogen bomb test on Sunday morning, ordered by leader Kim Jong-un, was a “perfect success”. The trial at 12pm (03:30 GMT) was carried out to “examine and confirm the accuracy and credibility” of North…

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North Korea And The Rothchild Central Banking Cartel – More Smoke & Mirrors?

The Central Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is North Korea‘s central bank. Established on December 6, 1947, it issues the North Korean wŏn. The Bank is subordinated to the Cabinet of North Korea. Paek Ryong-chon has been the bank’s president since 2011.[3] History On February 15, 1946, a central bank of North Korea was announced, which was to be under the control of the Soviet military.[4] However, the bank failed to accomplish its objectives, being unable to meet its costs of operation, and the 100 million wŏn…

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#TRUMP ORDERS COMPLETE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – PUBLISHES EMERGENCY PLANS Dave Acton Checking In Published on Apr 21, 2017 Trump Has No Leverage in the Government-Shutdown Fight nymag.com/daily/…/trump-has-no-leverage-in-the-government-shutdown-fight.html 4 hours ago – No one has more to lose from a shutdown than Trump. And no one is demanding bigger concessions to prevent one.

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The Pink Moon | Cryptic Corker From The Cryptic Corner | Pizza’s, Clowns, China, Nick Drake, Advanced Warfare, Hades, Trump, ISIS Egg

The Pink Moon | Cryptic Corker From The Cryptic Corner | Pizza’s, Clowns, China, Nick Drake, Advanced Warfare, Hades, Trump, ISIS Egg.

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Michael Flynn Scandal: Trump’s National Security Adviser, Resigns After Russia Lies

White House national security adviser Michael Flynn resigned Monday night after admitting he lied about contacts with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, bringing an abrupt end to a brief tenure in his position which will be temporarily filled by Gen. Keith Kellogg, who will be president Trumps interim national security adviser. In a quite unbelievable twist during an already controversial first few weeks in charge of the White House for President Donald Trump, it has now emerged his National Security Advisor General Flynn may of been open to blackmail from Russians…

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USA: Trump slams media, claims 1000% support for CIA during first HQ visit (Video)

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USA: Trump slams media, claims 1000% support for CIA during first HQ visit Ruptly TV Published on Jan 21, 2017 US President Donald Trump expressed full support to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), while addressing its employees during his first visit to CIA headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia on Saturday. Trump also denied having a “feud with the intelligence community,” as some media report, according to him.

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